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And it came to pass when Jesus had ended these fa] ings, the n People were astonished at his doctrine, l For ° he taught them as one having authority, an not as the scribes.


WHEN he was come down from the Mountaij great Multitudes followed him. 2. And behol there came a p Leper, and worshipped him, laying, Lor< if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. 3. Ana Jest put forth his hand, and touched him, faying, I will, 1 thou clean. And immediately his leprosie was cleanse* 4. And Jesus saitfi unto him, q See thou (2) tell no Mai


Heb. 10. 26. If we sin wilfully as- were attonijhed at his doctrine: 6

ter that we have received the his.wQrd was witk power,

knowledge of the truth, there re- * Joh. 7. 46. The Officers ai

maineth no more Sacrifice for fwered, Never Man spake like th

Sin. 5 Man. Tit. 2. 15. These thin|

n * Mar. 1 a*. And they were speak and exhort, and rebuke w*

efiimiSbed at his doctrine.—r f Mar. all Authority.

<5. 2. —And many hearing him p See on Mar. 1. 40.

were aioiijbed, saying, From ■» Mat. 9. 30. + Mar; y. 4: whence hath this Man these IO A,nd he charged them straitly thi

things?— * Luk. 4. 31. Ant} they no Man should knoxoit.—

(2) Our Lord dors notseem here wholly to forbid the Leper to t) of his Cure, but only that he should not do it, till he had first shew himself to the Priest, and been pronounced clean by him. But in t Places here referr'd to, he enjoins this Silence, and charges his Discip not to say that he was Christ. For the clearer understanding of tl Matter, the following Observations may be considered.

Fhti, When our Lord wrought miraculous Cures on those who we" Heathens, he does not forbid them to speak thereof, but sometimes co| mands them to do it, (See Mar. $. 19.) to prepare them to receive his D strine when it sliould be preached among them by his Disciples.

Secondly, He sometimes forbids those who were Jews to publish tl Cures done by him, to avoid the Malice and Persecution of the Pharisee who often meditated his Destruction, (See A^ir. 12. 14, jy, Jo".) and U cause his Person and Doctrine were not to be fully publifli'd till aft his Resurrection from thp Dead; for had it been done sopner, it mig' Jiave hindred hisbeihg put to Death. See Mar. 8. 30, 31'.

Thirdly, But the chief Reason why our Lord commanded the Jews, w had been benefited by his Miracles, riot to pubjiih them, seems to 1 that he might not give any Encouragement to that""Opinion'which wi then generally received, namely, {has their Messiah waste bea'greJ

4'( '' v•• '' tempori


but go thy way, shew thy self to the Priest, and offer the gist that * Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them. 5. ^[ And when Jesus was b eritred into Capernaum, there came unto him a Centurion, beseeching him, 6. And faying, Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the Palfie, grievously tormented. 7. And Jesus faith unto him, I will come and heal him. 8. The Centurion answered and said, lord, I am c not worthy that thou sliouldest come under my tpof: but d speak the word only, and my servant sliall be healed. 9. For I am a Man under authority, haying soldiers under me: and I fay to' this man, Go, and he goeth: and to another, Come, and he cometh: and to my servant, Do this, and he doth it. 10. When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that fbllowed". Verily 1 fay unto you, I have not found so great Faith, no not in Israel, \ j l, And I fay unto you, that c many

'» » i. ..: shall

-. t t .

* * Lev. r^.. 3, 4; to. And stew thy self to the Priest, and of

the Priest shall go forth ou* of the ferfor thy cleansing, according as

Camp: and the Priest sliall look, Moses commanded, for a testimony

and behold, if the Plague of Leprojie unto them.

be healed in the Leper\ jheh sliall J b * Luk. 7. t. "-r^e entred inthe Priest command to take for to Capernaum, iim that is to be cleansed two c + Luk. i«. ar. And the Son birds alive, and clean, and Cedari said unto him, Father, I have sinwood, and Scarlet, an4 Hysop. nbd against heaven, and in thy And on the eighth' Day he'stiaH 1° sight, and am no more worthy to be take two He-lambs wifhour hie- called thy Son. misti, and one Ew-Iamb of the d f P£ 107. 20. He sent his first Year, Without blemish,; and Word and healed them, and deliverthree tenth-deals of fine Flower" ed them from their destruction, for a' lyieat offering, mingled 1J e f Mai. 1. n. For from the with Oil, and one log "bf- Oil. riling of the Sun, even unto the-got' Luk. '5?. 14. And he charged mg down of the fame, my Name him to tell no Mart- bur/gp and •' sliall

