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THE DESIG N. Mortly this way than in prose itself, and nothing is truer than that much of the force, as well as grace, of arguments or instructions depend upon their conciseness. I was unable to treat this part of my subject more in detail, without becoming dry and tedious; or more poetically, without sacrificing perspicuity to ornament, without wandering from the precision, or breaking the chain of reasoning. If any man can unite all these, without diminution of any of them, I frcely confess he will compass a thing above my capacity.

What is now published, is only to be considered as a I general map of MAN, marking out no more than the

greater parts, their extent, their limits, and their connexion, but leaving the particular to be more fully delineated in the charts which are to follow. Consequently these Epistles in their progress (if I make any progrefs) will be less dry, and more susceptible of poetical ornament. I arn here only opening the fountains, and clearing the paffage: to deduce the rivers, to follow them in their courle, and to observe their effects, would be a tak more agreeable.

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Of the Nature and State of Man, with respect to

.., Himself, as an Individual.

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