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Robert S. Rose

Delaware, 1. Thomas H. Hall
Ambrose Spencer Kensey Johns, jr. Robert Potter
Henry R. Storrs

Maryland, 9. . Abraham Rencher
James Strong
Elias Brown

Augustine H. Shepherd
John W. Taylor Clement Dorsey

William B. Shepard
Phineas L. Tracy Benjamin C. Howard Jesse Speight
Gulian C. Verplanck George E. Mitchell Lewis Williams
Campbell P. White Benedict I. Semmes Sotuh Carolina, 9
New Jersey, 6. Richard Spencer

Robert W. Barnwell
Lewis Condit
Michael C. Sprigg

James Blair
Richard M. Cooper. George C. Washington John Campbell
Thomas H. Hughes Ephraim King Wilson Warren R. Davis
Isaac Piersou

Virginia, 22.

William Drayton
James F. Randolph Mark Alexander George M'Duffie
Samuel Swan
Robert Allen

William D. Martin
Pennsylvania, 26. William S. Archer William T. Nuckolls
James Buchanan
William Armstrong

Starling. Tucker
Richard Coulter John S. Barbour

Georgia, 7 Thomas H. Crawford Philip P. Barbour Thomas H. Foster Harmar Denny

Thomas T, Bouldin Charles E. Haynes Joshua Evans

Nathaniel H. Claiborne Henry G. Lamar James Ford

Richard Coke, jr. Wilson Lumpkin
Chauncey Forward

Robert B. Craig Wiley Thompson
Joseph Fry, jr
Thomas Davenport

James M. Wayne
John Gilmore Philip Doddridge Richard H. Wilde
Innis Greene

William F. Gordon Kentucky. 12 Joseph Hemphill George Loyall* Thomas Chilton Peter Ihrie, jr.

John N. Patton James Clarke
Thomas Irwin

Lewis Maxwell N. D. Coleman
Adam King
Charles F. Mercer

Heury Daniel
George G. Leiper

William M'Coy Nathan Gaither Daniel H. Miller John Roane

Richard M. Johnson
William McCreery

Andrew Stevenson John Kincaid
H. A. Muhlenburgh John Taliafero Joseph Lecompte
Allen Marr

James Trezevant Robert P. Letcher
William Ramsay North Carolina, 13 Chittenden Lyon
John Scott

Charles A. Wickliffe
Thomas H. Sill

Daniel L. Barringer
Samuel A. Smith
Samuel P. Carson

Ohio, 14
Philander Stephens Henry W. Conner Mordecai Bartley
Jolin B. Sterigere Çdmund Deberry

Joseph H. Crane Joel B. Sutherland

Edward B. Dudley Wm. Creighton, jr


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Prior Lea
John K. Polk
James Standifer

Indiana, 3
Ratliff Boon
Jonathan Jennings
John Test

Louisiana, 3
Henry H. Gurley
Walter H. Overton
Edward D. White

Alabama, 3
R. E. B. Baylor
C. C. Clay
Dixon H, Lewis

Joseph Duncan



Tennessee, 9
Jolin Beil
John Blair
David Crockett
Robert Desha
Jacob C. Isaacs
Cave Johnson

D. Martia 7. Nuckel




, 7

H. Poster

E. Haynes

Lama umpkin Thompson

Wayne 1. Wilde

ucky. 12 Chilton arke Jeman aniel raither 1. Johnsen aid .compte Letcher a Lyon


SENTATIVES, On Elections-Messrs. Alston, Tucker, Clairbor ison, of Ten., Beekman, and Coleman.

On Ways and Means-Messrs. M'Duffie, Verplasoll, Gilmore, Overton, and Allexander.

On Claims-Messrs. Whittlesey, Barber, of Cosey, Lea, Williams, and McCoy.

On Commerce--Messrs. Cambreling, Gorham, Howard, Loyall, and Lamar.

On Public Lands.-Messrs. Wickliffe, Jenning Potter, Irwin, of Ohio, and Clay.

On Post Offices and Post Roads.-Messrs. Johns Magee, Hodges, Russel, M'Creery, and Lent.

On the District of Columbia. --Messrs. Powers, Varnum, Taliafero, Ihrie, and Semmes.

On the Judiciary.-Messrs. Buchanan, Davis,
White, of Lou. Foster, and Gordon.

On Revolutionary Claims.-Messrs. Burges, I
Brown, Yancey, De Witt, and Crane.
On Public Expenditures.--Messrs. Hall

, Daver Holsey, Spencer, 'of Md. Thompson, of Ohio, and I

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On Private Land Claims.-Messrs. Sterigere, Nuckolls, Pettis, Bag. lor, Denny, and Drake.

On Manufactures.-Messrs Mallory, Stanberry, Condict, Irwin, of Penn. Monell, Barbour, of Va. and Huntington,

On Indian Affairs.-Messrs. Bell; Lumpkin, Hinds, Storrs; of Conn., Hubbard, Gaither, and Lewis.

