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in cases of doubt, to weigh the evidence for himself; and we consider him to be entitled to the thanks of the public for having brought within a reasonable compass the most valuable materials on the subjects of which he treats;--for having arranged them in a convenient method ;-and, in general, for having arrived at his own conclusions, on the best evidence which the subjects admit.”.


Mr Robert Wright, of Philadelphia, has undertaken to publish by subscription an extensive work, entitled American Natural History, which is to be edited by Dr John D. Godman. It will be illustrated by numerous engravings from drawings by that eminent naturalist and artist, Mr Lesueur, which have been made, in every practicable instance, from the living animal or preserved specimen in the American Museum. The first part, in three volumes octavo, will be ready for delivery in September next.


Mr Moorcroft, in a letter from Tartary, says, “ The novelties which have already met my view in natural history, are so great as to invite the introduction of details that would swell this letter to a volume.” One example is the Ladahk sheep. “ This animal, at full growth, is scarcely so large as a South Down lamb of five or six months; yet in the fineness and weight of its fleece, the flavour of its flesh, and the peculiarities of its constitution, it is inferior to no race. It is as completely domiciliated as a British dog. In the night it shelters in a walled yard, or under its master's roof; in the day it feeds often on a surface of granite rock, where cursory observation can scarcely discover a speck of vegetation. If permitted, it will pick up cruinbs, drink salted and buttered tea or broth, or nibble a cleanly picked bone. It gives two lambs within twelve months, and is twice shorn within that period. A British cottager might keep three of these sheep with more ease than he now supports a cur-dog, as they would live luxuriantly in the day on the strips of grass which border the roads, and by keeping clean hedge bottoms.” Mr Moorcraft has procured some of them with a view to import them into Britain. The letter contains, likewise, a notice of a non-descript wild variety of horse, which he thinks might be domesticated for the use of the small farmer and poor in Britain. It is about four. teen hands high, of a round muscular form, with remarkably clean limbs.


Professor Buckland has published a letter relative to the cave lately discovered at Banwell, Somerset. He states the thickness of the mass of sand, mud, and limestone, through which the bones, horns, and teeth are disposed, to be in one place nearly forty feet. He adds, “ Many large baskets-full of bones have already been extracted, belonging to the ox and deer tribes : of the latter there are several varieties, including the elk. There are also a few portions of the skeleton of the wolf, and of a gigantic bear. The bones are mostly in a state of preservation equal to that of common grave bones; but it is clear, from the fact of some of them belonging to the great extinct species of the bear, that they are of an antediluvian origin.”


EDUCATION. Lessons in Elocution; or, a Selection of Pieces in Prose and Verse, for the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking. By Williain Scott. Also, an Appendix, containing Lessons on a New Plan; to which is added, an Abridgment of Walker's Rules for the Pronunciation of Greek and Latin Proper Names, &c. Plymouth. E. Collier.

Reading Lessons for Primary Schools. 18mo. pp. 126. Boston. Richardson & Lord.

HISTORY. Notes, Geographical and Historical, relating to the town of Brooklyn, in King's County, on Long Island. By Gabriel Furman. 1 Vol. 12mo. Brooklyn. A. Spooner.

LAW. Remarks on the Projected Revision of the Laws of New York. First published in the Atlantic Magazine for April, 1825. 8vo. pp. 19. New York.

MEDICINE. The Monthly Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery. No. VIII. New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

An Address, delivered at the Annual Commencement of the Berkshire Medical Institution, Pittsfield, December 23, 1824. By Rufus William Bailey, A. M. 8vo. pp. 24. Pittsfield, Mass.

The New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Vol. XIV. No. II. Medico-Chirurgical Review and Journal of Medical Science. No. XVI. New York. J. V. Seaman.

MISCELLANEOUS. Pierre and his Family; or, a Story of the Waldenses. By the Author of Lilly Douglas. 1 Vol. 18mo. Philadelphia.

An Essay on the Study and Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages. By William White, A. M. Philadelphia. A. Finley.

Auxiliar Vocabulario de Bolsillo Español e Ingles, Par J. Jose L. Barry. 18mo. New York. J. Desnoues.

The Virginia Housewife. A Second Edition, with Amendments and Additions. 12mo.

POETRY. The Minstrel's Cabinet; a new Collection of the most popular Sentimental, Comic, Patriotic, and Moral Songs. In 2 Vols. 18mo. New York. D. Mallory.

POLITICS. Suggestions on Presidential Elections, with particular reference to a Letter of William C. Somerville, Esq. 8vo. pp. 32. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

An Address, delivered at Watertown, March 4th, 1825, at a Dinner in Honour of the Inauguration of President John Quincy Adams. By David Lee Child. Syo. pp. 10. Price 25 cents. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.


A Critical History of the Projects formed within the last three hundred years for the Union of the Christian Communions.

Seven Letters to Elias Hicks, on the tendency of his Doctrines and Opinions ; with an Introductory Address to the Society of Friends. By a Demi-Quaker. Philadelphia.

Four Sermons on the Doctrine of the Atonement. By Nathan S. S. Beman, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Troy. 12mo. Troy, N. Y. W. S. Parker.


Schoolcraft's Travels in the Central Portions of the Mississippi Valley. With Maps and Plates. 8vo. pp. 460. Price $3 50. New York. Collins & Hannay.


son, M. D.

The Young Artist's Companion, containing Plain and Easy Directions for the acquirement of the art of Drawing, &c. To which are added, General Rules of Perspective. By T. Barnes. From the Fourth London Edition, considerably enlarged and improved. 8vo. Baltimore. J. Roach.

