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1829 Peleg Gallup,

Auburn, 1823 · Levi Pierce,

Locke, 1828 Peleg Slade,

Sempron * 1828 John Richardson,

Auburn, 1828 William Crowell,

Conquesta STATED TERMS.--Third Mondays of Janu

ate, crer

Constituted from Genesee county in 180
Number of towns 22.
Appointed. Names.

Residence 1828 Elial T. Foote,

Jamestow 1824 Artemas Herrick,

Mayville, 1825 Philo Orton,

Pomfret, 1826 Thomas B, Campbell,

Westfield 1828 Benjamin Walworth, Fredonia, 1828 Samuel A. Brown,

Jamestow 1823 William Smith, jr.

Mayville, 1828 Anselm Potter,

Mayville, Elected. 1828 James 6. Lowrey, Mayville, 1828 Daniel Shearman, Mayville, 1828 William H. Fenton, Ellicot, 1828 John Bond,

Pomfret, 1828 Elisha Wallis,

Mayville, 1828 Joel Burnell,

Gerry, STATED TERMS.--Second Tuesdays of F Surth Tuesday of June.

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COLUMBIA COUI Costituted in 1786, from Albany count Lad towns 17.


. 1828 John I. Miller,

Clay 183 James Barton,

Hud 1923 Medad Butler, Stuy 1826 Walter Patterson,

Livi 1830 Tobias L. Hogeboom, 1823 Julius Wilcoxson, King 1983 Abrm. A. Van Buren, Kir

1827 Silas Stone, Hu Elected. 1828 Joseph D. Monell

, Hug 1828 John Pixley,

Hill 1828 Philip White

, Hud 1828 John A. Kittie,

Kind 1828 Thomas S. Chase, Cha 1828 William Overbagh, Ger dated Terms. —Third Mondays of F

CORTLAND CO Contstituted in 1808 from Onondaga pointed. Names. RE 1823 William Mallory, 1823 Joseph Reynolds, 1828 Aaron Brown,

Sca Andrew Dickson, HO Oliver Kingman,

Cir Edward C. Reed, Hor 1828 Charles W. Lynde

, Cor 1824 William Mallory, Cori

Co Vi

1828 Samuel Hotchkiss, ir. Co

Adin Webb, 1828 Joseph Darby,

Com 1828 Jonathan Cotton, Tr 1828 Merodach Havens, Me 1828 Francis A. Howard, Pro stated Terms.- Last Tuesdays of

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Constituted in 1786, from Albany county--03
ber of towns 17.
Appointed. Names. Resident

1828 John I. Miller, Claveracl
1823 James Barton,

Hudson, 1823 Medad Butler, Stuyvesan 1826 Walter Patterson, Livingsto 1830 Tobias L. Hogeboom, 1823

Julius Wilcoxson, Kinderhoc 1823 Abrm. A. Van Buren, Kinderho 1827 Silas Stone,


1828 Joseph D. Monell, Hudson,
John Pixley,

Hillsdale, 1828 Philip White, Hudson, 1828 John A. Kittle, Kinderhoc 1828 Thomas S. Chase, Chatham,

1828 William Overbagh, Germanto Stated Terins.--Third Mondays of Februa

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CORTLAND COUNTY Contstituted in 1808 from Onendaga count: Appointed. Names. Residen 1823 William Mallory,

Cortlandv 1823 Joseph Reynolds, Virgil, 1828 Aaron Brown, Scott, 1828 Andrew Dickson, Homer, 1828 Oliver Kingman,

Cincinnat 1828 Edward C. Reed, Homer, 1828

Charles W. Lynde, Cortlandvi 1824 William Mallory, Cortlandyi Erected.

182 Samuel Hotchkiss, ir. Cortlandy 1828 Adin Webb,

do. 1828 Joseph Darby, Cortlandvi 1828 Jonathan Cotton, Truxton, 1828 Merodach Havens, Marathon,

Francis A. Howard, Preble, Stated Terms. Last Tuesdays of January

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1929 Henry J. Traver, Pou 12Obadiah Titus, Poul 1985 James B Fear, 1228 Nicholas U. Emigh, Uni 1828 Walter R. Landon,

Rhi Henry D. Davis,

Wa Rated Terms. First Mondays of sakay in September.

ERIE COUNT Besituted in 1808 from Niagara cour wanted, Names. "Res | 1829 Philander Bennet, Bul Samuel Russell,

Buf 1823" William Mills, Clai 1826 Charles Townsend, Bui 1829 Edward Paine, Aur 1829 Thomas C. Love,

Buff 1828 Ebenezer Johnson, Buff 1899 Hiram Pratt,

Buff Blicted. 1828 Eljah Leech, 1828 Lemuel Wasson, 1828 Charles F. Hicks, 188 Joseph Howard, jr. Au 1928 Daniel Camp, 1828 Jacob Hershey, Kaled Terms. The sessions of the ceral Sessions are holden on the first skurth Monday of August, and the firs

Buf Buf Bu


ESSEX COUN Constituted March 1, 1799 from Clinto Sprinted. Names. Res 1828 Dean Edson,

Ess 1823 Thomas Stower, 1823 Ambrose Mason, 1823 Wolcott Tyrrell,

Sch 1826 Charles Hatch,



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1829 Henry J. Traver, Poughkee

Obadiah Titus, Poughkee 1828 James B Fear, Poughke1828 Nicholas U. Emigh, Union V 1828 Walter R. Landon, Rhinebec 1828 Henry D. Davis,

Washingt Stated Terms. First Mondays of Februa Monday in September.

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ERIE COUNTY. Constituted in 1808 from Niagara county. I Appointed. Names. 'Residence

1829 Philander Bennet, : Buffalo, 1823 Samuel Russell, Buffalo, 1823 William Mills, Clarence, 1826

Charles Townsend, Buffalo,

Edward Paine, Aurora,
1829 Thomas C. Love, Buffalo,
1828 Ebenezer Johnson, Buffalo,
1829 Hiram Pratt, Buffalo,

Elijah Leech, Buffalo,
1828 Lemuel Wasson, * Buffalo,
1828 Charles F. Hicks, Buffalo,
1828 Joseph Howard, jr. Aurora,
1828 Daniel Camp,

Hamburg, 1828 Jacob Hershey, Amherst, Stated Terms. The sessions of the court General Sessions are holden on the first Monda the fourth Monday of August, and the first Mon

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ESSEX COUNTY. Constituted March 1, 1799 from Clinton count Appointed, Names.

Residence 1828 Dean Edson,

Essex, 1823 Thomas Stower,

Willsborou 3823 Ambrose Mason, Moriah, 1823 Wolcott Tyrrell,

Schroon, 1826 Charles Hatch, Westport,

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