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By Mr. William Boyce, Composer to his Majesty, and Organist of St. Michael's, Cornhill.


Cried unto the L o R D with my voice: yea, even unto thec^"ra_ Lord did I make my supplw«w.. cation. 2. I poured out my complaints before him:

and shewed him of my trouble. PsAl.lxxvii. 3. When I am in heaviness, I will think upon God: when my heart is vexed, I will complain.

6. I call to remembrance my song: and in the night I commune with mine own heart, and search out my spirits.

7. Will the Lord absent himself for ever: and will he be no more intreated?

11. I will remember the works of the Lord: and call to mind thy wonders of old time.

12. I will think also of all thy works: and my talking shall be of thy doings.

13. Thy way, Ogod, is holy: who is so great a God, as our God?


T,wo , Ps al. CIII.

roues, r-|~^HELoRD is full of compassion Tenor, , and mercy: bng-suffering and: of

Contra- g.reat goodness.


g. He will not alway be chiding: neither keepeth he his anger for ever.

13. Yea, like as a father pitieth his own children: even so is the Lord merciful unto them that fear him.

19. The Lord hath prepared his seat in heaven: and his kingdom ruleth over all.

20. O praise the Lord, ye Angels of his, ye that excel in strength: ye that fulfil his commandment, and hearken unto the voice of his words. Praise the Lord. Jbnen.

ft i> Q praise the Lord, all ye his hosts: ye servants of his that do his pleasure. Amen.,


I met. j ^ 'Y^y Lessed is the man that feareth the J_) Lord: he hath great delight' in. Contra- ^is commandments. t£i:or. 2. His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the faithful shall be blessed. 3. Riches and plenteousness-shall be in his


house: and his righteousness endureth for


6. He shall never be moved: the righteous

shall be had in everlasting remembrance. •j. He will not be afraid of any evil tidings: for his heart standeth fast, and believeth in the Lord.

Ps Al. XXIX. Sell.

1. 1VE unto the Lord, O ye migh-7'"w vJF ty: give unto the Lord glory

and strength.

2. Give the Lord the honour due unto his Name: worship the Lord with holy worship.

3. It is the Lord that commandeth the waters: it is the glorious God that maketh the thunder.

4. The voice of the Lor D is powerful: the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.

1 o. He mall give strength unto his people:

and the blessing of peace. 9. The Lord remaineth a King for ever.


PsaL. XXX. Thru

4. O ING praises unto the Lord, O ye k3 saints of his: give thanks unto him Bafi< for a remembrance of his holiness. tw«

- r . PSAL . ttntr.

Ps Al. xxxiii. 5. He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.

Ps Al. xcvi. 8. Ascribe unto the Lord the honour due unto his name: bring presents, and come into his courts.

Ps Al. xviii. 3 1. For who is God, but the Lord: or who hath any strength except our God?

Psal. cxiii. 4. The Lord is high above all people: and his glory above the heavens. ,

Psal. xxxii. .12. Be glad, O ye righteous, and rejoice in the Lord: be joyful, all ye that are true of heart. Hallelujah.

«. Psal. XCVI.


Tnar. 2. O IN G unto the Lord, and praise his k3 name: be telling of his salvation from day to day. 4. For the Lord is great, and cannot worthily be praised: he is more to be feared than all Gods. 6. Glory and worship are before him: power and honour are in his sanctuary. 11. Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad: let the sea make a noise,

and all that therein is.

13. For

13. For he cometh to judge the world with righteousness; and the people with his truth.'

10. Tell it out among the heathen that the Lord is King: and that he shall judge the people righteously.

Ps al. XCIII. SoU.

1. ' I * H E Lo R D is King, and hath put BaA

JL on glorious apparel j the Lord hath put on his apparel, and girded himself with strength.

2. He hath made the round world so sure: that it cannot be moved.

3. Ever since the world began, hath thy seat been prepared: thou art from everlasting.

4. The floods are risen, O Lord, the floods have lift up their voice: the floods lift up their waves;

5. The waves of the sea are mighty, and rage horribly: but yet the Lord, who dvvelleth on high, is mightier.

6. Thy testimonies, O Lord, are very sure: holiness becometh thine house for ever.

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