A Treatise on Derangements of the Liver, Internal Organs, and Nervous System. Pathological and Therapeutical. By Jarnes John

Joyce's Scientific Dialogues. A New Edition. 3 Vols. 18mo. With numerous Plates. Philadelphia. A. Finley.

A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World, performed by Captain Cook. With an account of his Life, during the previous and intervening periods. By A. Kippis, D. D. F. R. S. In 2 Vols. 18mo. New York. D. Mallory.

Immediate, not Gradual Abolition; or, an Inquiry into the shortest, safest, and most effectual means of getting rid of West India Slavery. 8vo. New York. J. V. Seaman.

A Translation of Horace. By Sir Philip Francis. 2 Vols. 18mo. New York. S. King.

Falconer's Shipwreck; with Plates. New York. S. King.

An Inquiry into the Human Mind, on the principles of Common Sense. By Thomas Reid, D. D. Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Glasgow. 18mo. New York. S. King.

English Life; or, Manners at Home. In Four Pictures. 2 Vols. 12mo. New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

Living Plays. Vol XIII. New York. D. Mallory.
Decision; a Tale. By Mrs Hoffland, Author of Integrity, a Tale, &c.

Sergeant & Lowber's Common Law Reports, condensed. , Vol. III. Carey & Lea.

Sayings and Doings; a Series of Sketches from Real Life. Second Series. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea.

A Review of the Efforts and Progress of Nations, during the last twenty-five years. By J. C. L. De Sismondi. Translated from the French. By Peter S. Duponceau. 8vo. pp. 36. Philadelphia. H. Hall.

Reminiscences of Charles Butler, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, with a Letter to a Lady, on Ancient and Modern Music. Second American from the Fourth London Edition. 12mo. pp. 350. Price $1 50. New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

LIST OF WORKS IN PRESS. A New Edition of Blackstone's Commentaries. 4 Vols. 8vo. With the Notes of Archbold and Christian united. Philadelphia. R. H. Small.

Boaden's Life of Kemble. 8vo. A Small. Philadelphia.

The fifth volume of the Memoirs of the Philadelphia Agricultural Society. Philadelphia. A. Small.

The Travellers; or, some Extracts from Juvenile Journals. Designed for young people, i Vol. 18mo. New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

A New Edition of Thomas' Practice, from the Eighth London Edition. With Notes by David Hosack, M. D. F. R. S. 1. Vol. 8vo. New York. Collins & Co.

A New Novel, by the Author of “ The Spy,” “Lionel Lincoln.” &c. &c. New York. Charles Wiley.

Richerand's Physiology. From the last London Edition. 8vo. New York. Collins & Co.

The History of the United States, for the Use of Schools. By the Rev. Charles A. Goodrich. Fourth Edition. 1 Vol. 18mo. New York. Collins & Co.

Redfield; A Long-Island Tale. 12mo. New York. Wilder & Campbell.

Biographia Americana ;" or, a Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Distinguished Persons in North America ; from its first settiement to the present time, with numerous Portraits. By a Gentleman of Philadelphia. New York. D. Mallory.

Tales of the Genii. 2 Vols. With Engravings. New York. D. Mallory.

Telernachus. 2 Vols.
Life of Benjamin Franklin. Written by Himself. With Engravings.
Goldsmith's Poems and Essays.
Living Plays. 14th and 15th Vols. New York. D. Mallory.

A Synopsis of the Diseases of the Eye, and their treatment, &c. By Benjamin Travers, F. R. S. Surgeon to St Thomas' Hospital. From the Third London Edition. With Notes and Illustrations, by Edward Delafield, M. D. 8vo. New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

The Lady of the Manor; a Novel. By Mrs Sherwood. New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

The Works of William Cowper. New Edition. 3 Vols. 18mo. New York. S. King.

Moore's Melodies. A New Selection. New York. W. B. Gilley.

An Epitome of Paley's Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. By a Member of the University of Cambridge, Author of the “ Epitome of the Evidences of Christianity." New York. E. Bliss & E. White.

C. Cornelii Taciti Historiarum Libri Quinque : cum libro de Germania, et vita Agricolæ. Ad Fidem optimarum editionum expressi, cum notis Barbon. New York. Solomon King.

Bayley on Bills, with Notes of American Decisions. Boston. Harrison Gray.

Published on the first and fifteenth day of every month, by CUMMINGS, HILLIARD, & Co., No. 134 Washington-Street, Boston, for the Proprietors. Terms, $5 per

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, by Hilliard & Metcalf.


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High-Ways and By-Ways; or, Tales of the Road-side, Picked

up in the French Provinces. By A Walking Gentleman. Second Series. Philadelphia. 1825. 2 vols. 12mo.

It has been announced in the London papers, that a Mr Grattan is the author of these tales. When we closed the two small volumes, which were re-published here about a year since, embracing the first series, we felt confident from the popularity of the work, that at no very distant period there would be a renewal of intercourse between this author and the public. But we hardly wished—we certainly did not expect to meet him again after so short an interval. It was well and truly said by a favourite author of the last century, “Little writers compose books apace: for naturalists observe, that the less the insect is, the oftener it lays, and the faster it propagates; but then their brood is very short-lived." We would not be understood to apply these remarks critically to Mr Grattan, though we confess, that we felt a little regret on seeing a second series of his Tales of the Road-side, announced so soon after the publication of the first. We did not then know what these volumes were-we knew what the former had been ;they promised well of those which were to follow them; and we are glad, that our author has done even so well, what he has done so hastily.

We have not room here to give a full description of the style of these writings; but by our extracts, we shall exhibit it, as far as we are able, in its various lights and shades. There is a freshness and vigour in his thoughts, which always please

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