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woodcuts of guns, ships, etc., old calf, Imprinted for John Harrison, 1588, 8vo. (259) Andrews, £3 5s.

1317 Tennyson (Alfred). Poems, chiefly Lyrical, first edition,

boards, uncut, E. Wilson, 1830, 8vo. (260) Warren, £9

1318 Tennyson (Alfred). Poems (rare edition, containing pieces

afterwards suppressed), boards, uncut, Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (261) Warren, £\o

1319 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, a Novel without a Hero,

first edition, illustrations by the author, original cloth, 1848, 8vo. (264) Spencer, £$ 15s.

[Had the suppressed woodcut, rustic lettering, and preliminary leaf advertising the "Great Hoggarty Diamond." —Catalogue^

1320 Thackeray (W. M.) The Book of Snobs, first edition, cloth,

red edges, Punch Office, 1848—The Rose and the Ring, first edition, half morocco, 1855, 8vo. (265)

Pickering, £1 8s.

1321 Thomas- (W.) The Historie of Italy, a Boke excedyng

Profitable to be redde, because it intreateth of the astate of many and divers Common Weales, how thei have been and now be governed, tlarfc letter, old sprinkled calf, Osterley Park copy, Imprinted in Flete Slrete in the house of Thomas lierlhetet, 1549, small 4to. (269) F. Edwards, £4

1322 Vecellio (C.) Habiti Antichi et Moderne, di tutto il Mondo,

full-length woodcut figures (by Titian ?), 2 vol. in I, contemporary vellum, most complete edition and the first with the series of American costumes, Venetia, 1598, 8vo. (271)

Weston, £4 tos.

1323 Waller (Ed.) Poems, etc. All the Lyrick Poems in this

Booke were set by Mr. Henry Lawes of the Kings ChappelL first edition, calf (some headlines cut into), Printed by T. W. for Humphrey Afosley, 1645, 8vo. (274) Robson, £7 15s.

1324 Whitaker (T. D.) History and Topography of the Town and

Parish of Leeds and parts adjacent, plates, pedigrees, etc., 2 vol., old russia gilt, g.e., Leeds, 1816, 8vo. (275)

Lawrence, £2

1325 White (Gilbert). The Natural History and Antiquities of

Selborne, first edition, folding frontispiece and plates, morocco extra, watered silk linings, J. Bensley, 1789, 4to. (276) Andrews, £11 lis.

1326 Wordsworth (W.) Lyrical Ballads, with a few other Poems,

first edition, old morocco, g. e., 1798, 8vo. (279) Young, £3.

1327 Wycherley (VV.) Miscellany Poems, as Satyrs, Epistles,

Love-Verses, Songs, Sonnets, etc., first edition, mezzotint portrait of the author, after Sir Peter Lely, original calf, Printedfor C. Brome, 1704, folio (283) Pickering, £12

1328 Zola (Emile). La Fortune des Rougon, first edition, original

wrapper, uncut, Paris, 1871, 8vo. (284) Quaritch, £2

[Presentation copy, with inscription in the author's autograph, "A Auguste Vacquerie son devoue confrere Emile Zola."— Catalogue.]

[december 7th, 1903.]

A Collection Of Shakespeareana.

The catalogue of this important sale was profusely illustrated, and though it comprised no more than a dozen entries will always remain a valuable contribution to Shakespearean biography and literature. The articles sold comprised a folio document dated December 31st, 1598, bearing the signatures of Archbishop Whitgift, Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex and other noted personages of the day; a signed holograph letter of Lettice, Countess of Leicester, the "little western flower" of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; autograph signatures of Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, and Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, Shakespeare's great patron, a silver seal-top spoon bearing a fulllength figure of Shakespeare and the initials of himself and Anne Hathaway, a casket made from the wood of the mulberry tree, a carved portrait of Shakespeare from the same wood, and the "unknown portrait" reproduced and described in Walford's "Antiquarian" for October, 1885. Reference must be made to the catalogue for a descriptive account of these articles. The following books were, however, included in the catalogue, and sold for the sums named :—

1329 Mottley (John). List of all the Dramatic Authors, with some

account of their lives and of all the Dramatic Pieces ever published in the English language to the year 1747—also Scanderberg, or Love and Liberty, a Tragedy, by Thomas Whincop, portraits, original calf, 1847, 8vo. (10)

Barton, £42

[This belonged to Richard Farmer, the Shakespearean commentator, and was evidently prepared by him for a revised edition, which, however, was never published. Nearly all the 200 pages were covered with additions and corrections in his autograph. In the division devoted to Shakespeare, the author has noted against each play his opinion of the date of its composition, as well as much other information concerning the circumstances surrounding it, the characters, etc.—El).]

