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fully noted in the table of contents, that the reader may have the means of referring the pleasure, derived from such pieces as are not thus distinguished, to the poetical taste and moral feeling of the original compiler. It is hoped that the lovers of sacred poetry-poetry that has caught its spirit from

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may find in this little manual much to "make the Sabbath a delight," and to kindle and keep burning within them the love of God, and a desire of a better knowledge of his works, as well as of those words which, at sundry times and in divers manners, he spake unto the fathers of Israel by his prophets, and of those which, in later times, he hath spoken unto us by his Son.

J. P.

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Jesus teaching the People,
On the Death of a Christian Friend,
Lines addressed to a Ring-Dove,
"Thou hast made Summer and

The Setting Sun,

"Thy Will be done,"
*God is good," .

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†The Garden of Gethsemane,
The Jubilee-Levit. xxv. 8-13,
*All things to be changed,
tt" They went out into the Mount of

†The Death of the Flowers,
Epitaph of Aileen Artore,

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