Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of California, Volume 46

Bancroft-Whitney Company, 1906

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Página 118 - The rule of the common law, that penal statutes are to be strictly construed, has no application to this code. All its provisions are to be construed according to the fair import of their terms, with a view to effect its objects and to promote justice.
Página 602 - For the purpose of constituting an adverse possession by a person claiming title, not founded upon a written instrument, judgment, or decree, land is deemed to have been possessed and occupied in the following cases only: 1.
Página 148 - An indictment cannot be found, without the concurrence of at least twelve grand jurors. When so found, it must be indorsed, "A true bill," and the indorsement must be signed by the foreman of the grand jury.
Página 432 - The general assembly shall provide such revenue as may be needful by levying a tax, by valuation, so that every person and corporation shall pay a tax in proportion to the value of his, her or its property...
Página 96 - After a plea or verdict of guilty, or after a verdict against the defendant on a plea of a former conviction or acquittal, if the judgment be not arrested, or a new trial granted, the court must appoint a time for pronouncing judgment.
Página 469 - Taxation shall be equal and uniform throughout the State. All property in this State shall be taxed in proportion to its value, to be ascertained as directed by law ; but Assessors and Collectors of town, county and State taxes, shall be elected by the qualified electors of the district, county, or town in which the property taxed for State, county or town purposes, is situated.
Página 626 - When any person having title to any estate not otherwise limited by marriage contract, dies without disposing...
Página 223 - An act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain...
Página 624 - When any testator shall omit to provide in his will for any of his children, or for the issue of any deceased child, and it shall appear that such omission was not intentional, but was made by mistake or accident, such child, or the issue of such child, shall have the same share in the estate of the testator as if he had died intestate, to be assigned as provided in the preceding section.
Página 314 - When the commencement of an action shall be stayed by injunction or statutory prohibition, the time of the continuance of the injunction or prohibition shall not be part of the time limited for the commencement of the action.

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