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illustrations by John Leech, with inscription on half-title, "Dr. Elliotson, from Charles Dickens, Twenty First December, 1843," 1843—The Haunted Man, illustrated by Tenniel, Leech, with inscription on half-title, "Dr. Elliotson, from Charles Dickens, Fourteenth December, 1848," 1848, first editions, original cloth, g. e., together 2 vol., i2mo. (632) Sabin, £17

1588 Donne (John). Poems, by J. D., with Elegies on the Author's

Death, portrait of Donne by William Marshall, with lines by Isaac Walton beneath, original calf, 1639, 8vo. (101)

Amos, £2 14s.

1589 Douce (Francis). Illustrations of Shakespeare and of Ancient

Manners, first edition, 2 vol., calf extra, 1807, 8vo. (102)

Pearson, £20

[Presentation copy (with inscription) to John Nichols (of the "Gentleman's Magazine "). Inserted were nine letters from Douce to Nichols (eight being autograph), concerning "Malone's Shakespeare," "Omissions in 'As you Like it,'" "Dr. Johnson's edition of Shakespeare," "Shakespear or Shackspear," etc.; also draft of a letter from Nichols to Douce on Shakespearean subjects. Nichols had added a few notes to Douce's text.—Catalogue.]

1590 Drayton (Michael). Poems, newly corrected by the avthovr,

pagination of G2 and catchword of HI13 cut into, blank corner of title mended, morocco extra, gilt edges, n. d. (about 1608), 8vo. (104) li. F. Stevens, £$ 5s.

[The only other copy known is that described in the Grolier Club Catalogue, the collation of which agrees with this.—Catalogue.]

1591 Drayton (Michael). Poems, collected into one volume, newly

corrected, engraved title by W. Marshall (fore-edge shaved), containing portrait of the author, as usual wanted the blank leaf A1, morocco, g. e., For John Smethwick, 1637, 8vo. (105) Leighton, £2 10s.

1592 Dryden (John). The Hind and the Panther, a Poem, in three

parts, first edition, with the rare leaf of license, some damp stains, last leaf mended, J. Tonson, 1687, 4(0. (190)

Waring, £4 4s.

1593 Du Pont (Gratian). Les Controverses des Sexes Masculin et

Femenin (in Verse), first edition, gotftir Irttrr. long lines, woodcut title and full-page woodcuts, morocco extra, g. e., by Lortic fils, Tholose, J. Colomies, 1534, folio (502)

Den man, £\$ 5 s.

1594 Dupre (Jean). Le Palais des Nobles Dames auql a treze

parcelles ou chambres principales, gottitc Irttrr. woodcuts, morocco, g. e., by Koehler, from the Didot collection, with all faults, s. 1. et d., 8vo. (259) Leighton, £4

1595 Egan (Pierce). Life in London, or the Day and Night Scenes

of Jerry Hawthorn, Corinthian Tom and Hob Logic, first edition, 36 coloured plates, designed and etched by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, and woodcuts, in the original calf, m.e., 1821, 8vo. (686) Mendoza, £6 6s. 1596 Elizabethan Tournament. A Challenge at Tilt to be held in

the presence of Queen Elizabeth in the accustomed place at Westminster on the 22nd January by Adjournment from the 15th January, and proclaimed by the sound of trumpet and a Herald, a broadside, uncut as published, Imprinted at London by John Charlwood, n. d. (1580-1590), folio (505)

Pearson, £20

[On the back in a coeval hand occurs, "Oh Lorde save my soule, for I do put my truste in Thee." This production seems to be entirely unknown. The subject-matter is connected with the tournament, and seems to have been used as an advertisement.—Ed.]

1597 Elybt (Sir T.) The Boke named the Gouernour, devised by

S. Thomas Elyot, Knight, bliirb Irttrr. first edition, some leaves stained, calf extra, g. e., T. Berthelet, 1531, 8vo. (263) Deacon, £4 14s.

1598 Erasmus. Preceptes of Cato, with annotations of D. Erasmus

of Roterodame, very profytable for all men, newly imprynted and corrected, translated out of Latyn into Englyshe by Robert Burrant, blartt Irttrr. a. m. 7 in 8's, nt7 containing Grafton's device only—Sage and Prudente Saiynges of the Seaven Wyse Men, Wyse Saiynges and Prety Tauntes of Puplius (sic), blartt Irttrr. a-p in 8's, p 8 occupied by the Prince of Wales' feathers, ifi., in I vol., old calf gilt, In officina R. Graftoni clarissimo principi Edoardo typographic [545, 8vo. (265) Rirch, £40

[Probably unique. It was not enumerated by any bibliographer among the typographical productions of Richard Grafton, and the later impression by Grafton of 1553, now in the British Museum, was until now considered the first. The volume, which was in very fine state in the old English calf binding, was in three parts—the "Precepts of Cato," the "Sayings of the Wise Men," and the "Wise Sayings and Pretty Taunts of Publius." The preface of William Wright was addressed to his "Old Lover."—Catalogue.]

