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1 Sycorax putting Ariel into the pine.

2. Prospero seized by his brother while at his studies.

3. Prospero and Miranda in " a rotten carcass of a boat."

4. Prospero releasing Ariel.

5. Caliban showing Prospero " the qualities o' the isle."

6. Prospero instructing Caliban, who is paying more attention to

Miranda than his book.

7. Prospero rescuing Miranda from the embraces of Caliban.

8. Ariel.

9. Miranda.

10. Ferdinand led by Ariel's song, in the character of a Sea-nymph;

other Nymphs join in the burden.

11. Ferdinand refusing to follow Prospero to his cell.

12. Antonio and Sebastian going to murder the King and Gonzalo.

Ariel awakes them.

13. Stephano, the drunken butler, finds Trinculo, the jester, under

Caliban's gaberdine.

14. Miranda offers to bear the logs for Ferdinand. Prospero watching

them behind.

15. The King and his train.

16. Ariel, as a harpy, claps his wings upon the table, and the banquet


17. Ariel leading Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban into the mire.

18. The Masque raised by Prospero. Soft music Juno and Ceres

pronounce a blessing upon Ferdinand and Miranda.

19. Spirits hunting Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo. Prospero and

Ariel setting them on.

20. Ferdinand introduces Miranda to his father — Prospero, having discovered himself as Duke of Milan, takes leave of Ariel—Sebastian and Antonio sullen at being thwarted in their schemes by Prospero's appearance—The Sailors are coming up from the ship, and Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano are returning from being hunted.


1. Valentine taking leave of Proteus.

2. Valentine, Silvia, and Speed.

3. Proteus taking leave of Julia.

4. Proteus' introduction to Silvia. Speed in the background, wel

coming Launce.

5. Julia preparing to follow Proteus.

6. Valentine detected by the Duke upon the treacherous information

of Proteus.

7. Proteus having dismissed Launce and engaged Julia, under the

name of Sebastian, as his Page, sends her with a letter and ring to Silvia. Silvia is seen arranging her intended escape with Eglamour.

8. Julia delivering Proteus' letter and ring to Silvia.

9. Silvia escaping with Eglamour.

10. Valentine rescuing Silvia from Proteus.

11. Julia discovered.

12. Outlaws bring in the Duke and Thurio.


1. The saving of Viola from the wreck.

2. Antonio saving Sebastian.

3. Viola disguising herself as her brother.

4. The Captain presenting Viola to Orsino as an eunuch, under the,

name of Cesario.

5. Orsino sending Viola to Olivia.

6. The interview between Viola and Olivia.

7. The Revel.—Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and the

Clown sing a Catch.—Enter Maria and Malvolio.

8. Orsino sending Viola again to Olivia.

9. Malvolio meditating upon the letter he has found.—Sir Toby Belch,

Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Fabian watching him.

10. Antonio and Sebastian.

11. Malvolio before Olivia, in yellow stockings and cross-gartered, ac

cording to the directions in the Letter.—Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Fabian, watching him. .

12. Olivia and Viola.—Sir Toby Belch and Fabian urging Sir Andrew

Aguecheek to challenge Viola.

13. The duel between Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Viola interrupted by

Antonio.—In the back ground the officers are watching Antonio.

14. Antonio under arrest, addresses Viola as Sebastian, and requests the

return of his purse.

15. Sir Andrew Aguecheek meeting Sebastian, mistakes him for Viola.

—Enter Olivia.

16. The marriage of Olivia to Sebastian.

17. Antonio brought before Orsino.

18. Olivia claiming Viola'as her husband.

19. Sebastian appears, and clears up the mistake.—Sir Toby Belch drunk,

is being led into the house by the Clown.

80. Orsino receiving Viola in female attire from the hands of her protector the Captain, attended by Sebastian, and Olivia, and Antonio —Sir Toby Belch and Maria laughing at Malvolio in the midst of the crowd of guests attendant at Orsino's marriage, amongst whom may be seen Sir Andrew Aguecheek, with his * head tied up, as still suffering from his beating by Sebastian.


1. The Duke appointing Angelo as his deputy in his absence.

2. Claudio and Juliet brought before Angelo.

3. Isabella'and.Lucio pleading with Angelo for the life of Claudio.

4. Isabella's second interview with Angelo.

5. Claudio imploring Isabella to save his life.—The Duke, disguised as

a friar, about to enter the cell, listening.

6. The Duke proposing to Mariana to take the place of Isabella, and to

meet Angelo.

7. Mariana, disguised as Isabella, keeping the assignation with .Angelo.

8. The Duke persuading the Provost to send the head of Barnardine

to Angelo, instead of the head of Claudio.—The dead body of Ragozine is seen through the open door of his cell.—Abhorsonis instructing the Clown in the " mysteries" of execution.

9. The Duke announcing the Death of Claudio to Isabella, who conies

expecting to find him pardoned.—The Provost is carrying the head of Ragozine to Angelo.

10. Isabella making her accusation against Angelo, on the public return

of the Duke to Vienna.—Friar Peter and Mariana, veiled, behind Isabella, to follow up the accusation.

11. The Duke, having left Angelo and Escalus to examine into the case,

is brought up in disguise, as the principal instigator of the plot

Claudio is seen muffled up behind the Provost.

12. The Duke, having passed sentence upon Angelo, pardoned Claudio,

and offered his hand to Isabella, orders Lucio to marry Mrs. Kate Keepdown.


1. The arrival of Don Pedro, Don John, Claudio, and Benedick, at

Leonato's house in Messina.

2. Masquerade. Don Pedro pleading for Claudio with Hero.

3. Meeting of Don Pedro and Claudio.

4. Benedick in the arbour.

5. Beatrice in the arbour.

6. Don John deceiving Don Pedro and Claudio by the assistance of


7. The Watch having overheard Borachio's confession to Conrade,

bring them before the Constables.

8. Claudio refuses to marry Hero, at the altar.

9. Beatrice and Benedick.

10. Benedick, at the instance of Beatrice, challenges Claudio for his

treatment of Hero.

11. Borachio's confession to Don Pedro.

12. Claudio about to be married to a supposed niece of Leonato, in re

paration of his calumny on Hero.


1. Titania stealing the Indian boy.

2. The quarrel between Oberon and Titania.

3. Egeus before Theseus.

4. Helena telling Demetrius of Hermia's flight with Lysander.

5. Quince arranging the play.

6. Demetrius repulsing Helena.

7. Titania asleep.

8. Helena, Lysander, and Hermia.

9. Rehearsing the play.

10. Bottom singing.

11. Demetrius and Hermia.—Oberon and Puck.

12. Lysander, Helena, Hermia.—Demetrius waking.—Oberon and Puck.

13. Puck misleading Lysander in a fog.

14. Titania and Bottom.

15. Oberon releasing Titania from the spell.

16. Theseus, Egeus, Hippolita, &c. going out to hunt.—Oberon and


17. The play.—The lion roars, and Thisby runs off".

18. Oberon and Titania blessing Theseus's wedding.

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