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118 How softly the streamlet. 118.

Music from the Musical A. B. C. Book-by permission.

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How soft- ly the streamlet flows o’ver the

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When night wings its way o'er the earth and the sea,
And stars shine in beauty while dew gems the lea,
The streamlet then flowing more rapid along,
Bears still in its bosom the spirit of song.
O, like to that streamlet, Religion should be,
All freshness and beauty, from Grace that is free,
Still holding its richness in age as in youth,
Imparting forever the music of truth.

A call from the mountain, a cry from the vale,
It came with the zephyr, it rushed with the gale,
The voice of bold freedom, 'twas Liberty's cry,
The heart was its echo, 'twould never more die.
The voice of our sires, in the strength of their God,
To the ear of the nations they sent it abroad,
From sea and from ocean, from kingdoms afar,
The cry of the Magi, see Liberty's star..
O hail to the morning when brightly it burst,
Like thought in the bosom of poesy nurs't,
That stirs every fibre of manliness, love,
And bears the brave spirit all terror above.
The choral be lofty, the song of the soul,
As tides of rich music thought's ocean control,
A prayer be its burden, O God of our race,
Exalt dear Columbia, and give her thy grace.

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Ah! Pilot, dangers often met,

We all are apt to slight;
And thou hast known these raging waves,
· But to subdue their might.
“Oh! 'tis not apathy," he cried,

"That gives this strength to me;
Fear not, but trust in Providence,

Wherever thou may'st be.”


On such a night the sea engulfed

My father's lifeless form;
My only brother's boat went down

In just so wild a storm :
And such, perhaps, may be my fate;

But still I say to thee,
“ Fear not, but trust in Providence,
Wherever thou may'st be.”

122 God is Wisdom, God is Love. 88 & 78.

Music from the Elementary Music Book-by permission.

God is love ; his mercy brightens All the Chance and change are busy ey- er; Man de- .

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path in which we rove; Bliss he wakes, and woe he cays, and a - ges move, But his mer-cy wan-eth

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light-ens; God is, wis - dom, God is nev - er; God is wis - dom, God is


E'en the hour that darkest seemeth

Will his changeless goodness prove;
From the gloom his brightness streameth,

God is wisdom, God is love.
He with earthly cares entwineth

Hope and comfort from above ;
Every where his glory shineth ;

God is wisdom, God is love,

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