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fections : and what the Lord of life and glory foretold may be visibly seen in many of them at this day; namely, that they who abide not in the vine are cast forth as a branch, and are withered, and men gather them, that is, wicked men gather them into their company, and they are burned.

In less than six months after the second arrival of the abovementioned son of Belial, and after a second influ

ence under his alluring through the lust of the flesh , and much wantonness, not less than six persons were

known to give themselves up to the fin of adultery, and are now gone over to the awful tribunal of God:-the whoremonger and the adulterer God will judge.

I know, at this time, several individuals, who lay near to my heart, and who have drank into this spirit of disaffection and rebellion, who are visibly fmitten of God; the hand of God has gone out against two, in a way of providence, even till they wonder what can be the cause. I know the cause. Three more I know who are, or have been, under the arrests of divine justice in their consciences, and so smitten with the terrors of God, and at the same time cherishing rebellion and madness in their hearrs, till their Neep has departed from them; and others have been smitten in other ways, and it must be so: for those who make to themselves crooked ways shall not know peace. Crooked ways are those ways that are contrary to God; and this is refiting his will, and resifting the ordinance of God,


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and cherishing a spirit of rebellion against the very powers

which God hath set up, and which protect us in the worship of God; and such can expect to fare no better than those who conspired with Abfalom against David.

I am not alone in my testimony; I have two true yokefellows, whose names stand at the front of this discourse, whom God hath set as iron pillars to resist this spirit of Satan.

God hath visibly mingled a perverse spirit among these opposers; and many who have longed for the overthrow, and have at times been almost ready to shout for victory, have hitherto been disappointed, notwithstanding all the mutterings and confpiracies which have taken place and I know they have erred in every work of theirs, as a drunken man staggers in his vomit. Isa. xix. 14. And whatever it is to terminate in, whether in a pestilence, or what not, the

promoters of it shall most surely fare the worst in it; and those who keep the word of the Lord's patience, shall be kept from ruin and destruction in this hour of temptation. And God shall shew you, in due time, whether this my work, or this my counsel, be of God, or of man.

Nor shall you ever run from this my testimony, for I am made manifest in your consciences; if you are sent to hell, as a favour of death unto death, I shall pursue you, and my testimony will stand against you, and you shall see me with the eyes of your mind, even there, as a witness against you

as sure as Mofes accused the Jews in the days of Christ for their rejection of him, and as sure as the rich glutton in hell saw the beggar Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham. And if you are obedient to the word of the Lord, as a favour of life unto life, you shall acknowledge me to the end; for those that bear precious seed shall return again rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them. I know where this my teaching, and this my testimony, came from, and I know it is of God; therefore remember that I have admonished you, cautioned you, and warned you this day. Thus I have complied, also, with the request of them who wished me so much to print it, which is what I did not intend; but as I had seven discourses to deliver so soon after the delivery of this, it cannot be expected that I could put it down just

it down just as it was delivered. And furthermore, as some persons wished me to publish the last Sunday morning's discourse, delivered from Dan. ii. 45, I have interwoven a few of the heads of that in this discourse, which must suffice for the present, as I have so little time on my hands.

Printed by T. BENSL EY, Bolt Court, Fleet

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