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and said, I shank thee, O Father, 1 Lord of heaven ami earth, because thou hast b hid these things from the c wife and Prudent, and hast d revealed them unto babes. 26. Even tft Father, for so it e seemed good in thy sight. 27. All things are f delivered unto me of my Father: and no man « knoweth the Son but the Father: neither iooiveth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to

F whom

'Dtur. 10. j4. Behold, the e i Cor. i. ai. Afrer that, in neiveo, and the Heaven of Heavens the Wisdom of God, the World by "tie Lords thy God, the Earth Wisdom knew not God, it pleased fio, withal] that therein is. God by the foolishness of Preach.. f ** Pfal. 8. 1. Out of the y ing to save them that believe. "TM«W»/ and Sucklings hast * t Mat. 18. 18. —All Power twa ordained Strength — is /riven unto me in Heaven and 29 14.—The Wisdom of in Earth, fjoh. 13. 3. Jesus knowIll n m peristi.andthe ing that the Father had given al! VJndtrstadding of their prudent \o things into his Hands.— 1 Cor. fjrTM be hid. f 1 Cor. 1.17. i 5. 27. He hath/>af aU things wnW* iath chosen the /m//j& der His Feet. Buc when he faith 0 the World, to confound the all things are put under him, it is

lle! a"d God hath chosen the manifest that he is excepted which fl'u^t^t'lc Wor]<*> t0 con- 15 Jid Put a11 things under him.

"todthe things which are migh- Eph. t, ai. Hath put all things un

rf t, k '2' Wh'Cn none **er his Feet, and £*-u< him to be

**W«Mof this World knew: the Head over all things to the

wind they known it, they would Church. See on Mat. 18.18. Wjt hive crucified the Lord of 20 1 fjoh. 1.18. No Man hath

k&L m' 2' s" Hearken, my seen God at any time; the only

jfTM Brethren, hath not God begotten Son, which is in the Bo

"«en the p00r in this World, rich fom of the Father, he hath declared

2!**} and Heirs of the Kingdom A/'w. * Joh. 6. 46. Not that any

he hath promised to them 2y Man hath seen the Father, save he

«Wk>ve him? which is of God, he hath seen the

A l6- '7- —Blessed art Father, tjoh to. fy. As the

lmon Barjona: for Flesh Father knoweth me, even so know X

"" Blood hath not revealed it un- the Father.—

in HeaVbUtmy Fathef which 'S 30


Vtev,er,ty to those, who being vilsuBy Blind, had rejected him, he had re. a.'TMthem unto Babes, that is, Persons of humble and teachable Tempers. ■ "undoubtedly an Act of God's men Merey that he gives Grace to any 3 "t so great js njs Love and Goodness to fallen Man, that he denies this 'Ktto none but those who reject the Offer of it, and refuse to be made tfttr by ir. Thus that Text, Him. 6. 17. is to be understood. It was not matter of Thankfulness, that they had been the Servants of Sin, but ', *as matter of Praise, that they who had once been Servants of Sin, from the Heart obey that Form 9s Doctrine delivered to them by th<

whomsoever the Son will reveal hirst. 28. ^[ * Comei to me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and will give you rest. 29. Take my yoke upon you, at b learn of me, for I am c meek and A lowly in heat and ye mall ' find rest unto your souls. 30. For i f yoke is easie, and my burden is light.'


a Joh. 7.37. —Jesus stood and Daughter of Jerusalem: beh cried, saying, If any Man thirst, thy King cometh unto thee: Jer him come unto me and drink. is just, and having Salvation,/(i Joh. 6 35. Jesus said unto them, and riding upon an Ass, and n lam the Bread of Life: He that y a Colt the Pole of an Ass. tf cometh to me shall never hunger, 2 7,*. But made himself of and he that ielieveth on me, shall Reputation, and took upon him never thirst. Acts4. 12. Neither Formosa Servant, and wasmadt is there Salvation in any other: for the likeness of Men: And bei there is none other Name under IOfound in Fashion as aMan, heh Heaven given among Men where- bled himself, and became obedit by we must be saved. Isai. 55.1. unto Death,even the Death of i Ho every one that thirsteth, come Cross.