1330 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, to which are added his

Miscellaneous Poems, portrait, contemporary calf, 1821, 8vo. (9) Pearson, £\ I I OS.

[On the front cover of this volume is inlaid a piece of the wood of the celebrated mulberry tree, surrounded by a gold frame, bearing the following inscription, "Part of the mulberry tree planted by Wm. Shakespeare." The fly-leaf bears the following inscription: "The insertion in the binding is from a portion of the tree formerly in the possession of the widow of the celebrated David Garrick, who presented the same to George IV., and for whom sundry articles were made by Rundell and Bridge, and small pieces of which were converted into loving mementoes by the several recipients.—A. Evors."—Catalogue.] 48 lines, without marks, painted ornamental capitals in blue and red, half bound (Afogunt., P. Schoeffer, 1472), folio (155) ' Ridler, £4

1331 Shakespeare (W.) Mr. William Shakespeare, his Comedies,

Histories and Tragedies, set out by himself in quarto, or by the players his fellows in folio, and now faithfully republished, etc., 10 vol., original calf, London, printed by Drydcn Leach for I. and R. Tonson, in the Strand (1767-68), 8vo. (11) A. Jackson, £120

[Capell's edition. This copy came from the libraries of Thomas Gray, Edmund Malone and Richard Heber. Gray has added MS. annotations to several of the plays and to Capell's introduction. Malone had written a list of the plays on the fly leaf (3^ pages) and annotated several of them. The chief feature here consisted, of course, in the manuscript additions by Thomas Gray, the poet.—Ed.]

1332 Shakespeare (W.) Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies,

Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true original copies, unto which is added Seven Plays, never before printed in folio . . . the fourth edition, London, printed for H. Herringman, and are to be sold by Joseph Knight and Francis Saunders at the Anchor, in the Lower Walk of the New Exchange, 1685, folio (12) Marshall, £215 [A large copy, measuring 14% inches by <)% inches, having a few uncut leaves. Bound in old diced calf at the end of the eighteenth century. This copy was described in the catalogue as belonging to a totally unknown issue, and probably unique. The imprint hitherto recorded reads: "London, printed for H. Herringman, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, at the Anchor in the New Exchange, the Crane in St. Paul's Churchyard and in Russell Street, Covent Garden." The errors in pagination in this copy did not follow the list given in the British Museum Catalogue, nor that given by Lowndes. The ornament above the imprint is different, and the whole title-page is evidently re-set.— ED.]

[december 8th, 1903.]


The Library Of The Late Mr. William Henry Dutton, Of Newcastle, Staffordshire.

(No. of Lots, 269; amount realised, ,£827 10s.)

1333 Acosta (Jos.) The Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West Indies, translated by E. G., wanted preliminary leaves, old calf (cover broken), V. Sims for E. Blount, etc.,


1354 Adrianus Carthusiensis. Liber de Remediis utriusq. Fortune per quendani A. poetam prestantem, etc. noviter compilatus, lit. gotli.. long lines, 27 to a full page, without marks (Hain, 94), wormed, old Netherlands binding, oaken boards, leather, stamped in small compartments (worn), Absque til hi nota {Argent., H. Eggesteyn, circa 1471), small 4to.

(73)' Leighton, £5

1335 /Eneas Sylvius Piccolomini Pius II. Papa. Epistola -ad

Mahumetum Principem Turcorum, lit. flotl).. long lines, 27 to a full page, 54 leaves, without marks (Hain, 171), half bound, Absque ulla nota (Colon., U. Zell, 1470?), small 4to.

(74) Leighton, £3 3s.

1336 Albertus Magnus. Sermones notabiles de tempore et de

Sanctis per totius anni circulum, lit. gotf).. double columns, 40 lines, without marks, rubricated (some plain corners torn off, some leaves stained), half bound, Colonia,per Amoldum ther hurnen, with device (in red), 1474, folio (148)

1337 Ambrosius Episc. Mediol. (S.) De Officiis lib. iii., lit. rom., long lines, 28 to a full page, without marks (wanted the 30 preliminary leaves containing the Life of Ambrosius, etc.), half bound, from the Wodhull collection, 3 painted coatsof-arms on first leaf, Linprcssus Mediolani per Christoforuin

1338 Aristoteles. Ethica Politica et (Economica Latine, Leonardo

Aretino interprete, lit. semi-got!)., long lines, 32 to a full page, without marks (Hain, 1762), old oaken boards, leather [rebacked), large and clean copy, 2 leaves of a XHIth century vellum MS. pasted in covers, Absque nota [Argent., Mentelin, circa 1468-70], folio (151) Robson, £\o 10s.

