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unto thee. 15. Is it not * lawful for me to do whatj ■will with mine own? is thine b eye evil because I I good? 16. c So the (1) last shall be first, and the first li for a many be called, but few chosen. 17. ^ And e1 fus going up to Jerusalem, took the twelve disciples* part in the way, and said uuto them, 18- Behold, 1


p * + Rom.9.21. Hath not the Ptt- Lord against thee, and it be 9

ter power over the City, of the unto thee, f Prov 23. 6.1 fame. Lump to make one Vessel thou not the Bread of him that hj

unto Honour, and another unto an evil Rye, neither delire thou \

dishonour? y dainty meats. + Mat. 6. Jj. .

b + Deut. Jj. 0. Beware that thine' Bye be evil, thy whole Boi

there be not a thought in thy shall be full of Darkness,

wicked Heart; faying, The seventh c * See on Mar. 10. 31.

Year, the Year of release is at d f Mat. «• 14. For many 1

Hand: and thine Eye be evil against 10 called, but few are chosen,

thy poor Brother, and thost givest e * See on Mat. 16. 21 him nought, and he cry unto the


>le to del

__ (1) These Words are the Conclusion of the Parable of the Lab in the Vineyard, which gives no Encouragement to People totheir Repentance to the End of their Lives J for they cannot fro hence receive any hope of being accepted then} because the Parables Jates to quite another Matter, namely, the Calling of the GentiliA partake of the Benefits and Privileges of Christ's Kingdom together w thejews; for the Gentiles are signified by those who wrought but a Hour. Nor have these Words any relation to any eternal becrui God's, whereby some few particular Persons are chosen to eternal L • and the much greater Part of Men reprobated, and appointed to DestniS On. But the Sense of them is plainly this. The Gentiles, though thi were last called into God's Vineyard, yet they believing in, and than fully receiving Christ, were made Partakers of the Blessings of his Kia dom. Whereas the Jem, who were first in God's Vineyard, and vd by Jesus Christ and his Apostles first called, were rejeaed, few of the Coming when they were called and invited by them; and. continuS still in Unbelief, they shall be the last who shall partake of the Privil gesefthe Gospel, and not converted till the Fulness of the Gentile*1 tome in. The Reason therefore why sew of them were chosen was, 0 cause/<;»> of them complied with the Call given to them. They we) seriously called by Jesus Christ, but they either did not Answer, (See/I 50 2. and //*. 66. 4.) or, if they answered, they refused to *me, U 14- ao.. Or if they came, their fear of Men, and rheir love of Ricbi &c. Mar. 10. 22. prevailed with them to gp back and leave bin They wilfully rejected the gracious Offers made to them by the So of God. It was their own Fault therefore that they were not cb fen, nor God's, who did his Part towards their being such as he cool chafe and nwk* happy.

50 up to Jerusalem, and the Son of man shall be f betrayed unto the chief Priests, and unto the Scribes, and they shall condemn him to death, 19. And mall deliver him • to the Gentiles, to mock, and to scourge, and to cradfie him: and the third day he lhall rise again. 10. Then h came to him the mother of 1 Zebedee's children with her Sons, worshipping him, and desiring a certain thing of him. 21. And he said unto her, What wilt thou? She faith unto him, Grant that these my two Sons k may sit, the one on thy right hand, and the other on the left in thy kingdom. 22. But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye able to 1 drink of m the cup that I sliall drink of, and to be baptized with the n baptism that 1 am baptized with?


{$«on Mat. 16. it. k Mat. 19.18. 1 King; 1. 19.

