A Treatise Upon the Duties of Light Troops

C. Roworth, 1803 - 266 páginas

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Página 159 - ... follow, on your return, the road by which the enemy went, and which, according to the principles of the art of war, he will not certainly take on his return : General Luckner once made ufe of this ftratagem againft Colonel Fiiher's corps during the feven year's war.
Página 259 - ... round a table, and laid down their honourable heads and grey beards upon it ; on the middle of the table was placed...
Página 232 - This is indeed acting in a chriftian-like manner, but it is not doing juftice to our king and country, for the principal duty of a general is to put an end to the war as foon as poffible.
Página 54 - French officer two cuts with his fabre, with this advice : "Learn your duty better for the future, and before you march your men through a country, examine it.
Página 9 - ... and to gain their confidence; .but he ought to behave with decorum, and avoid that familiarity which too much wine occafions, and which always ends in contempt.
Página 123 - ... for it is a general rule in war, that he who begins the attack, has already half the viciory, and fortune generally favours the refolute and brave, and very often indeed the raih.
Página 193 - A thick rniit will favor your approach ; and when hard rain and high wind drive in the faces of the...
Página 12 - I was forfaken by many of them, but the young lads flood by me in the innocence of their hearts, and to them I owed the prefervation of myfelf and my party excepting two who were taken prifoners.
Página 7 - ... or fault which the enemy may commit ; what the general does upon a large...

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