1339 Aristoteles. Moralium Liber Geo. Valla interprete, una cum

L. Aretini de Moribus Dialogo (edid. Jac. Stapulenses), lit. gotft.. half vellum, Paris [J. Higman et W. Hopyl], 1497, folio (152) Quaritch, £\ 10s.

1540 Arnold (Richard). Chronicle, first edition, nlilrtt Irttrr. new morocco {Antwerp, Desborough, 1502 ?), folio (153)

Leighton, £8 15s.

[Imperfect; commencing on A 2 of the list of mayors and sheriffs, and finishing on folio cxvii.; some leaves wormed.—Ed.]

1341 Augustinus (S.) Enchiridion Liber, editio princeps, lit. ffott|. (59 leaves), long lines, 27 to a full page, without marks (Hain, 2028), rubricated, red painted capitals, half bound, Absque nota [Colon., U. Zell, 1466-70], small 4to. (79)

1342 Beauties of England and Wales, by Brewer, Britton, Brayley

and others, engravings, 25 vol., calf (bindings broken), 1810, etc., 8vo. (13) Midler, £\ 3s.

1343 Biblia. Two specimen leaves of the first dated Latin Bible,

Printed by Fust and Schoeffer in 1462, folio (154)

Tregaskis, £$ 2s. 6d.

1344 Biblia Sacra Latina, editio Vulgata, lit. gotf)., double columns,

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1345 Biblia Sacra Latina, editio Vulgata cum Prologis S. Hieronymi,

una cum Menardi compendiosa Librorum Biblia: notitia et Tabula Canonutn,Iit. jotft.. double columns, 51 lines, without signatures, contained "Locus librorum numerus," one leaf; text,cccclxi. numbered leaves; compendium, six leaves; rubricated, large and small ornamental initials, painted in red and blue, some lower plain margins damped, otherwise a very fine, large copy, oaken boards, leather, stamped in ornamental frame compartments, Nuremb., Ant. Coberger, 1479, large folio (156) Bull, £10 5s.

[KoburgeHs third Latin Bible and a fine production of his press. Leaf of an ancient vellum M S. as fly-leaf.—Catalogue.]

1346 Biblia Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum Prologis S.

Hieronymi et Interpr. Hebr. Norn., lit. gotf).. painted and illuminated initials, wanted title, leaves at beginning and end stained and mended (sold not subject to return), newboarded calf antique, r. e., the first octavo edition of the Vulgate Latin Bible, Basil., J. Froben, 1491, 8vo. (15)

Peach, £1

1347 Breydenbach (Bern. von). Peregrinationes in Montem Sion,

etc. Der Fart uber Mer zu de heiligen Grab unsers Herren Jesu Christi gen Jerusalem, etc., first edition in German, lit. B"t|)., original frontispiece of the armorial bearings of Philippus de Birken, Miles, original folding views of cities (some defective) and woodcuts, wanted printed title, text generally clean and sound, and a good copy (sold not subject to return), oaken boards, stamped pigskin (rebacked), Meyntz, durch Erhart Rewich getrucket, i486, folio (171) Trcgaskis, £4 4s.

1348 Brunet (J. Ch.) Manuel du Libraire et de i'Amateur des

Livres, cinquieme (et derniere) edition, facsimiles, 6 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., Paris, Didot, 1860-5, royal 8vo. (20) Peach, £7 15s.

1349 Burchardus. Hystoria Frederici Imperatoris Magni huius

nominis primi ducis suevorum et parentele sue, editio prima, lit. rom., long lines, 38 to a full page, without marks, rubricated (Hain, 8718), boards, Absque ulla no/a [Augusta Monasterio SS. Ulrici et Afra, circa 1470?], folio (172)

Maggs, £3 5s.

1350 Caracciokis de Licio (Robertus). Opus Quadragesimale quod

de Penitentia dictum est, lit. gott).. double columns, 46 lines, without marks, no title, half bound, Ncapoli, M. Moravus, 1479, folio (174) Leighton, £1 3s.

1351 Caxton (William). Higden's Polychronicon, Printed by IVm.

Cox ton in 1482, 11 original leaves, viz., folios ccclxxxx., ccclxxxxi., ccclxxxxiii., ccclxxxxiiii., ccclxxxxv., ccclxxxxvi., ccclxxxxviii., cccc, cccci., ccccii. and cccciii. (wormholes), bound in a vol., half vellum, Printed at VVcstmynstre, 1482, folio (176) Quaritch, £43

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