William Few, a Founding Father: A Biographical Perspective of Early American History, Volume 2

Vantage Press, 2006 - 644 páginas
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Do you remember the lessons you learned about our Constitution in high school or college? Did you get a thrill at reading about our document which is the envy of the world today, having lived over 200 years, the longest of any Constitution ever written? Most will agree that the study of the Constitution was something that left a lasting impression, even if details have faded. I hope that my book will provide good memory and good reading, and it will be a ready reference when a puzzling Constitutional question arises. I have added a copy in the appendices; with other documents of liberty. In addition, I believe it is important to study one man who contributed to the laying of our basic laws and helped to get it placed into action. William Few as a man gives an interesting study in how one man could make such a mark on history, with very little education, but a great deal of industry, desire, and determination.

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