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a greatness, and reality of present misery; conm, tradiction, uncertainty, terror, and—but for nd this revelation-despair. From the traces of pi. man's original sin, he would prove the need of nalan atoning Redeemer. It is evident that the

object of an editor ought to be to class these oth disconnected thoughts in such a manner as of that they should work out the known plan of

the writer as much as possible. Carelessness, bleidleness, or a wish, little concealed in some, to

rob Christianity of the available arguments of not a master-mind, have hitherto stood in the way wly i of this self-evident arrangement. was

In this work, we have followed a plan which mits

experience urges us to recommend to all nse

teachers of the people, and especially to all d to teachers of youth :

1:-we have never employed be a word of Norman derivation when we could

readily think of a Saxon word of the same ori.

meaning. Teachers often are not aware how hard to be understood of the people many of their instructions become, owing to their use

of what are, to the untaught, learned words. of Saxon words are not, indeed, available to the dif

language of science; but in books and in teachings meant for the people, it is wise to speak their language ås much as we can. That language is essentially Saxon; and every Saxon

word which we may employ, will not only be anal

better understood by them, but will embody

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our own meaning more readily and strongly than any foreign word could do.

Hoping to be forgiven for our freedom in calling upon others to follow a path in which we own that we are little skilled to lead, we in. trust this volume to the reader :-assuring him that we have done all we could to make it worthy of our prayer-book, called “ CATHOLIC HOURS."* Thus, as the one had brought together in one book all the public and private devotions generally used by English Catholics, so does this volume give a greater variety of godly reading than can be met with anywhere else. May both the works lead to the glory of God, and to the salvation of souls !

* See notice at the end of this volume, page 397.

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