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BELLOWS. Sammy Saw, you be out of pleace.

SAW. I bean't in yours, be I ?

BELLOWS. "T were loike enough you would though.

SAW. Not till you've paid that two odd shillings which thee ow'st for beer.

OMNES. Ha-ha-ha!

LANDLORD. Silence ! Order! Here's the health of the two cavaliers.

[blocks in formation]

Gentlemen, we are much obliged to you for the handsome manner in which you have drunk our healths; and, in return, beg leave to propose the health of the members of this excellent and harmonious meeting. Gentlemen, I trust that the clouds of sorrow may never dim its sky of happiness. Applause. You will excuse my friend, he has cause enough to make him sad !


He do look as moloncholoy as that ’ere young lady did this marn, who was riding behind Sir William Stanton!

LESTER (starting up). What's that?


No offence, Sir! La ! how he sters.


Speak, fellow, speak! Who was it?


Why, as I and old Bellows was a toiking our mernin poipe, a hoz comed gollaping buy, with two folks on her

bock, mun. There were Sir William Stangton, and a most perty, and beautifoulmost, and moloncholsist yung lerdy. I never—they went to Stanton House, which is close by.


'Tis he-'t is he-follow-follow, Percy !

(Exit R. H. v.)

LANDLORD. Pray, sir, is that gentleman mad?


There is your money. Shew us Stanton House.

(Confusion.Scene closes.)

SCENE III.- A Picture-Gallery in Stanton House. —Grimes enters cautiously.


Now all goes well—the priest, he is below.
My infant plans have grown to vigorous plants :
The plants have spread abroad their massive leaves;
The flower buds thrown their blossoms to the earth;
And now the young fruit's swelling to the sight!
Sun of my deep revenge! Oh, shine thou forth !
Dart on the yet green fruit a flood of fire
Until it faints for very ripening.
Come to my heart, thou ever-burning fire,
And sear within that world of blighted hope
The smallest spot where love might find repose,
That I may stand, amidst the wreck of life,
A rock of adamant ! What news ? What news ?

(Enter Sir William Stanton in haste.)
Has the priest done his work ? Hast married her ?
Say she is thine !-(Voices without.)
What sounds are these ?

SIR WILLIAM. Lola is nowhere to be found.

What! hast not wedded her? Ha! voices-

(Clash of weapons.) Clash of arms !

Alas! alas!

What weapon hast thou? Follow me!

(Sir William hesitates.)
Clouds burst upon you—lightnings sear thy head !
Oh man without a heart! For if thou hadst
A point of spirit in thy hideous mass
Of living dulness, then thou wouldst have felt
No other means of honourable life
Were left thee in this world than the fair hand
Of Iola !

-Hark! the passage-doors are being forced ! Away!

(Rushes out, followed by Sir William.)

SCENE IV.-An ancient Corridor.

( Enter LESTER and Percy, L. H. U. E.)

My gold has melted every obstacle !
He said that Iola was in the tower !


Yes, the topmost chamber !-let us search at once!
We've hunted the tiger to his lair of blood-
The ravening wolf unto his lonely haunt-
The lamb's not far away !


Should it be slain?

(They rush out R. ''

SCENE THE LAST.--A very gothic Apartment-panelled throughout-half dark. Enter Iola in a state of great excitement-her hair hanging down her

back. She walks wildly up and down.

(Trampling without-clash of arms-noises

during the whole of this speech.)


HARK ! hark !-after me ! after me! Is there no way
To escape my horrid fate? Is this a dream ?
No-no!-it is too real !-too life-like and substantial !
Hark! hark !

(Starts, and runs to R wing.)
Upon the stairs—along the galleries !
They come-they come! Lester, dear Lester!
What shall I do! They force me to the deed;
And self-destruction is my refuge now !
The window ! oh! happy thought one desperate leap!

(Iola runs along by panels, one flies open.) What's this? A secret way? A secret way? Here will I fly until they pass this room; And then my fondest—my most guileless love Shall find repose in death. Steps in and panel closes.)

(Enter Sir William and Grimes.)

SIR WILLIAM (agitated).
That way is blocked! This door is fastened too !
The secret panel saves us! You know it well.

GRIMES (sword drawn),
Where is this panel? Shall we die like dogs ?

(Goes to panel.) Ha ! (Lester and Percy rush in.Percy fights with Sir


LESTER (rushing to Grimes.
Thy haggard features are so stamped with sin,
I'd know thee 'midst a thousand men !

Where's Lola ?

(A furious fight. Grimes is disarmed: he rushes to

the panel, touches the spring, and it flies open. Iola rushes out to Lester. Sir Willian is down on

one knee-Percy's sword over him. Picture. What dream is this? Iola! lola ! Art thou a spirit-or am I gone mad ?

IOLA. It is-it is-Lester Burton ! (Faints in Burton's arms.)

(Grimes draws his dagger and makes a pass at Lola.

Percy and Sir William simultaneously rush to her assistance and seize Grimes. Struggle. Grimes frees himselfkeeps off adversaries with dagger.


Murderer ! this time thy hand has failed !


Death to my hopes! Death to my deep revenge !
For all has failed!
Hear me, Sir William Stanton! (Tremendous voice.)
In early life, you robbed me of my love-
Poor Amy Brandon-my affianced one;
And, for that deed, I've dogged you through the world;
North, south, east, west—where'er you fled
My burning vengeance blasted all your hopes !


Oh ! horrible!


You should have hunted Iola to death,
But never married her! Mark that well !
You should have seen her fairy form
E’en as a vapour fade before your eyes !
Have witnessed the last convulsive heave of life!
Beheld those eyes of light grow dark with death!
Then—then would I have told thee, treacherous man,

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