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148 When shall the voice of singing. 7&6.

Music from the Gospel Harmonistby permission.

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Then from the craggy mountains

The sacred shout shall fly,
And shady vales and fountains

Shall echo the reply ;
High tower and lowly dwelling

Shall send the chorus round,
The hallelujah swelling

In one eternal sound.

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Words by H. Bacon.

Air, by C. E. CARPENTER. --IE

tadt How sweetly the birds in the summer time sing,

When the woods with their richest of melo - dy

But dear-er

to heaven is the voice of the child,

That lifteth the prayer from a heart

un-defiled. ·

'Tis prayer that can give to thy spirit a bliss,
The purest that's known in a world such as this;
It opens the gates of the glories on high,
Where love never falters, and joys never die.

O bend thou in prayer, when the roseate morn,
Blushes over the hills like beauty new born ;
At noon ne'er forget Him who liveth above,-.
At night seek repose in the bosom of love.

How sweetly when age shall o'ershadow thy way,
Will come the soft light from dear memory's ray,
The prayers of thy childhood shall bring to thee joy,
Like gold from the mountain unmixed with alloy.


Awake to Praise. 6's M.
Awake, awake, my voice!

Thy God demands this hour ;
Before his throne rejoice,

And fear, yet bless his power.
The privilege belongs

To thee to swell his name,
And in the breath of songs

His majesty proclaim.
Awake, awake, my mind!

Thy reasoning powers employ,
With intellect refined,

To seek the Source of joy;
Join in the noble note

Which soars from cultured man,
And let the music float

To God, whence it began.
Awake, awake, my heart!

Start from thy earthly dream,
And in the songs have part

Where Jesus leads the theme.
Thou must not slumber here ;

Arise, and be forgiven:
Thy Saviour, ever near,

Will point the way to heaven.
Yes, heart, and mind, and voico,

Rise at the Gospel's call,
In concert full rejoice,

And urge alike on all,
On age, though tempest-shook,

On youth, in light and joy,
On manhood's upward look,

To join the high employ.

Thankfulness. 7's M.
God of glory! God of love!
Lord of all the worlds above!
Thee we bless for daily food,
Thee we bless

less for every good
Thee we sing with loud acclaim,

Praising thy all-glorious name.
More than all, we praise thee, Lord,
For the blessings of thy word,
For the tidings Jesus brought,
For the precepts Jesus taught:

Thee we sing with loud acclaim,

Praising thy all-glorious name.
Gracious Father! Heavenly King! :
Feeble lips presume to sing;
Infant voices humbly raise
Grateful, fervent songs of praise:

Thee we sing with loud acclaim,
Praising thy all-glorious name.

God is Love. 7's. M. MRs. G. W. Becaus. All things beautiful and fair, Earth and sky and balmy air, Sunny field, and shady grove, Gently whisper, “God is love." Every tree and flower we pass, Every tuft of waving grass, Every leaf and opening bud, Seem to tell us, "God is good.” Little streams that glide along, Verdant, mossy banks among, Shadowing forth the clouds above, Softly murmur, “God is love." He who dwelleth high in heaven Unto as all things hath given, Let us, as through life we move, Ever feel that "God is love."

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