11 Mat. 17. 2. When they had Bathsheba went unto King Silemen, hound him, they led him away and —and she Jat on his right Utnd. delivered him to Pontius Pilmtstht I King, a a. 19. —I saw the Lord Governour. f Luk. 13. I. The .sitting on his Throne, and all the »Ue multitude of them arose, and Host of Heaven standing by him Whm unto Pilate. fjoh. 18 on his right Hand, and on his left. '■i,&e. Then led rhey Jesus from 1 Psal. 75 8. In the Hand ot the Ciiiphastothe Hnil of Judgment, tni Lord there is* Cup, and the Wine; it was early, and they themselves J0is red: it is full of Mixture, and *wt not into the Judgment-Hall he poureth out of the fame: but W they should be defiled: but the Dregs thereof all the Wicked 'kit they might eat ths Passover, of the Earth shall wring them ouc t Aft. 3:13. The God of Abraham, and drinkthem. J"i!of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God m + Mat. 1(5.39, 41. He went rf oar Fathers harh glorified his 15 a little further and fell on his *nJesus; whom ye delivered up, Face, and prayed, faying, O m,y "i denied in the Presence of Pi- Father, if it be possible, let this Cuff ate, when he was determined to pass from me: nevertheless, noc «t him go. Act 4. 17. Of a as I will, but as thou wilt. He 'mth.againit thy holy Child Jesus, 10 went away again the second time, •own thou hist anointed, both and prayed, saying, O my Father, "trod, and Pontius PtUte, with the if this Cup may not pass from C«i/ennd People of Israel,are ga- me, except I drink it, thy Will be tiered together ~ done, t J°h. 18. 11. Then said

Mar. rb. 35. Junes and John ijjtsus to Peter, Put up thy Sword TM Sens of Ztbedee come-unto into the Sheath: the. Cap which h'm. faying. Master, we would my Father hath given me, sliall I '"trhou fhouldft do for us what- not drink h? never We shall desire. n t Luk. is. 50. I have a B*p

't Mat. 4 if. Going from 30 s'!/'" to be baptised with, and how fttnte,he saw other two Brethren, am I straitned till it be aceom|Jm« 'he Son of Zibtdee, and John plifhedl ki Brother.—

They fay unto him, We are able. 23. And he faith i to them, ° Ye ihall drink indeed of my cup, and be n tized with the baptism that I am baptized with: ba sit on my right hand, and on my left, is not mine give, but it fall be given to them for whom it is »■; pared of my Father. 24. And when the q ten hean they were moved with indignation against the two I thren. 25. But Jesus called them unto him, and said, know that the princes Of the Gentiles exercise domii over them, and they that are great, exercise authority on them. 2tf. But it r shall not be so among you: whosoever will be s great among you, let him be y minister. 27. And whosoever will be * chief among you, him be your " servant. 28.Even as the Son of man came noR be ■ ministred unto, but to minister,and to give his life a b 1]

• Sec on Mar. io. 39. , sliallbeyour Servant.

, P t Mar. -S- 34- —Inherit the u i Cor. 9. 19. Though

Kingdom prepared for you — Heb. free from all Men, yet h«ve I j I. 16. —He hath prepared for my self a Servant unto all, t) them a City. , j might gain the more.

1 f Mar. to. 41. When the ten * f Joh. 13. 4, 14. He

heard it, they began to be much from Supper, and laid afJt displeased with James arid John. Gaiments, and took a Towel * Luk. 11.24, 25- There was also girded himself. If I then 1 a Strife among them, which ofioLord and Master have washed 1 then fliould be accounted the Feet, ye also ought to wash 0.1 greatest. And he said unto them, nother's Feet. * Phil. a. ■jM

J he Kings of the Gentiles exercise made himself of no ReputatUn, ordfbip, ire. L . took upon him the Form of a

r f 1 Per- 5- 3- Neither as being fivant, and was made in the lib htrds over Gidi's Heritage, but being of Men. fLuk.ii., 27 Whs Ensamples to the Flock. is greater, he that sitteth at Jl

s t Mat. 13. 11. He that is ar he that serverh? Is not he | greatest among you, shall be your . sitteth it Meat? but t mm ans] SerVant. tMar 9. 35. And he 10youas he thztstrvetH. fat down and called the Twelve, 6 1 Cor. j, it. He hath mi

and faith unto them, If any man him to be Sin for us, who kr desire to befits, the fame shall be no sin; that we might be m last of all, arid Servant of all. , the Righteousness of God in! t Mar. 10.43. So tyM it not beisEph. 1. 7. In whom we havq among you: but whosoever will dempthn through his Blood 1 Le Great among you, ihall be your Forgiveness of Sins, according Minister. the Riches of his Grace, -i 1 r

"Mat. 18.4. Whosoever there- a. 6. Who gave himself a Ra fore (hall humble himself as this lit- 30 for all, to be testified in due tl rle Child, the fame is greatest in fTit. a. 14. Who gave Aslkj the Kingdom of Heaven. Mat. 13. fer us, that he might redeem II. He that hgrmest among you hi

som for » many. 29. And (1) as they * departed from ericho, a great multitude followed him. 30. <T And be* Bid, two blind men sitting by the way-side, when they leardthat Jesus passed by, cried out, laying, Have mercy 011 us,0 Lord, thou son of DaVid. 31. And the multitude rebuked them, because they should hold their peace: but % cried the more, saying, Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou sou of David* 32. And Jesus stood still, and called them, and said, What will ye that I should d6 unto you] 33. They say unto- -hhn, Lord, that our eyes Inay be opened. 34. So Jesus had compassion on them, sni touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes re> ceived fight, and they solid wed him.

