Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Volume 11


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Página 57 - This is the first and most essential thing to learn about India that there is not and never was an India, or even any country of India, possessing, according to European ideas, any sort of unity, physical, political, social, or religious: no Indian nation, no 'people of India...
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Página 710 - K'ven me, and which are attached below. That I could not manage to reach the snow and bring back some as evidence of our work, I regret very much; but to have proceeded onwards to the mountain under the conditions in which we were situated , I felt would be worse than useless, and though all of us were keen and ready to go on, I gave the order to return. I then read off the large aneroid, and found the hand stood at 19 -90.
Página 265 - These consisted of creepers varying from one-eighth of an inch to 15 inches in diameter, swinging across the path in bowlines, or loops, sometimes massed and twisted together, also of a low dense bush occupying the sites of old clearings, which had to be carved through, before a passage was possible. Where years had elapsed since the clearings had been abandoned...
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Página 707 - ... either side of the track, were masses of long bracken. The natives now appeared at different hill-tops and points near by, and did their best to frighten us back down the mountain by shouting and blowing horns. We, however, kept on our way up the slope, and in a short time they disappeared and gave us very little further trouble.

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