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id> Behold, lam he whom ye seek: whati s the cause herefbre ye are come? 22. And they said, Cornelius the Jiturionji ;a,just man, and one that feareth God$ and of good report among all the nation of the Jews, was warned om God by an holy angel, to fend for thee into his house* 5cL to hear words of thee. 23. Then called he them in, id lodged them. And on the morrow Peter went away itk them, and certain 1 brethren from Joppa accompanied im* 24.. .And the morrow after they entree! into Cefarea i id Cornelius waited for them, and had called together his infra en and near friends. 25. And as Peter was coming 3, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet, and worlipped him. 16. But Peter took him up, saying, k Stand ip.} I my self also am a mam . 27. And as he talked with titir, he went in, and found many that were come together. >8. And. he fa^d unto them, Ye know how that it is an uniiwfu 1 thjng, for.'a'' man that is a Jew, to 1 keep company, or :ome unto one of eanother nation: but God hath m stiewed ne3 that i Ihould not call any man common, or unclean. 19. Therefore dime I unto you without gain-faying, as soon is I was sent! $&f- ,1 ask therefore for what intent ye have sent for me. 30.: And Cornelius said. Four days ago I was fasting until this hour, and at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and behold, a n man stood before me in 6 bright ,1 <„:trn :>] LI'—'" ■ ■?-'-,' clothing,

V.' A0st3a", ia. , Qne Ananias, Brethren the Prophets, and of a devout-Man according to the them which keep the Sayings of Law,, having a good Report of all this Book: Worsts God. the Jews which dwelt there. 7 VfJfoK. 18. 28. t Acts 11. 3. 1 Afis 9. 42. Acts 11.1 a.- •' jSee on Joh. 4.9. -■! , M Acts 14.. 13,14. The Priest m f Acts if;8. God which knowi of Jupiter—would have done Sa- eth the Hearts, bare them witness, crifice with the People. Which giving them the holy GhoSt, even when the Apostles Barnabas and as he did unto us. + Eph. 3. 6. Paul heard of, they rent their I0 That the Gentiles should be FellowClttbes, and ran in among the Peo- Heirs, and of the fame Body, and pie. t Rev. 19. 10. I fell at his Partakers of his Promise in Christ, Feet to worsliip him: and he said by the Gospel, unto me, See thou do it mt. I am n V Actsi. 10. While they lookthy fellow Servant, and of thy bre-1 s ed stedfastly toward Heaven, as he thren, that have the Testimony of went up, behold, two Men stood Jesus: worjhip God.— f Rev. 22. by them in white Apparel. 8.9- —When I had heard and seen, 0 t Mat. 18. 3. His. Countenance I fell down to worship before the was like Lightning, and his RaiFeet of the Angel, which shewed 20 went white as Snow, t Mar. 16. 5. me these things. Then faith he Entring inro the Sepulchre, they unto me, See thou do it mt: for I saw a young Man sitting on the »mthy Fellow-servant, and of thy "6hc clothing, 31, And said, Cbrnefiiis; th^r prayer is hear and thine alms are had in'remembrance in the fight < God. 32. Send therefore to joppa, and call hither Simc whose Ijfname is Peter 5 he is lodged in the house of 0 Simon a tanner, by the sea-side; who When he comet} shall speak unto thee. 33.'Immediately therefore I sen to thee; -and thou hast well dbne that thou art come Now therefore are we all here present before Grid, to fieai all thing? that are commanded thee of God. 34. ^[ Thei Peter opened his mouths And: raid, Of a truth I perceivi riiat God is a no respecter of persons: 35. But in*even '.;, •» , nation

right .side, clothed in a Ipng/tffeV knowing that your Master iMb f Garment, .j Luk. 14. 4. —Two in Heaven, neither is there rejfifi ^en' stooa* ty them in fritting, of P^sons with him. t Col. 3.25 Garmtnri;'r-''J (■' •:>. He thatdoth Wrong, sliallreceive

- •* * deut. ip;.i.7.iThe Lord your. 5 for'the Wrong that he hath done .God is <£o<L qf gnds, and Lord of »nd there is no r^fff of Ptrfm xlordsrs( great-God, a mighty tind'a : *'i Pet. 1. 17. If ye call on the ,terrlble, which regardeth not Per- Father, who without nspeB ofp!f. sent, nor tafceth -Rewards. 2 Cbroti. fat judgeth according to every 19. 7.— no iniquity witfi Jo Mans Wfyrk, piss the time of you! the Lord our Go'd', nor respect of sojourning here in feir.

