A Manual of the British Algæ

John Van Voorst, 1841


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Página xlviii - Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay : Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade ; A breath can make them as a breath has made ; But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.
Página lvii - In wonder all philosophy began ; in wonder it ends ; and admiration fills up the interspace. But the first wonder is the offspring of ignorance : the last is the parent of adoration.
Página xlv - It was gravely pleaded in a court of law, on the part of the defendants, ' that the suffocating smoke that issued from the kelp-kilns would sicken or kill every species of fish on the coast, or drive them into the ocean far beyond the reach of the fishermen; blast the corn and grass on their farms; introduce diseases of various kinds; and smite with barrenness their sheep, horses and cattle, and even their own families.
Página l - A pretty thick stem is selected, and cut into pieces about four inches long. Into these, when fresh, are stuck blades of knives, such as gardeners use for pruning or grafting. As the stem dries, it contracts and hardens, closely and firmly embracing the hilt of the blade. In the course of some months the handles become quite firm, and very hard and shrivelled, so that when tipped with metal they are hardly to be distinguished from hartshorn.
Página 162 - arises from the filaments being collected together into little ascending tufts, apparently rooted in the muddy deposit of the water. Each tuft proves, on examination, to consist of simple, reniform, even filaments, crowded together, and quite pellucid and equally destitute of joints and branches ; their diameter is not more than an eighth or ten thousandth part of an inch.
Página xxviii - ... innumerable knockings (titubations) against the walls of their prison, that they succeed in finding an exit. From the first instant of the motion one observes that the granules or sporules are furnished with a little beak, a kind of anterior process, always distinguishable from the body of the seed by its paler colour. It is on the vibrations of this beak that the motion, as I conceive, depends; at least I have never been able to discover any cilia. However, I will not venture to deny the existence...
Página 185 - The plant is at first of an olive yellow, gradually assuming a greener tint, and when dried of a deep verdigris. Very gelatinous, delicately branched ; the branches very flaccid. Under a high magnifier the whole plant is evidently composed of gelatine, in the centre of which runs a single moniliform filament, following the ramifications, and in its progress curling to and fro repeatedly across the thread, the joints being nearly globular. The specimens from the interior of Enteromorpha are paler,...
Página lii - Iodine it contained ; and it is also a very curious fact, that the stems of a sea-weed are sold in the shops, and chewed by the inhabitants of South America, wherever goitre is prevalent, for the same purpose. This remedy is termed by them Palo Goto (literally, goitrestick) ; and, from the fragments placed in my hands by my friend Dr.
Página xxviii - ... is formed. Escaped from their prison they continue their motion for one or two hours, and retiring always towards the darker edge of the vessel, sometimes they prolong their wandering courses, sometimes they remain in the same place, causing their beak to vibrate in rapid circles.

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