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138 There's not a tint that paints, &c. C. M.

Music from Sabbath School Lule-by permission.

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There's not a tint that paints the rose, Or

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There's not of grass a single blade,

Or leaf of lowliest mien,
Where heavenly skill is not displayed,

And heavenly wisdom seen.
There's not a star whose twinkling light

Illumes the spreading earth;
There's not a cloud, or dark or bright,

But mercy gave it birth.
Then wake, my soul, and sing His name,

And all his praise rehearse,
Who spread abroad earth's glorious frame,

And made the universe.

0, wherefore were the flowers all made,

And dyed with rainbow light,
All fashioned with the utmost grace,

Upspringing day and night?
They spring in valleys green and low,

And on the inountains high,
And in the silent wilderness,

Where no man passes by.
Our outward life requires them not ;

Then wherefore had they birth?
To minister delight to man -

To beautify the carth ;
To comfort man ; to whisper hope,

Whene'er his faith is dim:
For who so careth for the flowers
Will care much more for him.

In the green fields of Palestine,

And by its winding rills,
Along the Jordan's sacred stream, .

And o'er the vine-clad hills,
Once lived and roved the fairest child

That ever blessed the earth;
The holiest, the happiest,

And yet of humblest birth.
How beautiful his childhood was,

Harmless and undefiled!
: 0, dear to his young mother's heart

Was this pure, sinless child !
Kindly in all his deeds and words,

And gentle as the dove ;
Obedient, affectionate,

His very soul was love.
0, is it not a blessed thought,

Children of human birth,
That once the Saviour was a child,

And lived upon the earth ?

140 To the Sabbath School we come. Words by Mrs. N. T. MUNROE.

Music by C. E. CARPENTER.


To the Sabbath school we come With joyful heart

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Here we read, and here we pray, And glad-ly sing;


We, a band of children, here :

Would ever meet,
With our friends and teachers dear,

In worship sweet.
God, we know, will ever smile

Upon our band.
If we follow, free from guile,

His blest command.
If we love, with grateful heart,

All he hath made;
If in sin we take no part,

Of sin afraid ;
Let us watch and let us pray

As did his Son ;
Let us ever meekly say,

" Thy will be done."

0, our Father! 'tis to the

We raise our prayer;
'Tis thy love alone can free

From error's snare.
Keep our feet from paths of sin,

From tempter's wiles ;
Let us see what lies within,

Where Satan smiles.
O'er the follies of the past

We mourn to-day;
By thy truth a radiance cast

To cheer our way;
Lead us where our Saviour trod,

The pure and good;
May we live to thee, our God,

In gratitude.
When this life of change is o'er,

0, Father, come, Show us, then, the heavenly shore,

Eternal home!
There, around thy throne of grace,

United hearts
Shall the blessedness embrace

Which heaven imparts.


Now let our voices join. S. M.

Music from Sabbath School Lute--by permission,

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sacred song, Ye pilgrims, in Je - hovah's ways, Ye

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pilgrims, in Jehovah's ways, With mu-sic pass a-long,


The flowers of paradise
In rich profusion spring;
The Sun of Glory gilds the path,

And dear companions sing.
All honor to his name,
Who marks the shining way;
To him, who leads the wanderers on

To realms of endless day.

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