'ersont, nor taking Gifts.' f JotV'- r\Aas 1 j. 9. [God] putmM j4. 19. That aicepteth net the Pf>- between iw [jews] and (M

'sons of Princes, nor regardeth tht [Gentiles] purifying their Hearts Rich more rh»tn«he Poor; for they J J by Fai,th. Rom. 3. 12,29. Even the are. all. thai: Wor* of his Hantjs. Righteousness of God which is br Wifd. 6. 7. He which is Lord over , Faith of Jesus Christ unto til, >m 'all, (hall fekr no Mans Person, nei- 'Upon*// r*cp» that believe; ft ther shall he stand in one of any there is no differtnee. Is he the Gd Mans Greatness..' .for he hath rnddeio0^ she Jews only ? ishenot<//il the W// afcdGfotf, and carerh for the Gentiles?. Yeas, of the Gentili aUitike Ecclcfiasticus 35s. 12,16. , a1st>: Rom1. .'10.12. There is ri Do noc think to corrupt with Gifts, difference h'.twten the lew and th for such he will not receive: and Greek: for the same Lord over jjfl trust not so . unrighteous Sacrifi 2j's r''* unr° «// that call upon hill ces, for the Lord" is Judge, and '/ ^°r. 12. 13. By one Spirit ill with him is no reffeS of Persons. wc «B baptized into one Hots* He thatferveth the Lord, sliall'be whether we be Jews or GrtM accepted with savour, and his Pray- whether we be Bond or foe-, «jl er shall reach unto the Cloutfsjo have been all made to drink inta Mat. 3. 9. Think not to fay with- one Spirit. Gal 3. 18. There li in your selves, we have Abraham neither Jew nor Greek, there isnerj to our Father.— * Rom. 2. ri. ther Bond nor Free, there is naf There is no respeif of Persons with ther Male nor Female: for yeir God. tGal -2. 6. —God accept-3 5all one in Christ Jesus. Gal. 5 s erh no Muis Person.— t Eph 6. In Christjei'us neither Circnmcii 9. Masters do the lame thing unto 011 availeth any thing, ntr Pntjj them, forbearing Threatuing

atioit, he that feareth him j and 15 wOrketh righteousness, i accepted with him. 35. The word which God ientun*lie children of Israel, preaching d peace by Jesus Christ lifcris * Lord of all) 37. That word (/ say) you know, >*hich was published throughout all Judea, and f began from, ialilee^ after the baptism which John preached} 38. How iod * anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the holy Ghost, nd with power j who went about doing good, and heal

Ll 2 ■ ing umciflon; but Faith which work- call Upon him. t Deut. 10. 17, ch by love. Gal. 6. jy. —but a The Lord your God is God of gods, tfew Creature. Eph. i. 10. That and Lord of lords, a great God, a h the Dispensation of the Fulness mighty and a terrible.— '.' Dan* >f Times, he might gather toge- y*-47- The King answered unto rner in one all things in C£r/ff,both Daniel, and said, Of a Truth it is which are in Heaven, and which that your God is a God of gods, and ire on Earth. Eph. t. 13, 14, io\ a Lerdof Kings.— * 1 Tim. 6. ry. fe Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes Which in his Times he sliallfliew, were far of, are made nigh by the who is the blessed and only Poten* Blood of Christ. For he is our °cate, the King of kings, and Lord of Peace, who hath made both one, lords. Rev. 1. y. From Jesus and hath broken down the middle Christ —the Prince of the Kings o£ Wall of Partition between us, and the£*rf6.— * Rev. 17.14. These that he might reconcile both unto shall make War with the Lamb, God in one Body by the Cross,1' and the Lamb shall overcome having flain the Enmity thereby, them: for he is Lord of lords, and Eph. 6. 8. Knowing that whatsoever King askings. + Rev. 19. 16. He good thing any Man doth, the fame hath on his Vesture and oft his stiallhe receive of the Lord, whe-20 Thigh a Name written, King o£ ther he be Boni or Free. Col. 3. kings, and Lord of lords. II. Where there is neither Greek * Mat. 4. 23. Jesus went about alt nor Jew, Circumcision nor Uncir- Galilee, teaching in their Syna. cumcision, Barbarian* Scythian, gogues, and preaching the Gospel of Bond nor Free, but Christ is all, .the Kingdom— y Luk. 4. 14* and in all. 'Jesus returned in the Power of the

