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Parental Character of God. S. M.
My Father. cheering name!

O may I call thee mine?
Give me the humble hope to claim

A portion so divine.
Whate'er thy will denies,

I calmly would resign;
For thou art just, and good, and wise :

O bend my will to thine!

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Mighty God, while angels bless thee,

May not mortals lisp thy name?
Lord of men as well as angels,

Thou art every creature's theme:
For thy providence, that governs

Through thine empire's wide domain,
Wings an angel, guides a sparrow,

Blessed be thy perfect reign.
For thy rich, thy free redemption, -

Bright, though veiled in darkness long, -
Thought is poor, and poor expression;

Who can sing that wondrous song ?
Brightness of the Father's glory,

Shall thy praise unuttered lie?
Break, my tongue, such guilty silence,

Sing the Lord who came to die.

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God is my strong salvation ;

What foe have I to fear?
In darkness and temptation,

My light, my help, is near:
Though hosts encamp around me,

Firm in the fight I stand ;
What terror can confound me,

With God at my right hand ?
Place on the Lord reliance;

My soul, with courage wait ;
His truth be thine affiance,

When faint and desolate;
His might thy heart shall strengthen,

His love thy joy increase ;
Mercy thy days shall lengthen ;

The Lord will give thee peace.


Natural Bcauty an Emblem of Goodness. C. P. M.

Fair are the flowers that deck the ground;
And groves and gardens, blooming round,

Unnumbered charms unfold;
Bright is the sun's meridian ray,
And bright the beams of setting day,

That robe the clouds in gold.
But far more fair the pious breast,
In richer robes of goodness dressed,

Where heaven's own graces shine ;
And brighter far the prospects rise,

That burst on faith's delighted eyes
• From glories all divine.

God in Nature. 7's & 6's M. Mrs.N. T. MONROL

We hear the mighty thunder

That shakes the startled earth,
We see the vivid lightning

Come flashing into birth.

And mid the storm we tremble,

But what have we to fear?
Thy hand directs the thunder,

Thy love is ever near.

We see the billows dashing

The vessel in their wrath,
We see the whirlwind rushing

Upon its fearful path.
We tremble - but thou holdest

The billows in thy hand;
We listen - and the whirlwind

Is hushed at thy command.

The summer leaves are sighing,

By summer breezes stirred,
And mid their low, sweet music,

A still, small voice is heard.
And o'er the earth it breatheth,

And in the heaven above ; -
It is thy voice, our Father,

Thy voice of peace and love.

Flowers. C. M.

H. BACox,

By mountain stream, and where tne brook

Glides through the vale below,In garden, field, and forest wild,

The flowers in beauty grow.
They ope their leaves, they breathe their sweets

So freely on the air,
To bid us in our God confide,

On him repose our care.
So Jesus taught, when on the earth

The lily caught his eye;
He bade the people trust in Him

Who can all wants supply. .
O make us, Father, in our school,

d in our homes, each day
Like flowers to bloom in sweetness, truth,

Like flowers to fade away.


Flowers in the Church. C. M. H. BAOws

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The Sun. 7's M. H. Bacon.
Rising from the ocean's bed,
Towering o'er the mountain's head,
See, the sun displays its power,
Glorious in its dawning hour!
How abroad its wings are thrown!
How afar its beams are flown!
Nature wakes to vocal joy,
Millions to the day's employ.
Radiant preacher of our God,
Telling of his love abroad!
Ever to our spirits be
Type of boundless love and free.

The Moon. C. M. H. Bacon. With milder glow, the moon displays

The glory of the sun,
When, mid the stars, she sits enthroned,

As now the day is done.
She walks in beauty through the halls

Of solemn, quiet night;
In city full, in desert Ione,

With joy man hails her light. O thus the dear Redeemer came,

To shed abroad the truth Of Him, the great Invisible,

The light of age and youth.
0, in the solemn night of thought,

Mid starry lights divine,
O may the Saviour there appear,

The Father's glory shine!

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