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*.*'. ' For C.TAYLOR, 108, Hatton-garden.
.^M-ali* T>j ilTlTERWORTH, Fleet-Siree*; and MAYVMAN,

»a >t3i*.i' in tlie Poultry.

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The Eclectic Review having been instituted solely for the benefit of its readers, has been published at the lowest price that could be affixed to it, in order to increase its usefulness to the best interests of mankind, by enlarging its circulation among various classes of society. That the manner in which it has been conducted, is consistent with the original professions of its supporters, they hope will be acknowledged by every candid and attentive reader. The cordial testimonies of approbation, which have been received from many of the most respectable characters in the United Kingdom, and from others far beyond its limits, demand the most grateful acknowledgement; and the constantly progressive sale, which has surpassed the expectations of its projectors, affords a pleasing confirmation of its general acceptance, and an encouraging prospect of very extensive utility. The support which has thus been given to the undertaking, both enables and stimulates the conductors of it to adopt every means that may tend to render it worthy of universal attention; <ind the increasing literary assistance which


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