Principles of the Reformation: A Sermon Preached at the Dedication of the House of Public Worship of the First Congregational Society in Salem, November 16, 1826

James R. Buffum, 1827 - 48 páginas

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Página 17 - For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.
Página 35 - We pray for you and wish you prosperity every way, hoped the Lord would have given you so much light and love there, that you might have been eyes to God's people here, and not to practice those courses in a wilderness, which you went so far to prevent.
Página 22 - The only declared basis for union among them is that solid, vital, substantial piety, wherein all good men, of different forms, are united. And Calvinists with Lutherans, Presbyterians with Episcopalians, Pedobaptists with Anabaptists, beholding one another to fear God and work righteousness, do with delight sit down together at the same table of the Lord...
Página 37 - Promising also unto our best ability to teach our children and servants the knowledge of God, and of His Will, that they may serve Him also; and all this not by any strength of our own, but by the Lord Christ : whose blood we desire may sprinkle this our Covenant made in his name.
Página 37 - In public or private, we will willingly do nothing to the offence of the church ; but will be willing to take advice for ourselves and ours, as occasion shall be presented. We will not in the congregation be forward either to...
Página 37 - ... before any, no, not the Indians, whose good we desire to promote ; and so to converse, as we may avoid the very appearance of evil. We do hereby promise to carry ourselves in all lawful obedience to those that are over us, in church or commonwealth, knowing how well pleasing it will be to the Lord, that they should have encouragement in their places, by our not grieving their , spirits through our irregularities.
Página 23 - I think, Mr. Williams, I must now confess to you, that the most wise God hath provided and cut out this part of his world for a refuge and receptacle for all sorts of consciences.
Página 37 - We resolve to approve ourselves to the Lord in our particular callings, shunning idleness, as the bane of any state ; nor will we deal hardly or oppressingly with any, wherein we are the Lord's stewards.
Página 26 - Tis very certain, that the first Reformers never intended that what they did should be the absolute boundary of Reformation, so that it should be a sin to proceed any further; as, by their own going beyond Wicklift, and changing and growing in their own Models also, and the confessions of Cranmer, with the Scripta Anglicana of Bucer, and a thousand other things, was abundantly demonstrated.
Página 38 - ... needs turn their champion, and write against Luther* in defence of the seven sacraments. This book -was magnified by the clergy as the most learned work that ever the sun saw ; and he was compared to King Solomon, and to all the Christian emperors that had ever been : and it was the chief subject of flattery for many years, besides the glorious title of Defender of the Faith, which the Pope bestowed on him for it. And it must be acknowledged, that, considering the age, and that it was the work...

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