University of Chicago School Review, Volume 28

Cornell University, 1920

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Página 742 - This commission, therefore, regards the following as the main objectives of education: 1. Health. 2. Command of fundamental processes. 3. Worthy home membership. 4. Vocation. 5. Citizenship. 6. Worthy use of leisure. 7. Ethical character.
Página 324 - It must be conceived throughout as a means to an end, not as an end in itself.
Página 486 - The president of the association shall preside at the annual meeting of the representative assembly and the secretary of the association shall keep the records thereof. In case of a tie the president shall cast the deciding vote.
Página 742 - Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education" formulated by the Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education, appointed by the National Education Association, in 1918. As stated by the commission, these are: (1) Health; (2) Command of fundamental processes; (3) Worthy home membership; (4) Vocation; (5) Civic education; (6) Worthy use of leisure; (7) Ethical character/7) Even these aims have since been modified by writers.
Página 122 - ... Drawing and music, like other fine-art studies, were regarded by the Puritan settlers of New England and by all their social and religious kindred as superfluities, which, if not positively evil, were still of wasteful or harmful tendency, and were, therefore, to be kept out of every course of education. By many teachers and educational administrators music and drawing are still regarded as fads or trivial accomplishments not worthy to rank as substantial educational material, whereas they are...
Página 135 - In that day and in a new country, to be able to read, write, and cypher as far as the Rule of Three, was considered sufficient qualifications to teach a common school.
Página 80 - A Survey of Commercial Education in the Public High Schools of the United States.
Página 486 - Only active members of the National Education Association shall be eligible to be delegates to the Representative Assembly, and to vote in the election of delegates in a State or Local Affiliated Association.
Página 328 - The next annual meeting of the National Education Association will be held at Salt Lake City, Utah, July 4-10, inclusive.
Página 188 - Thirty- eight per cent of the boys and 74 per cent of the girls gave time outside of school hours to the acquisition of accomplishments, and here again the girls report the larger average of hours. Forty-seven per cent of the boys...

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