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may not have escaped your recollection, that you kindly honoured me with your advice to occupy my leisure hours, at Washington, in examining the interesting objects of that magnificent situation. You were even pleased to accompany me in some of my excursions, and to honour me by an introduction to your relations and friends, to whom I feel grateful for valuable and unwearied attentions.

my consular

I brought to Paris my notes and collection of plants, minerals, and insects, which I had not leisure to examine as long as I exercised my public functions. My labours, however,

have been of little avail in struggling against fortune, to whose capricious empire I have been forced to submit".

Since the suspension of powers, I have occupied myself chiefly with subjects relating to the United States; and I have prepared for your acceptance this sketch of the District of Columbia, which I flatter myself will serve to perpetuate the fond remembrance of the friendship and confidence with which you have so long honoured me. I wish it were more worthy of the favoured daughter of the illustrious Washington.

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Si fortuna yolet, fies de Rhetore Consul. Si volet hoc eadem, fies de Consule Rhetur.

I have to regret that the difficulty of communication has prevented me from procuring other specimens of the birds and insects of this District, which would have enabled me to complete the nomenclature of objects of natural history. It will give me pleasure to see this deficiency supplied by another, and the errors, into which I may have fallen, corrected with the same spirit which guided my researches. A publication of this kind is now called for, not only by citizens of the United States, but also by foreigners, who, from motives of curiosity or interest, seek minute information concerning the present state of the American metropolis.

Accept, Madam, the homage, esteem, and respect, of

Your truly devoted,


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