I C H A P.1

m1 dliniquity,and purifie unto many be dead; much more the MHh peculiar People jtealous Grace of God, and the Gift by VfDN Works. Heb. 9. 28 Christ Grace, which is by one man, Jesus 'uonceojfir^to tear the Sins of Christ, hath fabounded unto tnanj. """J 11 Pet. 1.18, 19. Ye were 5 As by one man's Disobedience maJg nitmtd with corruptible ny Were made Sinners; so by the 'MSs- But With the jreciout Obedience of cne, shall many be

« Christ, as of a Lamb with- made righteous. «mbknu(h, and without spot. b * Mar. 10.45. They came tc» *»•5). ib. It pleased the Lord to Jericho: and as he went out of We him, he hath put him to ,cJericho wirh his Disciples, and Pf- when thou shalt make his a great number of People, blind 'wan Offing for Sin. Bartimeus, the Son of Timeus, fat

HJ Mat. 06. s8 This is my by the way-side begging. * Luk; »«W of the New-Testament, 18. 35. —As he was come nigh fan U fke J for many for the Re-11 unto Jericho, a certain blind man »'taofSins. t Rom. 5. 15, 19. fat by the wayside begging, the Offence of one

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1 A K D when they - • drew nigh unto Jerusalem, J\ were come to Bethphage, unto the * mount of" lives, then sent Jesus two dilciples, 2. Saying unto thj Go into the village over against you, and straightway stall find an Ass tied, and a colt with her: loose tbm and bring them unto me. 3- Ahd if any man say ough unto you, ye shall say, The Lord hath need of them And straightway he will send diem. 4. All this w done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by rJ prophet, faying, 5. e Tell ye the daughter of Sion, B hold thy king" cometh unto thee, f meek, and sitting g on an Ass, and a colt the sole of an Ass. 6. And I « disciples went, arid did as Jesus commanded them, .1 Ahd brought the Ass, and the Colt, and * put on the (1) their cloaths, and they set him thereon. 8. And very great multitude spread their Garments in.the wTM

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< * Mar 11. 1. When they O Daughter of Jerusalem, behft

lame n,gh to Jerusalem, unto Beth- thy King cometh unto thee : M

phage, and Bethany, at the Mount just, and having Salvation, lo»

of Olives, he sendeth forth two of and riding upon an Ass, and uS

his Disciples. * Luk. 19. *9- 5 a Colt *? Fole <Vn Ass* A

—When he was come nigh to Beth- 12.1S. Fear not Daughter of 1

phage and Bethany, at the Mount on: behold, thy King con*

called the Mount of Olives, he sitting on an Ass s Colt,

sent two of his Disciples. , f Mat. ir. 49. —J f Meet 1

dfZech. 14. 4-His Feet shall ,0lowly in Heart. Mat. 1 a. 19 I

stand in that day-on the Mount of stall not strive nor cryneither flw

Olives, which is before Jerusalem any man hear his Voice in J

on the East, and the Mount ofO- Streets, a Cor. ic>. 1. No*

lives shall cleave in the midst Paul my self byJ thereof toward the East and to- x j Meekness and Gentleness of Christ? ward the West.- E * Mar.' 1.1. Go your^a)rf

«Msi. 62. 11. Behold, the to the Village overagainslr ydi

Lord hath proclaimed unto the end and as soon as ye be entred into

of the World, Say ye to the Daugh- ye flail/W a Colt tied whereon n *r.ofZ/«rbehold, thy Salvation 2Qver man fat; loose him and bru

cometh; behold, his Reward is him

with him, and his Work before t> K«ng. 9. ij, Then t*

him. * Zech. 9.9. Rejoice great, hasted and took every man hisGi ]y, O Daughter of Zion; Shout *"

(1) This Clause does not refhr to the Ass and the Colt, but I the Csothes which aie mentio.fu just before.

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