■ — 1 11 1 '1 .11!' . .

temporal Prince, and not only to deliver them from their Enemies,but to give them Dominion over all Nations. And this would probably have excited the Jews to Tumults arid Seditions against the Government, under Pretence of making way for his Kingdom; for when some ofthem.Joh. 6. 14,15. were convinced by the Miracle of Feeding 5000 with 5 barley Loves and two small Frflies, that he was that Prophet that should come into the World, they seem presently to have formed a Design to take hint by scree and make him a King. See Dr. Whitbys Annotations on Mat'. 9. 30. •'. 0

Mat 9 30. Mat. 12. 16*. ATar. i5. so. Mar. 7. 36. Our Lord forbids his Disciples and others to make him known, and to fay tha,c ha was Christ. ."..'•

shall come from the east, and weft, and shall sit dow with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom ( heaven. 12. But the f Children of the kingdom shall t cast out into S outer darkness: there shall be weepinj and gnashing of teeth. 13. And Jesus said unto the Co turion. Go thy way. and as thou haft believed^ so be done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the se iame hour. 14. ^ And when Jesus was came into b Pi ters house, he law his * Wises mother laid, and sick I a fever. 15. And he touched her hand, and the fevi


shall be great among the Gentiles, given to a Nation bringing forj

and in every place incense (hall be the. fruits thereof,

offered unto my Name, and a pure B + Mat. 13.42 ,$o. And shall cil

offering: for my Name shall be them into a furnace of fire: did

great among the Heathen, faith the 5 shall be wailing and gnashing 1

Lord of Hosts. Gen. 58. 14. Thy teeth, t Mat. is. 13. Then sii

Seed shall be as the Dust of the the King to the servants, Bind&r

earth; and thou shalt spread abroad hand and foot, and take him awaj

to the West, and to the East, and to and cast him intp outer dovknefi the North, and to the South: and in 1 o there shall be weeping, and gnaO

fhee, and in thy Seed, shall allthe ing of teeth, t Mat. a-}.. 51. Shaj

Families of the earth be blessed. cut him [the evil servant] asundc

Isa. 49. 6. —I will also give thee and appoint him . his portion wit

for a light to the Ge»f*7«, that thou the Hypocrites: there shall b piayst be my salvation /unto the j j weeping and gnashing of teeth. fMa

end of the earth. $ Luk. 13. 19. 25;. 30. Cast ye the unprofitat]

And they shall come from the East, servant into outer darkness; tha

and from the ffist, and from the shall be weeping and gnashing c

North, and from the South, and teeth. + Luk. 13. 18. There sta shall sit down in the kingdom of 20 be weeping and gnashing of teed

God. Acts 11. 1. The Apostles when ye shall see Abraham, a

and Brethren that were in Judea, Isaac, and Jacob, and all the Pr

heard that the Gentiles had also re- phets in the Kingdom of God, ai

ceived the word of God. Acts 22. you your selves thrust out. a 1. Depart: for I will fend thee * 5 h * Mar. 1. 29. And forthwii

far hence fio the Gentiles. Rom. when they were come out of tl

«?• 9,&c. That the Gentiles might Synagogue, they entred into tl

glorifie God for his mercy; as it House of Simon and Andrew, witl

is written, I will confess to thee a- James and John. * Luk. 4 .J tnong the Gentiles, and sing unto 3 o And he arose out of the Synagogui

thy Name; and again he faith, and entred into Simons House, Ji

Rejoice ye Gentiles with his Peo- Simons Wises Mother was taki

pie, &c. Eph. 3 6. That the Gen- with a great fever.—

tiles should be fellow Heirs, and of > + 1 Cor..9.. J. Have we nn the fame body, and partakers ofjjpowerto lead about a Sister t fristi

his promise in- Christ by the .well as other Apostles, and as thi

Gospel. Brethren of the Lord, and Ce

f t Mat. 2t. 43. The Kingdom phas. oS Cod JbtUie taken from you, and

i: her: and she arose, and ministred unto them. \6When the even was come, they brought unto him my that were * pofseised with devils: and he caft out e Spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick: i. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Eias the prophet, laying, Himself ' took our infirmities, id bare our sicknesses. 18. Kow when Jesus saw great ultitudes about him, he gave commandment io depart irothe other side. 19. And a certain m Scribe came, and iid unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever Km goest. 10. And Jesus faith unto him, The Foxes we holes, and the birds of the air have nests \ but the. m of man hath not where to lay his head. 21. And lother of his 'disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me st to go and- •> bury my Father. 22. But jefus laid ito him, Follow me, and let the ° dead bury their e»d. 23. % And when he was entred into a ship, his >iiciples followed him. 24. And behold, there arose a reat ? Tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was overed with the waves: but he was afleep. 25. And is Duciples came to him, and awoke him, faying, A Lord, ivse us: we perish. 26. And he faith unto them, Why


