The Bee-man of Orn: And Other Fanciful Tales

C. Scribner's Sons, 1887 - 193 páginas

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Página 47 - I must have gone to sleep and dreamed it all, and then I came home thinking I had given the money to a Dryad, when it was in my pocket all the time. But the Chief Villager shall have the money. I shall not take it to him to-day, but to-morrow I wish to go to the village to see some of my old friends, and then I shall give up the money.
Página 49 - Oh, I put it in when you were asleep," she said, laughing, "because I thought you ought to keep it. Good-by, kind, honest man. May you live long and be as happy as I am now!" Old Pipes was greatly delighted when he understood that he was really a younger man; but that made no difference about the money and he kept on his way to the village. As soon as he reached it, he was eagerly questioned as to who had been playing his pipes the evening before, and when the people heard that it...
Página 43 - He knew, too, that in the summer-time, on those days when the moon rose before the sun went down, a Dryad could come out of her tree if any one could find the key which locked her in, and turn it. Old Pipes closely examined the trunk of the tree, which stood in the full moonlight. " If I see that key," he said, "I shall surely turn it.
Página 42 - Why, what's the matter with the cattle ? " "Ah, me ! " said Old Pipes. "I don't believe there's anything the matter with the cattle. It must be with me and my pipes that there is something the matter. But one thing is certain : if I do not earn the wages the Chief Villager pays me, I shall not take them. I shall go straight down to the village and give back the money I received to-day.
Página 37 - However, in the course of time, they learned to honor and reverence their former Minor Canon without the fear of being punished if they did not do so. But they need never have been afraid of the Griffin. The autumnal equinox day came round, and the monster ate nothing. If he could not have the Minor Canon, he did not care for anything. So, lying down, with his eyes fixed upon the great stone griffin, he gradually declined, and died. It was a good thing for some of the people of the town that they...
Página 27 - I go to some other town, shall I not take this trouble there? Have I a right to do that? " "No," said the people, "you must not go to any other town. There is no town far enough away. You must go to the dreadful wilds where the Griffin lives ; and then he will follow you and stay there.
Página 72 - I should respect you from my soul," said Bayard. " Would you — would you be willing to — would you feel ashamed to shake hands with me, Mr. Bayard, — if I was a different girl? " " I will shake hands with you now...
Página 42 - The sun had now set; but the moon was shining very brightly on the hillside, and Old Pipes could see his way very well. He did not take the same path by which he had gone before, but followed another, which led among the trees upon the hill-side, and, though longer, was not so steep. When he had gone about half-way, the old man sat down to rest, leaning his back against a great oak tree. As he did so, he heard a sound like knocking inside the tree, and then a voice said: " Let me out ! let me out...
Página 41 - The three children then went down the hill, the girl scolding the boy all the way home. Old Pipes stood silent a few moments and then he went into his cottage. "Mother," he shouted, "did you hear what those children said?" "Children!" exclaimed the old woman; "I did not hear them. I did not know there were any children here.
Página 57 - As to its doing him the least bit of good, she did not believe a word of it. He felt better than he used to feel, but that was very common. She had sometimes felt that way herself, and she forbade him ever to mention a Dryad to her again. That afternoon, Old Pipes, feeling very sad that his plan in regard to his mother had failed, sat down upon the rock and played upon his pipes. The pleasant sounds went down the valley and up the hills and mountain, but, to the great surprise of some persons who...

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