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FOR MARCH, 186 5.


1. A Tour through the whole Island of Great
Britain, and Volume III., which completes
this Work, and contains a Tour through
Scotland. By a GENTLEMAN (known to be
by DANIEL DEFOE). Printed and sold by
G. STRAHAN, in Cornhill, 1727.

2. Toddles's Highland Tour. London: RourLEDGE, 1864.

stance, a head-waiter of an establishment through which the throng of a great pleasure district passed all day and all night; whatever time you arrived or departed, early or late, midnight or dawn, he was ever in a state of brisk, civil activity. We asked him when he slept. "I sleep in winter," was the


Connected with this, however, is another and larger social phenomenon, the diagnosis of which, whatever we may say of its cause, MONTHS ago the summer tide of tourists is more accessible to us, and is seen by all of has receded from our straths and glens townus. A century ago, a sensible man, residing wards to the last drop. The Trossachs, the in "the West end," would have as soon rich indented lochs of Argyle, the hoary thought of going for change of air to Whitepeaks of Glencoe, the dusky forests of Brae- chapel or Wapping as to Glencoe or Braemar, mar, the snowy and savage precipices of the where he and his neighbours now crowd in Cairngorms, a while ago all swarming with until they almost carry London with them, busy, noisy, intrusive citizens, are now as and where they profess to imbibe a vast silent as much less than a century ago they amount of enjoyment. Whence has come were all the year round; more silent indeed, this social change? We profess not to go since the indigenous population of these re- into its depths, and display its hidden causes. gions has within the century notably and But as the matter is really one worth looking beneficially decreased. To live ever in crowds at, the holiday-seekers of the last year who has a social influence on man. To live ever have returned from the poetry to the prose of alone has also an influence, though to call it life, in the interval when the recollections of social might sound Irish. The fate of the last year's tour are mingling with the projects chronic inhabitants of tourist districts, who for the coming summer, may perhaps peruse are three months of the year in the midst of with interest at the domestic hearth some a throng, and have to pass the rest of it in notice of the conditions under which the solitude, must subject them to peculiar in scenery of Scotland, and especially of the fluences which no one has thought it worth Highlands, became fashionable. The literawhile specially to study and elucidate. These ture connected with its rise in the world we influences must have a special development consider especially deserving of attention. in those actively concerned in ministering to Some day or other it may tax the powers of the comforts and pleasures of the tourist: the some mighty compiler in the production of a faculties continuously strained to their utmost "Bibliotheca Itineraria." Meanwhile we bestretch for a few months-the strain then sud-lieve that in a few casual notices of it we shall denly withdrawn till its periodical recurrence. be breaking new ground. One would expect this to have a kind of hibernating influence. We remember, for in

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"Tourist" is a new word; it is not to be found in Johnson, who, however, defipes

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