The National Religion the Foundation of National Education: A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London: on Thursday, June 13, 1811. Being the Time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity Schools in and about the Cities of London and Westminster ... To which is Annexed, An Account of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Rivington, 1811 - 289 páginas

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Página 2 - Ye are to take care that this child be brought to the Bishop to be confirmed by him, so soon as he can say the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, in the vulgar tongue, and be further instructed in the Church Catechism set forth for that purpose.
Página 3 - The Curate of every Parish shall diligently upon Sundays and Holy-days, after the second Lesson at Evening Prayer, openly in the Church instruct and examine so many Children of his Parish sent unto him, as he shall think convenient, in some part of this Catechism.
Página 28 - Prevent us, O Lord, in all our doings with thy most gracious favour, and further us with thy continual help; that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy Name, and finally by thy mercy obtain everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Página 30 - Have mercy upon all Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Heretics; and take from them all ignorance, hardness of heart, and contempt of thy Word ; and so fetch them home, blessed Lord, to thy flock, that they may be saved among the remnant of the true Israelites, and be made one fold under one shepherd, Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end.
Página 30 - LORD, who hast taught us that all our doings without charity are nothing worth ; send thy HOLY GHOST, and pour into our hearts that most excellent gift of charity, the very bond of peace, and of all virtues; without which, whosoever liveth is counted dead before thee: Grant this for thine only Son JESUS CHRIST'S sake. Amen.
Página 177 - As for the ungodly, it is not so with them ; but they are like the chaff, which the wind scattereth away from the face of the earth.
Página 21 - I much regret that I was not acquainted with the beauty of his system till somewhat advanced in my plan ; if I had known it, it would have saved me much trouble, and some retrograde movements.
Página 12 - This school is not established to promote the religious principles of any particular sect ; but setting aside all party distinctions, its object is to instruct youth in useful learning, in the leading and uncontroverted principles of Christianity, and to train them in the practice of moral habits, conducive to their future welfare, as virtuous men and useful members of society.
Página 47 - SON JESUS CHRIST, hast overcome death, and opened unto us the gate of everlasting life ; we humbly beseech Thee, that, as by Thy special grace preventing us, Thou dost put into our minds good desires, so by Thy continual help we may bring the same to good effect ; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the HOLY GHOST, ever one GOD, world without end. Amen FIRST SUNDAY AFTER EASTER.
Página 3 - From this short statement it appears, that our Reformers themselves laid at least the foundation for a system of Religious Education, to be conducted under the superintendence of the parochial clergy.

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