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Erman, Todd

7, Allen and



Rexford ant

12. e's Point pia.

Hudson Tham. ram. zd. ebie.

Freetown re. ns. lcottsville 93. ith Dover La Grande ville. driance


+Silas M, Stillwell, do.
James B. Spencer, Fort Covington. Mordecai Myers,
Dudley Selden,

do. *Charles Woodworth, Elba. Nathaniel Jarvis, do. Stephen Griswold, Stafford.

James Morgan,

do. *Robert Earll, jr. Attica.

Isaac L. Varian

do. Greene.

Lewis Benton, Catskill.

*Henry Norton, Lockport. John J. Brandow, Coxsackie.


#Arnon Comstock, Western.
Atwater Cooke, jr. Salisbury. Riley Shepard, Augusta.
Nicholas Lawyer, Danube.

David Moulton, Floyd.
Olmsted Hough, Schuyler. John F. Trowbridge, Bridgewa

Reuben Bettis, Camden.
Fleury Keith, Smithville.

Walter Cole, Brownville.

Elisha Litchfield, Pompey.
Joseph C. Budd, Carthage. Otis Bigelow, Lysander.

-Thomas J. Gilbert, Manlius. tCoe S. Downing, Brooklyn.

Jared H. Parker, Onondaga.

Harrison Blodget, Denmark.

*John C. Spencer, Canandaigon Livingston.

*Thomas Ottly, Seneca. *James Percival, Geneseo.

*Samuel L. Rawson, Victor.
*Jerediah Horsford, Leicester.


James Hulse, Minisins.
Robert Henry, Eaton.

Edward Blake, Montgoinery:

Robert Fowler, Monroe.
John Whitman, Clodville.

Stephen B. Hoffman, Georgetown.

*+John H. Tyler, Yates.
*Isaac Lacy, Chili.

Oswego. *Peter Price, Rush.

Joel Turrill, Oswego.
*Samuel G. Andrews, Rochester.

Montgomery. Eben B. Morchouse, Cooperstow
Willianı Rob, Amsterdam. Henry Clark, Unadilla.
Platt Plotter, Florida.

Schuyler Crippen, Worcester.
Josiah O. Brown, Oppenheim.

Peter Collier, Colliersville.
New York.

+ Abraham Cargill, New York.

Bennet Boyd, Kent.
Jacob S. Bogert,

+Gideon Ostrander,

**Thomas Tredwell, Hempstead Charles L. Livingston, do.

Rensselaer. +Dennis M'Carthy,

do. *George R. Davis, Trov.

Buffalo Collins





biciary- Robinson, Crippen, Potter, Cileges

, &c.-Morehouse, Curtis, Bu Cainis-J. C. Spencer, Bigelow, Cole Inde and Manufactures - Bogart, We

diens-Cargill, Thorn, Hagar, Conkl Privileges and Elections-Yan Bure

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, J. Benton, Har: griculture-Gilchrist

, Pine, Howard Ligion and Charitable Incorporat

1,J. E. Townsend, Eckerson. Cuties and Villages – Ostrander, Mape

less and Bridges –Fowler, Juliand, bgrossed Bills–Jermain, Van Bure bars and Counties—Remer, Hulse, Palie Lands—Sprague, Whitman, H Empiring Laws--Thorn, Halsey, Earl, Canals –Edmonds, Robinson, Turrell, Sate Prison-Livingston, Downing, Blitia–Myers

, Worthington, Weed, bians-Turrell

, Parks, Shepherd, S. 93-Gansevoort, Bogart, Litchfield, Metical Societies and Colleges-- Trow

In Third Bills --Fillmore, Gilbert, I

Select Committees on the G prisonment for Debt--Stilwell, 1

for Laws and Insane Paupers—P angend, Price. Catroversy between this State and N & Cooke, Hosford, Woodruff.

bhaction of Morgan--Otis, Jermain, Surviving Officers and Soldiers of the - Gilbert, Woodworth. Kruse of Refuge and Marine Hose witson, Brown.


Judiciary- Robinson, Crippen, Potter, Gardner, P. C. Cooke.
Colleges, &c.—Morehouse, Curtis, Budd, Carroll, Betts.
Claims-_J. C. Spencer, Bigelow, Cole, Richardson, Saylor.
Trade and Manufactures-Bogart, Wells, Springer, Murphy,

bemung Eshire. s.



gston. -, New Pals 71. Warrensburg ton. Hebron.

White Cra Ann, ze. len. 2. Estcr. Peekskill S. edford 3.

Aliens-Cargill, Thorn, Hagar, Conklin, Eddy.
Privileges and Elections Van Buren, M'Carthy, Hudson, B

Grievances--Birdsall, J. Benton, Harris, Conklin, Manchester.
Agriculture --Gilchrist, Pine, Howard, Pike, Watson.
Religion and Charitable Incorporations--L. Benton, Stackho
Brandon, J. E. Townsend, Eckerson.

