The feuds of Luna and Perollo; or, The fortunes of the house of Pandolfina, Volumes 3-4


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Página 3 - Besides, this Duncan Hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been So clear in his great office, that his virtues Will plead like angels, trumpet-tongued, against The deep damnation of his taking-off; And pity, like a naked new-born babe, Striding the blast, or heaven's cherubim, horsed Upon the sightless couriers of the air, Shall blow the horrid deed in every eye, That tears shall drown the wind.
Página 41 - There was a laughing Devil in his sneer, That raised emotions both of rage and fear; And where his frown of hatred darkly fell, Hope withering fled, and Mercy sigh'd farewell!
Página 195 - I'll resign my charter ; If he, for ten kind How-d'ye-do's, One kind Good-bye would barter ! " From Love and Friendship's kindred source We both derive existence ; And they would both lose half their force Without our joint assistance.
Página 311 - Donald Monteith, the Handsomest Man of the Age, by Selina Davenport, Author of the Sons of the Viscount and the Daughters of the Earl, and the Hypocrite, 5 vols 1 50 Romantic Facts, or Which is his Wife? 4 vols 1 00 Emmeline, or the Orphan of the Castle, by Charlotte Smith, new edition, 4 vo!s ISO GOOD.
Página 311 - Holstein, 3 vols ........... 0 16 6 Vaga, or a View of Nature, by Mrs. Peck, '2d edition, 3 vols ................ 0 18 0 Lady Jane's Pocket, by the A,utho'r of Silvanella, 4 vols. 120 The Bristol Heiress, by Mrs. Sleath, Author of the Orphan of the Rhine, &c.
Página 191 - David devoted the flesh of the monster to the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field. The...
Página 311 - Houghton, 2d edition, 3 vols. 0 18 0 Barozzi, or the Venetian Sorceress, a Romance, by Mrs. Smith, Author of the Caledonian Bandit, ,\e.
Página 83 - MOTHER'S DEATH. THEN died lamented, in the strength of life, A valued Mother and a faithful Wife ; Call'd not away, when time had loosed each hold On the fond heart, and each desire grew cold ; But when to all that knit us to our kind, She felt fast bound, as charity can bind ; — Not when the ills of age, its pain, its care, The drooping spirit for its fate prepare; And each affection failing, leaves the heart Loosed from life's charm, and willing to depart ; — But ALL her ties the strong invader...
Página 1 - Parollo ; or, The Fortunes of the House of Pandolfina; an historic tale of the l(!th century.
Página 312 - Secret Avengers ; Or, The Rock of Glotzden. A Romance. By Anne of Swansea. 4 vols., London, Printed at the Minerva Press for AK Newman, 1815.

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