The New York Almanac and Yearly Record ...

Mason Brothers., 1858
Containing, in addition to the calendar, a record of the state of the thermometer for every day in the year ... a complete diary for the year ... with a great amount of tables, and useful information generally.

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Página 34 - The other heads of departments shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen.
Página 39 - ... upon any understanding that his official vote, opinion, judgment or action shall be influenced thereby, or shall be given in any particular manner or upon any particular side of any question or matter upon which he may be required to act in his official capacity...
Página 39 - Every person who shall promise, offer, or give, or cause, or aid, or abet, in causing to be promised, offered, or given, or furnish or agree to furnish, in whole or in part, to be promised, offered, or given to any member of the Common Council, or any officer of the Corporation, after...
Página 39 - York, and shall forfeit his office and shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not exceeding two years, or by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the Court.
Página 82 - States, free of expense to the person or persons by whom it has been brought. But the Treasurer of the Mint is not obliged to receive, for the purpose of refining and coining, any deposit of less value than one hundred dollars, nor any bullion so base as to be unsuitable for minting.
Página 33 - To communicate to the Common Council, at least once a year, and oftener if he shall deem it expedient, a general statement of the situation and condition of the city, in relation to its government, finances, and improvements.
Página 47 - The health officer of the port of New York, shall have power, at all times, to call upon any of the police force of the district, to a number not exceeding ten, to aid him upon any necessary emergency, in enforcing the powers and duties conferred upon his office by law, and it shall thereupon become the duty of any such member of the police force, so called upon, to obey him. But such service shall not continue longer than twenty-four hours.
Página 38 - Board of the Common Council, may at any time require the opinion, in writing, of the head of any department upon any subject relating to his department, or any information possessed by him in relation thereto. And every head of department shall report in writing to the Common Council, quarterly, the state of his department, with such suggestion in relation to the improvement thereof, and to the public business connected therewith, as he may deem advisable.
Página 46 - The board of police shall provide suitable accommodations within said city for the detention of witnesses who are unable to furnish security for their appearance in criminal proceedings; and such accommodations shall be in...
Página 37 - There shall be an executive department known as the "law department," which shall have the charge of, and conduct all the law business of the corporation, and of the departments thereof, and all other law business in which the city shall be interested, when so ordered by the corporation ; and...

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