Cities and Villages -- Ostrander, Mapes, Lawyer, Elbridge, Ashley
Roads and Bridges Fowler, Juliand, Winne, Keith, Tilford.
Engrossed Bills-Jermain, Van Buren, Philips, Blodget, Andrew
Towns and Counties Remer, Hulse, Yawger, Walker, Knight.
Public Lands—Sprague, Whitman, Halsey, Collier, Tyler.
Expiring Laws-Thorn, Halsey, Earl, Treadwell, Ellis.
Canals Edmonds, Robinson, Turrell, Litchfield, J. B, Spencer.
State Prison--Livingston, Downing, Vark, Love, Dunlap.
Militia-Myers, Worthington, Weed, Vark, Blake.
Indians Turrell, Parks, Shepherd, S. Griswold, Henry.
Salt-Gansevoort, Bogart, Litchfield, Moulton, M‘Dowell.

Medical Societies and Colleges - Trowbridge, Harrison, Clark, Hool
er, White.
Two Third Bills--Fillmore, Gilbert, Hoffman, Hough, Lacy.

Select Committees on the Governor's Message.
Imprisonment for Debt--Stilwell, Percival, Remer, Edwards, I
Poor Laws and Insane Paupers-Potter, Gansevoort, Varian, W
Townsend, Price.

Controversy between this State and New Jersey-M'Dowell, Down
ing, A. Cooke, Hosford, Woodruff.
Abduction of Morgan--Otis, Jermain, J. C. Spencer, Selden, Sayre.
Surviving Officers and Soldiers of the Revolution-Otis, Robb, "Hut
bard, Gilbert, Woodworth.
House of Refuge and Marine Hospital -- Griffen, Morgan, Jarvis
Rayson, Brown.

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leth. No bill that shall have pass perence to the other, on either of il

United States' Courts within


Smith Thompson, N

, and October. Special ses sretion of the Court for the trial

Ist. Each house shall transmit to the other all papers on which any bill or resolution shall be founded.

2d. When a bill or resolution which shall have passed in one house, is rejected in the other, notice thereof shall be given to the house in which the same may have passed.

3d. Messages from one house to the other, shall be communicated by the respective clerks of each house, unless the house transmitting the message shall especially direct otherwise.

Ath. It shall be in the power of either house to amend any amendment made by the other, to any bill or resolution.

5th. In every case of a difference between the two houses upon any subject of legislation, either house may request a conference, and appoint a committee for that purpose, and the other shall also appoint a committee to confer. The committees shall meet at such hour and place as shall be agreed upon by their chairman, and state to each other, verbally, or in writing, as either shall choose, the reasons of their respective houses, and confer freely thereon. And they shall be authorised to report to their respective houses, such modifications or amendments as they may think advisable.

6th. It shall be in order for either house to recede froin any subject matter of difference subsisting between the two houses at any time previous to conference, whether the papers on which such difierence bas arisen are before the house receding, formally or informally, and that a' majority shall govern, except in those cases where two-thirds are required by the constitution; and the question having been put and lost, shall not be again put on the same day, and the reconsideration thereof shall in other respects be regulated by the rules of the respective houses.

7th. After each house shall have adhered to their disagreement, the bill which is the subject of difference, shall be deemed lost, and shall not be again revived during the same session in either house. Sth. The same bill shall

not create, renew or continue more than one incorporation, nor contain any provisions in relation to the altering of more than one act of incorporation, nor shall the saine bill appropriate he public money or property to more than one local or private purpose.

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And bills appropriating money for the payment of the ernment, shall be confined to that purpose exclusively.

9th. Whenever there shall be a ballot for officers by t the result shall be certified by the president of the sena of the assembly, and shall be reported by the presiding house to their respective houses, and be entered on the jo and shall be communicated to the governor by the cler houses.

10th. No bill that shall have passed one house, shall be currence to the other, on either of the two last days of th

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United States' Courts within the State of New-

Appointed. Name. Residence. Office

1823 Smith Thompson, New York, Judge STATED TERNS.—At New York on the last Mondays May, July, and October. Special sessions may also be o discretion of the Court for the trial of criminal causes squity.

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, and shed use. more than die he altering af

Southern District.


Residence. Office. 1827 Samuel R. Betts, New York, Judge,

James A Hamilton, do. Attorney, 1827 Frederic J. Betts,

Clerk, 1826 Thomas Morris, do.

Marshal, STATED TERDIS.--At New York on the first Tuesdays May, August, and November.

The Act of Congress appproved May 29th, 1830, prov addition to the Stated Terms, there shall be held monthly i New York, a session of the district court for the trial of cri and suits in equity, commencing on the first Tuesday of sa

:ll appropriate sate pospesa

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