Annual Report, Volume 12

Includes abstract of the Proceedings of the county agricultural societies.

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Página 721 - Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves is as true of personal habits as of money.
Página 796 - ... the same tipped with black ; third and fourth joints, black; beak brown; wings and wing-cases white; the latter are black at their insertion, and have near the middle two short irregular black lines, and a conspicuous black marginal spot ; legs dark honey yellow, terminal joint of the feet, and the claws black.
Página 681 - ... with the exception of a small portion of western Texas and the narrow border along the Pacific, is a country of comparatively little value to the agriculturist; and perhaps it will astonish the reader if we direct his attention to the fact that this line, which passes southward \ from Lake Winnipeg to the Gulf of Mexico, will divide the whole surface of the United States into two nearly equal parts.
Página 680 - York,) yields a larger produce than is common in England. Upon good lands about Albany, where the climate is the coldest in the country, they sow two bushels and better upon...
Página 435 - F. 2d. That frost, or even hard freezing, does not injure the juice nor the sugar, but that warm Indian summer weather, after the frost and hard freezing, does injure them very materially, and reduces both quantity and quality.
Página 435 - That it is obvious that there is a culminating point In the development of the sugar in the cane, which is the best time for sugar making. This point or season I consider to be, when most if not all the seeds are ripe, and after several frosts ; say when the temperature falls to 25° or 3o° Fahrenheit.
Página 587 - A large squill buIb, which it was wished to dry and preserve, has been known to push up its stalk and leaves, when buried in sand kept up to a temperature much exceeding that of boiling water.
Página 411 - The great object sought in France in the cultivation of this plant is the juice contained in its stalks, which furnishes three important products, namely, sugar, which is identical with that of cane", alcohol, and a fermented drink analogous to cider.
Página 590 - Nature," about five years ago, and I resolved to put your theory to a practical test. I accordingly had a case made, the sides of which were formed of glass colored blue or indigo, which case I attached to a small gas stove for engendering heat ; in the case shelves were- fixed in the inside, on which were placed small pots wherein the seeds to be tested were sown. The results were all that could be looked for : the seeds freely germinated in from two to five days only, instead of from eight to fourteen...
Página 391 - Having observed the remark in the Port Folio for May, 1815, in the review of the third volume of the Memoirs of the Philadelphia Agricultural Society, that, ' as yet, in America we have never heard of any human person falling a victim to the ergot, nor indeed is it satisfactorily ascertained that it has ever been injurious to our animals...

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