c Rom. a. 17. Shall not Uncir- Spirit into Galilee.—' tumcision which is by Nature, if 6'.' Luk. 4. 18. The Spirit of the ft fulfil the Law, judge thee, who Lord is upon me, because he hath by the Letter and Circumcision anointed me to preach the Gospel doth transgress the Law? Rom. 14. 3°to the Poor, he hath sent me to '7- The Kingdom of God is not heal the broken-hearted.—■ Joh.}. Meat and Drink, but Righteousness, 34. God giveth not the Spirit by Pface, and Joy in the holy Ghost. measure unto him. '.' Acts 1. 22. Col. 1. 26. The Mystery which —Jesus of Narareth, a Man ap* nath been hid from Ages and Ge- Improved of God amrtng you by Mira* nerations, but now is made cles, and Wonders, and Signs, which

M to the Saints. God did by him in the midst of

d t Isa. y7. 19. t Eph. 2.14, you, as ye your selves also know.,<5> 17. t Col. 1.20. SeeonJoh. Acts 4. 27. Of a Truth, against ,(S:33- 4°thy holy Child Jesus, whom thou

"tRom. to. 12. —The fame hast anointed, both Herod and Ponover all, is rich unto all that this'


^ive all the h prophets witness, that through his name 1 whosoever believeth in him,' dhalKreceive ^remission of 5ns- -[44. ^[ While Peter yet spake these Words-, the> holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word. 45. And :hey of the Circumcision which heljevesd, wei-e^ftornihed^afr, many as came with Peter, because; that on the w Centimes al— fe; was poured out the gift-of the ..holy Ghost. . 4$. For.they heard them speak with tongues, .-and magii}fie;God.' The 11 answered Peter, 47. Gan any man forbid ;w.ater,,|:haC. these should not be baptized, whjch have received ;the holy Ghost "as well as we? 48. And he 0 commanded them to be (1) baptized in the pname of the) Ljoxd. Then prayed they him to tarry certain day&v, • .;, 1


out of those things which were none other things than those which written in the §ooks, according to Moses and the Prophets did fay their Works. - • fliould come.' ,7 ^

, * r-Ila. 59. 20. The Redeemer shall. ''.' Acts 1 y. 9. And put m difcome to Zion,and unto them that fferenee between us [Jews] and them, turn from Transgression in Jacob, [Gentiles], purifying itheir Hearts faith the Lord 1 " Jer. 3 r. 34. — I by Faith; '.: r.. .1 . 'j

wtil rforgive their Iniquity, and I k Mas. 26", 28. This ismy.Blood will remember their Sin no more. of the New-Testament, which is Dan. 9. 24. Seventy Weeks are de-10 shed*for 'many for the RemijjUn of terrriined' upon thy People, and Sins.' t" > n'jsrr ly-: upon thy holy tity, to finish the . ■ 1 + Acts 4. 31. A Act? :8.; 1 y; Trtnjgrrjjion, and to make an end- '16. Seeon Acts G-„ of Sins, and to make Reconciliation "..Acts \\\ 3, 18' for snicfuity.— * Mic 7.18. Who fj "Acts 2. 4. They were all fills a God like unto thee, that par- led with the holy Ghost, and began doneth Iniquity, and passeth by the , to speak with other Tongues, as Transgression of the Remnant of the Spirit gave them utterance, his Heritage? he retaineth not Acts. iy.8. God which knoweth his Anger for ever, because he de-20the Hearts, bare them Witness, lighteth in Mercy. Zech. 13. giving them the holy Ghotl even as J. In that Day there shall be a he did unto us.^ Vi Fountain opened to the House of Da- 0 ' * 1 Cor. 1.17. Christ sent me vid, and to the Inhabitants of Je- not to iaptize,but to preach the Gonisalem, for Sin, and for Unclean- 25 spel,—

"ft. V Afts. %6. 22. — Saying v See the Note on Acts 2. 38.

'■ "(l) Tt is plain that these Persons had received the Gift of the holy Ghost, notwithstanding which, St.Peter commands them to be Baptized. Hence it appears how very much the People called Quakers are mistaken, who affirm that Baptism is not necessary for them, who have received the holy Ghost. St. Peter thought their having been baptized with the holy Qh,ost} a good Reason why they slaould b? baptised, with, WaWt".

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