ye to the Waters, and he that hath c *Jer. 6. 16. Thus faith:

no Money, come ye, buy and eat, J 5 Lord, Stand ye in the Ways yea, come buy Wine and Milk fee, and ask for the old Pal without Money and without Price, where is the good Way, andt

b '-'Joh. 13.15. I have given therein, and ye (hall find nji you an Example, that ye should do your Souls, as I have done to you. '.' Phil. 2. 20 f* 1 Joh. 5. 3. His Comma 5. Let this Mind be in you, which ments are not grievous. Rom. was also in Christ Jesus. '.* 1 Pet. 22. 1 delight in the Law of God, 2.21.—Christ also suffered for us, ter the inward Man. Pfal.i leaving us an Example, that ye should 14,24,103,104. I have rejiiiU follow his Steps. V 1 Joh. 2. 6.25 the way of thy Testimonies, He that faith he abideth in him, much as. in »U Riches. Thy' ought himself also ft to amlk, even slimonies are my delight and ars he walked. Counscllers. How sweet are

c Mat. 12. 19. Mat. ai. 15. Words unto my Taste! yea,fa< Behold, thy King cometh unto 30er than Honey to my M01 thee, Meek, and fitting upon an Through thy Precepts 1 get 1 Ass.— derstanding: therefore I hatec

d + Zech. 9 9. Rejoice greatly, ry false way. O Daughter of Zion, shout, O


A T that time Jesus went on ithe sabbath-day through t\ the corn, and his disciples were an hungred, and began tb pluck the a ears ot corn, and to eat. 2. But when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto him, Behold, thy disciples do that which is not lawful to do upon the fabbath-day. 3. But he said unto thern^ Have ye not read what b David did when he was an hungred, and they that were with him, 4. HoW he entred into the house of God, and did eat the c sliew-bread, which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them which were *ith him, but only for the d Priests. 5. Or have ye not e read in the law j how that on the fabbath-day s •' ... 1 :> F 2:: * the

. . .; :t ■: - -. .. v

"Deut. aa. iy. When thou and KS Sons shall eat the Flelh of tamest into the standing Corn of the Ram, and the Bread that is in

v"-"' "the Basket, by the door cf the

Tabernacle of the Congregati, oh. And they shall eat those things Wo thy Neighbours standing wherewith the Atonement was Corn * ftfar. a. aj. 'V^iid it came made, to consecrate and to sanctijfWthaf he Went through the fie them : but a Stranger sliall not Co;n Fields on the Sabbath day, eat thereof, because they are holy, xTM nis Disciples began, as they to * Lev. 8. 31. And Moses said un,*«, to pluck the Ears of Corn. to Aaron, and to his Sons, Boil the 6.1. And it came to pass Flelh. at the door pfjhe Tabernajj" we second Sabbath after the cle of the (Congregation; and there TMS that he went through the eat it with the Bread that is in wnvfields: and his Disciples , y the Basket of Consecrations, as I Packed the Ears of Corn, and commanded, saying, Aaron and his eat, rubbing them iti their Sons stall eat jt. * Lev. 24.9. And ,t „ ." it (the Shew-iread] sliall be Aaron's

i Sa'rh. 21. t>. Sothe'Pritst and his Sons, and they! shall eat it sJVe him hallowed' Bread: for JO in the holy Place: for, it is most were was rib Bread there bq.t the holy unto 'him, of the Offerings "'"•bread, that was taken from of the Lord made by fire, by a per,"ore the Lord, to put hot. bread petual. Statute. ,n the Day that it was taken a- e * Numb. 28 9, 10. And on

25 the Sabbath-day two Lambs of th» n t Eiod. 2;. 30. And: thou first year without Spot, and two r't upon the Table Shew bread tenth Deals of Flower.— This is *re rhe alway. t LeVit. 24 6i the burnt-offering of every SabJnoushalt set them in two Rows, bath, t Joh. 7. 32. Moses therePWa Row, upon the pure Ta-30 fore gave you Circumcision,—and t,%e x^e Lord. :ye on the sabbath-day circumcise a

-. tiod, 39. 32, 33- Aaron Man;


the priests in the temple (i) profane the sabbath, an are blameless? 6. But 1 lay unto you, that in this Plac is one a greater than the temple. 7. But if ye had know ■what this meaneth, I will have b mercy and not sacr: sice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless, 8,. F( the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath-day. 1 And when he was departed thence, he went into the c synagogue. 10. ^f And behold, there was a manwhic had bis hand withered: and they asked him, faying, it lawful to a heal on the subbath-days? that they raigl accuse him. u. And he said unto them, * What m; shall there be among you, that mall have one flies and if it f fall into a pit on the sabbath-day, will]

