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1 those composed of two pieces of paper, are charged rates. r those composed of three pieces of paper, are charged ates. :rs, or those composed of four pieces of paper, are ruple those rales. hing one ounce avoirdupois, or more, are charged at postage for each quarter of an ounce, or quadruple ance according to iheir weight; and no letter can be e than quadruple pustage, unless its weight exceeds pois. Ship letters, if delivered at the office where the ves. cents; if conveyed by post, two cents in addition to ge.

Newspaper Postage. aper, not carried out of the State in which it is puh. d out of the State, but cai ried not over une bundred

1 cent d out of the State in which it is published, 112c

Magazines and Pamphlets. ically, distance not exceeding 100 miles,

1 1.2 c. per sheet 3).

over 100 miles, 2 1-2 do. =riodically, distance not exceed

4 do. over 100 miles,


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those rates. Eight pages quarto are rated as one' sizes in the same proportion. heets which it contains, must be printed or written

pages of every pamphlet or magazine to be sent by number of sheets is not truly stated, double postage

coming under the denomination of newspapers or
ed with letter postage.
la are forwarded through the agents of the United
Upper Canada, and Montreal, Lower Canada,




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