On Foreign Affairs.--Messrs. Archer, Everett, of Mass., Taylor, Polk, Crawford, Barnwell, and Wayne.

On Military Affairs.--Messrs. Drayton, Vance, Desha, Findlay, Blair, of S. C., Mitchell and Speight.

On Naval Affairs - Messrs. Hoffman, Crowninshield, Miller, Ripley, Carson, Dorsey, White, of N: Y. and Anderson.

On Agriculture.-Messrs. Spencer, of N. Y. Rowan, Wilson, Rose, Sunith, of Penn., Standifer, and Chandler.

On the Territories.-Messrs. Clark, of Ky., Creighton, Armstrong, Angel, Cowles, and W. B. Shepard.

On Military Pensions. Messrs. Trezevant, Lecompte, Chilton, Ham. mons, Bockee Ford, and Beekman.

On Revised and Unfinished Business.--Messrs. Pierce, Reed, and Pierson,

On Accounts.-Messrs. Maxwell, of N. Y., Swan, and Broadhead.

The following are the Select Committees of the House, announced as above.

On Internal Improvement-Messrs. Hemphill, Mercer, Blair, of Ten., Haynes, Letcher, Vinton, and Craig.

On the Surplas Revenue.- Messrs. Poik, Patton, Foy, Earle, Jarvis, Leavitt, and Evans, of Maine,

On Election of President and Vice President.--Messrs. MDuffie, Coke, Sanford, Stephens, Hughes, Green, and Rencher.


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JUDICIARY OF THE UNITED STATES. The Supreme Court of the United States was established September 24, 1789, and was originally composed of one Chief Justice and five associate Judges.

There were thirteen District Courts constituted at that time.
The Circuit Courts were constituted February 24, 1807.

1801 John Marshall, Virginia, Chief Justice. Salary $5,000.

ASSOCIATE JUDGES. Salary, $4,500 each. 1804 William Johnson, South Carolina;

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1829 John M'Pherson Berrien, Georgia, Attorney G 1827 Richard Peters, Pennsylvania, Reporter of Judic 1827 William Thomas Carrol

, Maryland, Clerk 1827 Tench Ringgold, Washington City, Marshal

The Supreme Court commences its annual sess Washington, on the second Monday in January.

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CIRCUIT COURTS, A Judge of the Supreme Court and a District Jud; cuit Court,

There are seven Circuits, consisting of two or mor
of which a Circuit Court is annually holden, at the fe
places, viz, :
Maine-At Wiscasset, on the 1st day of October,

At Portland, on the 1st day of May.
New Hampshire--At Portsmouth and Exeter, altere

May, and 8th of October.
Vermont- At Rutland and Windsor, alternately, on th

the 3d of October.
Massachusetts. -At Boston, on the 1st day of June

tober, Rhode Island--- At Newport and Providence, alternate

of June, and 15th day of November, Connecticut----At Hartford and New Haven, alternate

of April and on the 17th day of September. New York ----At New York, on the last Mondays of New Jersey.----At Trenton, on the 1st day of April

tober, Pennsylvania.....At Philadelphia, on the 11th day of

day of October. Delaware.....At Newcastle and Dover, alternately, or

the 27th of October. Maryland. At Baltimore, on the 8th day of May an


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Virginia.....At Richmond, on the 22d day of-May and 22d day of No

vember, North Carolina.... At Raleigh, on the 12th day of May-and the 12th day

of November, South Carolina..... At Charleston, on the second Tuesday of April.

At Columbia, on the second Monday of December. Georgia..--- At Savannah, on the fourth Monday of November,

At Milledgeville, on the 6th day of May. Kentucky.---- At Frankfort

, on the first Mondays of May and November: Tennessee.----At Nashville, on the second Monday of June.

At Knoxville, on the 2d of October.
Ohio.....At Columbus, on the 2d Monday of July and 4th Monday of

District of Columbia...--At Washington, on the second Monday of April
and first Monday of October,
First Circuit.

Fourth Circuit.

Delaware New Hampshire

Maryland. Massachusetts

Fifth Circuit

Virginia (Eastern-District)
Second Circuit.

North Carolina.

Sixth Circuit

South Carolina (Eastern District
New York (Southern District) Georgia.
Third Circuit.

Seventh Circuit
New Jersey

Kentucky Pennsylvania (Eastern District.) Tennessee

Ohio, Special sessions of the Circuit Courts may be holden under the spe: cial provisions of the Act passed March 20, 1793,

Circuit Courts are not holden in any other Districts than those speci fed above.

When the day appointed for holding the Courts falls on Sunday, they shall be held the following day.

The Clerks of the District Courts are also Clerks of the Circpit Courts.

Rhode Island

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The District Courts are holden by the District Judge, in each District. Each State is a District, for the purpose of holding

Circuit Courts, as

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