'. * + 2 Chron. 6. 18 But wityGoid ther fie would heal on the & in very deed dwell with Men on bath-day: that they might fi Earth? Behold, Heaven,! and an- Accusation against hi the Heaven of Heavens tannot f'Lufc. 13. 14. The Ruler xonta'n thee; how much less this 5 iht Synagogue answered with i flouse which I have built? ,Mal. digrurton, because that Jesus I ■5. 1. ■—The Lord when).'ye'seek heated on the Sabbath day, and 1 shall suddenly come so hii Temple.- unttf the People, There are even, the Messenger of the Cove'- daysin which Men ought to wo nant, whom ye delight in ; behold, 10 in them therefore come and he shall come, faith the Lord of healed, and not on the Sabb; Hosts. day. t Luk. 14. j. Jesus anfa

b * See the Note and References ing, spake unto the Lawyers 1 on Mat. 9. i'j. Pharisees, saying, Is it lawful

c" Mar. 3. 1. And he entred a. j,heal on the SabbatN-day? |" gain inro the Synagogue, and there j>. 16. Therefore saidfomeo' was z man there which had a wi- Pharisees, This Man is not of thered Hand. * Luk. <$. 6. —He because he keepeth not the S entred' into the Synagogue and bath-day. Others said, how 1 • taught: and there was a Man 20 a Man which is a Sinner do si whose right Hand was withered. Miracles? and there was a Divij 'd Mar. 3.2.They watched him whe- among them, ther he would heal him on the 'Jobs. 13. He tafceth thew

Sabbath-day, that they might ac- in his own Craftiness.— cuse him. Luk. 6. 7. The Scribes if f t See Exod. 23. 4, j. If d and Pharisees watched him, whe- m

(1) That is, do those servile Worfej on the Sabbath-days, which wo! Ii.-ve been utterly unlawful, had not the Worship and Service of fi ma<lethem necessary ; for Example, the killing and preparing theSi fices, Circumcising of Children, &c. You sec therefore, that in Cafi Necessity, the Rest of the Sabbath may be broken. Do not theai ny longer blame that in my Disciples, which you allow to be li» in ethers. '(-:

3 pot lay hold on it, and lift it out? 12. How much then T is a man better than a stieep? wherefore it is lawful to '• do well on the sabbath-days. 13. Then faith he to the man, Stretch forth thine hand? and he stretched it forth; and it was restored whole, like as the other. '4' f Then the- Pharisees went out, and * held a 1 Coun[Or, took CounscQ against him, how they might dehim. 15. But when Jesus knew it, he b withdrew Welf from thence: and great c multitudes followed Hand he healed them all. 16. And d charged them that they should not make him known: 17. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Efaias the Prophet, faying, 18. e Behold, my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom my foul is well pleased: 1 "ill put my spirit upon him, and he shall sliew judgment to the Gentiles. 19. He mall not strive, nor cry, neither stiall any man hear his voice in the streets. 20. A bruised reed stiall he not break, and smoking flax stiall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.

And in his name stiall the Gentiles trust. 22. Then was brought unto him one 1 possessed with a devil, F 3 blind

"wthine Enemies Ox or Ass go- again to take him: bur he escaped ?!»«»y, thou shalt surely bring out of their Hand. tJ0h.11.j3. tie As'° *".m a8ain- TM10U see From that Day forth they took Courts Ms of him that hateth thee, set together for to put him to »iU?der his Burden, and S Death;

JJW Forbear to help him; thou b V Mar. 3. 7. t See on Mat. Jtttte y help with him. VDeut. 10.23.

fc?ir U ^ilt not sce thy Bro" ° t Mat. 19. 2. Great Multitudes 5s A", or his Ox, fall down by followed him, and he healed them Cm yVand hide thy self from 10 there. A th°u lhalt surely help him '* t See the Note on Mat. 8.Æ » + aSain- e * Isai. 42. 1. tMat. 17. j.

«»r 1I''6- The Pharisees See on Mat. 3. 16, 17. c»ns; T' »nd straightway took f Isai. 40. 11. He shall feed his him 1 L tl)e Herodians against , j Flock like a Shepherd.— Ezek. 14. \ uT y might destr°y him- 1 J, '<5- I will feed my Flock, and ttitLw,n-Andthey were filled I will cause them to lie down, *itk 1 u :»nd frara«»*rf one faith the Lord God. I w'ijf-seeks '»lesu "W,lat they mi&ht do thaf which was lost, andbrirtg ,a- mhiL * Jofi- *' l8- The Jews 10 gain that which was driven •i*'.i'y, V ""'ore to kill him, because and will bind up that whrelv'^shi, I y M broken the Sab- broken, and will firaig(h:m rr-V fitll ,d also that God was h's which was sick",- t wr,making himself equal with ■'«' V'SceMat.9.3z.Th'V "" « ■ 39. They fiufhtli "r «<--J- slÆ ••

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