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A few typographical errors have been discovered since this volume went to press, which the reader will please correct as follows:



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Paye 9. For La Honton read La Ilontan.

88. Greenley Greenly.
91. Robert McClellan read McClelland.
101. Mahew read Mayhew.
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“ 116. Transfer names of J. J. & L. B. Adams to preceding page.

For Labodee read Labadee.

Zini Pitcher read Zina.
G. L. Whiting read Whitney.
Mharles M. Cooley read Thomas.

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THE Compiler of this volume is a native of Michigan, and although long an exile from its borders, he has never lost his affection for the beautiful country. He has revisited it a number of times, and in a former publication did what he could to make known its physical attractions and aboriginal lore. Whilst cognizant of the fact that an admirable History of the Territory was in existence, and that one or two good Gazetteers of the State had been published, he felt convinced that there was still needed, for the use of the general public, a more comprehensive volume, and that want he has now endeavored to supply. His leading object has been to prepare an authentic book of reference, rather than to make any display as a writer; and while he has been contented to perform the duties of a literary scout, the success of his present enterprise has been assured by the effective artillery of James H. Lanman and General John Robertson. To the first, who is a relative of the Compiler, he is indebted for the history of the Territory, from its earliest settlement down to the organization of the State; and the latter, who was the able and indefatigable Adjutant-General of Michigan during the War for the Union, has contributed a complete account of the important part which the State took in subduing the Rebellion. Not only has he chronicled the action of the Legislature, but he has taken special care to place upon the record, in compact form, the heroic achievements of the Officers and Soldiers who have honorably identified their names with the State of their nativity or adoption.

With regard to the biographical part of this volume, the Compiler alone is responsible. Although most of this information has been obtained from original sources, he did not deem it advisable to amplify his records more than was absolutely necessary. He regrets, however, that a few of his notices are more brief than they should have been; and, if any persons have been omitted altogether, who deserved notice on account of their association

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