Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Volume 14

Harvard Bulletin, Incorporated, 1911

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Página 40 - academic year begins on the Monday preceding the last Wednesday in September. The annual Commencement is held on the Thursday preceding the last Wednesday in June. The vacation begins at Commencement and ends on the Sunday preceding the last Wednesday in September.
Página 95 - reserves to itself the right to award the two prizes of $1,000 and $500 of Class A to undergraduates in Class B, if the merits of the papers demand it. The ownership of the copyright of successful studies will vest in the donors and it is expected that, without precluding the
Página 140 - from that free speech which is God's normal school for educating men, throwing upon them the grave responsibility of deciding great questions and so lifting them to a higher level of intellectual and moral life. Trust the people—the wise and the ignorant, the good and the bad—with the gravest questions and in the end you educate the race.
Página 15 - The confirmation, illustration, and improvement of the great articles of the Christian Religion properly so called or the revelation which Jesus Christ the Son of God was pleased to make, first by himself, and afterwards by his holy Apostles. to his church and the world for their salvation.
Página 366 - Every student shall take at least six of his courses in some one department, or in one of the recognized fields for distinction. In the latter case four must be in one department. Only two of the six may be courses open to freshmen or distinctly elementary in character.
Página 78 - Union Theological Seminary, Meadville Theological School, Connecticut Agricultural College, New York City Dentals, and the Morris Pratt Institute. The society was formed in 1905 "to promote an intelligent interest in Socialism among college men and women," in response to a call issued by Oscar Lovell Triggs. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Charlotte Perkins
Página 360 - To be admitted as a candidate for the degree of Master of Divinity a student must be a graduate of an approved college and of a theological school having a three years' course of study, or give evidence, by examination or otherwise, of equivalent
Página 360 - The examination for the degree will be in the subjects of the candidate's studies, rather than in the particular courses he has heard, and will include, besides such written tests as may be prescribed in each case, an oral examination before the Faculty or a committee appointed for the purpose.
Página 177 - The Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize, consisting of $100 and a silver medal, for "the best poem on a subject or subjects annually to be chosen and announced by a Committee of the Department of English," will this year be given for a poem on
Página 477 - appointed by the President of the University. Everyone who has been a student in any department of the University is invited to join the association by contributing to the fund, and any contribution, however small, and whether or not it is

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