1599 Essex (Robert Devereux, Earl of). A True Coppie of a

Discourse written by a gentleman, employed in the late
Voyage of Spaine and Portingale, blark Irttrr, calf extra,
Thomas Woodcock, 1589, 4to. (197) Sabin, £9

[Collier reprinted this tract. The above was a fine copy.

1600 [Fanshawe (Sir Richard).] Querer pro Solo Querer, to Love

only for Love's Sake, first edition, old English morocco, g. e., William Godbid, 1670, 4to. (200) Sabin, £5 5s.

[A rare "dramatick romance, represented at Aranjuez to celebrate the birthday of the King of Spain." At the end, with separate title, is "The Festivalls of Aranvvhez."—Catalogue.]

1601 Field (Nat.) The Remonstrance of Nathan Field. Two

Indentures respecting the Cage. The Will of Sir Hugh Clopton (of Stratford-on-Avon), 25 copies of each work printed (by J. O. Halliwell), some of which were destroyed, in 1 vol., half morocco, Printed Anno Domini 1865, 8vo. (271) Pearson, £5 10s.

[Only ten copies of Sir Hugh Clopton's will survived.— Catalogue.]

1602 Fitzgerald (Edward). Cobbold (Richard). Valentine Verses,

or Lines of Truth, Love and Virtue, first edition, with 101 very curious plates by the author, half calf, Ipswich, 1827, 8vo. (272) Shore, £2 5s.

[Edward Fitzgerald's copy, with his autograph in full on the fly-leaf, and under the author's name on the title he had added in ink, "Author of Margaret Catchpole and other Works."—Catalogue.]

1603 Ford (Thomas). Virtus Rediviva. A Panegyrick on our late

King Charles I. Attended with severall other pieces from the same pen. Concluding with a Panegyrick on His Sacred Majesties most happy return, first edition, calf gilt, g. e., with the general and five separate titles and the errata, London, 1661, 8vo. (274) Maggs, £2 8s.

1604 Fox (George). To all that would know the way to the

Kingdome, n. d.—Lamentacion over the Ruines of this Oppressed Nacion, 1653—Saul's Errand to Damascus, 1654 — The Vials of the wrath of God poured forth upon the Seat of the Man of Sin, 1654—The Doctrins and Principles of the Priests of Scotland, 1657—Concerning Good-Morrow and Good-Even, 1657—To the Protector and Parliament of England, 1658—A Primer for our Schollers and Doctors of Europe, 1659—-An Epistle General to them who are of the Royal Priest-Hood and chosen generation, 1660—For the Pope, Cardinals and Jesuites, and all the rest of his Family of Papists, 1661—Old Simon the Sorcerer, 1663 — The Arraignment of Popery, 1669—An Epistle to all Professors in New England, etc., 1673, and other Tracts by the same author, in 4 vol., old calf, 4to. (203) H. Stevens, £\o 15s.

1605 Francesco (S.) Tavola de Fioretti del seraphico sancto

Francesco, 8vo., roman letter, long lines, with 2 outline woodcuts on the title within ornamental border, the other on the last page, also ornamental border to the first page of text, white on black, and numerous initials of similar work, margins of last leaves repaired and small portion of printer's mark in facsimile, oak boards, backed with leather stamped in diagonals with roses between and outside, dentelle border, with clasp, Impresso in Firenze per Ser Laurenso Morgiani ad instantia di Sero Piero Pacini da Pescia, 1497, 4to. (204) Quaritch, £40

[One of the rarest of the Florentine woodcut books, and sought for owing to the great beauty of the cuts with which it was adorned. Two copies known—one in the Vatican and the other in the National Library at the Hague.— Catalogue.]

1606 Froissart (Jean). Croniques de france, dangleterre, descoce, despaigne, de bretaigne, de gascongne, de flandres et lieux circonuosins, gotfiir Irller. double columns, 4 vol. in 3, old calf gilt, Pan's, Jean Petit, 1518, folio (511)

heighten, £9 15 s.

1607 Galerie de Rubens dit du Luxembourge, plates (No. 7,

"Education de la Reine," missing), the other 24 printed in colours, without binding, Paris, 1809, folio (617)

Isaacs, £10 15s.

1608 Giovanni Fiorentino. II Pecorone, nel quale si contengono

cinquanta novelle antiche, a remarkable copy, being uncut, Milan, 1554, 410. (363) Hudson, £% 5s.

1609 Glapthorne (Henry). The Hollander, a Comedy written 1635,

and now printed as it was then acted at the Cock-pit in Drury Lane, first edition, on the title was written "Garrick's copy," few blank corners mended, large copy with rough leaves, morocco extra, edges rough gilt, 1640, 4to. (364)

Shore, £1 15s.

