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Music from Juvenile Singing Schoolby permission
Allegro. Chorus


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As oft-en as the Sabbath comes, AFor this we joy-ful leave our homes, A

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ho - ly truth, That safely guides the feet of youth, A.

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way to school, away to school, Away, a-way

to school.



'Tis there we sweet enjoyment find,

Away, away to school !
And friendly teachers, ever kind,
- Away, away to school I
The sportive bird, on airy wing,
Is not than we a happier thing,

Away, away to school !

We would that all our mates would shont,

Away, away to school!
We know the joy they lose without;
· Away, away to school!
O could they look within each heart,
They'd see how glad the pulses start,

Away, away to school!

We'll think no more of idle play,

Away, away to school !
But thoughtful there the season stay,

Away, away to school!
And future time the thought will bring
How joyfully we all did sing,

Away, away to school!


0, I would live alway, 11s M.

· Music from Gospel Harmonistby permission


0, I would live alway at home with my God!


His smile the sweet sunshine il - lu - ming the road,

The voice of the Spir - it

pro-claim -ing the love

That blesses

be- low as

it blesses above.

This life would I own as a beautiful gift,
In which, like a seraph, the spirit may lift
Its homage to heaven for mercies bestowed,
Where the hopes of the gospel so brightly have glowed.
O fain would I live so I never might die!
But down in the tomb as a chamber may lie,
As a couch for the flesh, while the spirit shall soar
Where the shadows of doubt shall darken no more
Yes, I would live alway, forever with God!
Confessing his goodness and owning his rod,
Rejoicing that never all dark is the cloud,
And ne'er for the spirit is fashioned a shroud.


Our Father in heaven! we hallow thy name;
May thy kingdom holy on earth be the same;
O, give to us daily our portion of bread !
It is from thy bounty that all must be fed.
Forgive our transgressions, and teach us to know
That humble compassion that pardons each foe;
Keep us from temptation, from weakness and sin ;
And thine be the glory forever. Amen.



The Lord is our shepherd, our guardian and guide;
Whatever we want he will kindly provide ;
His care and protection his flock will surround ;
To them will his mercies forever abound.
The Lord is our shepherd ; what, then, shall we fear?
Shall dangers affright us while help is so near ?
O, no: when he calls us we'll walk through the vale,
The shadow of death, but our hearts shall not fail.
Afraid, of ourselves, to pursue the dark way,
Thy rod and thy staff be our comfort and stay:.,
We know, by thy guidance, when once it is past,
To life and to glory it brings us at last.

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sweetest flow?r,Blooms on the immortal tree, O that's the Rose for

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