•k ^ ;M<r. T. .31. And at the E- to pass, that as they went in the

en, when the Sun did set, they way, a certain Man said unto him,

sought unto him all that were Lord, I will follow thee whither

iseased.and them that were p*s- soever thou goest.

fii with devils. * Luk. 4. 40. y n f 1 King. 1,9. 20. And he

low when the Sun was setting, [Elijhg] left the Oxen, and ran after

Utheythat had any sick withdi- Elijah, and said, Let me, I pray

:rs Diseases, brought them unto thee, kiss my Father and my Mo

itn: and he laid his hands on e- ther, and then I will follow thee.

wy one of them, and healed 10 ° See on Joh. y. ay.

wm. P * Mar. 4. 37. There arose a

I * Isa. $3.4. Surely he hath great storm of Wind, and . the "■« our grits 1, and carried our Sor- Waves beat into the Ship, so that ows: yet -we did esteem him, it was now . full. * Luk. 8. aj. ricken, smitten of God, and ami-iy As they sailed he fell asleep: and led. "Joh. r. -*9. Behold the there came down a storm of Wind -3tnb of God which taketh away on the Lake, and they were filled tie fm of the World. "* 1. Per. 2. with Water, and were in jeopardy. 4 Who his own self bare our Sins q 2 Chron. ao. n. —We have n his own body on the Tree, that 10 no might against this greatCompany fe being dead to Sin, should Jive that cometh against-us, neither into Righteousness: by whose know we what to do, but our yet. tripes ye were healed. are upon thee,

II * Luk. 0. 57. And it came

are ye * fearful, O ye of little Faith? Then he arosi and h rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was \ great c calm. 27. But the men marvelled, saying, Whal manner os man is this, that even the winds jind the * sea obey him! zSr ^[ And when he was come to the other side, into the Country of the ' Gergesenes, (3) then met him two possessed with devils, coming out of th< tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass b\ that way. 29. And behold, they cried out, saying, f Whai have we to do with thee, J^sus thou Son of God? ar thou come hither to torment us before the time ? .-3ft And there was a good .way off from them an herd- a many swine, feeding, 31. So the devils besought him, lay ing? g If thou cast us out, h suffer us to go away inb the herd of swine. • 32. And he said unto them j Go And when they were come out, they went into the her< of swine: and behold, the whole herd of swine ran vi plently down a deep place into the sea, and perished i; the waters. 33. And they that kept them fled, and wen their* ways into the City, and told every thing-, and wha was ;befajlen to the possessed of the devils. 34. Am •' .-''■>/, ,.-;•'.. '. ; '.':.i\ '.'". . '. behold

* Phil. 4. 6. Be careful for m- into the Country of the Gaderenu thing: but in every thing by * Luk. $. 26. And they arrive, Prayer and Supplication, let your at the Country of the Gjtdertn^ requests be made known unto God. which is over against Galilee:

* Nab.'. 1. 4. He rebuketh the j f 2 Cor. 6. 14. —What fellow Sea, and maketh it dry. Ps. 6$. 7. {hip hath righteousness wich uo Whichfiille+h the noise of the Seas. righteousness ? and what Comma jand the noise of their Waves, and nipn hath light with darkness? the tumult of the People. E Rev. 12. 12. Wo to the In.

c f Pf, 107 20. He rhaketh the 10 habitants of the earth, and of taj ftorm a calm, so that the Waves sea: for the devil is come dowi thereof are still. unto you, having great Wrath.

* Pf 89.9. Thou ruhsi the ra7 h Job t. j 1. Put forth' thine «»ingof the Sea: when the Waves hand now, and touch all that hj thereof arise,thou/Wiy? them. iy hath,.and he will curse thee M

e * Mar. y. 1. And they tame thy face, over to the other side of the sea, 'See the Note on Mar. y. 13, *

O) St. Mark and St. Luke say Gaderenes, bbt thit does not make the & vangelists inconsistent: for Dr: Lighfoot observes, that the Region of the Gergesenes being of broader extent, the Region of the Gaderenes w« included in it. And the Towns Gadara and Gtrgefa lying near togetha they had the fame confines and bbiders. St.'Mark, Chap. 5. 2. mentions but one of these two Men.

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