1610 Goldsmith (O.) The Vicar of Wakefield, a Tale supposed to

be written by himself, 2 vol., first edition, in their original bindings, Salisbury, 1766, 8vo. (281) Kenneth, ^55

[Volume i. was in its original half binding (soiled) and entirely uncut (needed rebinding); it measured 7% inches by \% inches. Volume ii. was in original calf, and measured b% inches by 4 inches.—Catalogue^

1611 Goldsmith (O.) A Survey of Experimental Philosophy

considered in its present state of improvement, first edition, with plates, 2 vol., uncut, 1776, 8vo. (285)

li. F. Stevens, £2 18s.

1612 [Goldsmith (O.)] Little Goody Two-shoes. The History of

Little Goody Twoshoes, otherwise called Mrs. Margery
Twoshoes, quaint woodcuts, original boards, y. e., first
American edition, Worcester, Mass., Isaiah Thomas, 1787,
8vo. (286) Shore, £1 8s.

1613 Googe (Bamaby). The Zodiake of Life, wherein are con

teyned twelve Bookes disclosing the haynous Crymes & wicked vices of our corrupt nature, newly translated into Englishe verse by Barnabe Googe, fclfitfc letter, old morocco, the sides and back richly tooled in gold, g. e., H. Denham, 1565, 8vo. (287) Hudson, £5 5s.

[First complete edition. The "Zodiac of Life" was long a favourite book, and there is in Warton's "English Poetry," 1871, iv., 323-30, an elaborate review of it, with extracts and a reference to Pope's obligations to the work. {See, too, Collier's "Rarest Books in the English Language.")—Catalogue.]

1614 Googe (Bamaby). Foure Bookes of Husbandry, collected by

M. Conradus Heresbachius, Councellour to the high and mightie Prince, the Duke of Cleve, woodcut title, black letter, half calf, Printed by Tho. Wight, 1601, 4to. (367)

Barton, £4 2s.

1615 Gray (T.) Linnseus (C.) Species Plantarum, portrait, 2 vol.,

half calf, uncut, Holmio?, 1762, 8vo. (290) Shore, £1 15s.

[A most interesting relic of the poet Gray, the margins being full of annotations in his autograph.—Catalogue.]

1616 Gray (T.) Poems by Mr. Gray, first edition, with the half

title marked A, calf gilt, y. e., by Zaehnsdorf, London, }. Dodsley, 1768, 8vo. (291) Maggs, £2 4s.

1617 Great Eater (The) of Grayes-Inne, or the Life of Mr. Marriot

the Cormorant, Wherein is set forth all the Exploits and Actions by him performed, with many pleasant Stories of his Travells into Kent and other places. Also a rare Physicall Dispensatory, being the manner how he makes his Cordiall Broaths, Pills, Purgations, Julips and Vomits to keep his Body in temper and free from Surfeits, by G. F. Gent., frontispiece containing portrait of Marriot, old calf, 1652, 4to. (368) B. F. Stevens, £\o

1618 [Greene (Rob.)] A Pleasant conceited Comedie, wherein is

shewed how a man may choose a good wife from a bad.
As it hath beene sundry times acted by the Earle of
Worcester's servants, half bound (some headlines cut),
Printed for Maihew Law, 1608, 4to. (372) Pearson, £\t,

1619 Gregorius Magnus (S.) Moralia in Job, gotf)tr Ifttrr. double

columns, 56 lines to the page, painted capitals, 2 vol., vellum, Roma, 1475, 4to. (374) Leighton, £5

1620 Hall (John, of Cambridge). Poems, two parts in one vol.,

first edition, calf extra, g. e., by Bedford, Cambridge, Roger Daniel, 1646, 8vo. (297) B. F. Stevens, £3 3s.

[A portrait by Marshall is occasionally inserted, but it does not belong to this book, being taken out of another of Hall's works. The title to the second part has for imprint London, E. G. for J. Rothwell, 1647.—Catalogue.]

1621 Harrison (John). A Short Relation of the departure of the

high and mightie Prince Frederick King Elect of Bohemia, with his royall and vertuous Ladie Elizabeth, and the thryse hopefull yong Prince Henrie, from Heydelberg towards Prague, to receive the Crowne of that Kingdome, etc., At Dort, printed by George Waters, 1619, 4to. (381)

Pearson, £3 15s.

1622 Hawkwood (Sir John). The Honour of the Taylors, or the

Famous and Renowned History of Sir John Hawkwood, Knight, containing his many rare and singular adventures, witty exploits, etc. relating to Love and Arms, with Verses and Songs, woodcut frontispiece and curious woodcuts in the text, uncut copy, half calf, 1687, 410. (383) Shore, £1 3s.

1623 Haywarde (Sir John). The first part of the Life and Raigne

of King Henrie the 11II. Extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne, first edition, large copy, old boards, backed with calf, John Wolfe, 1599, 4to. (386)

Young, £1 1 os.

1624 Hepplewhite (A., Cabinet-Maker). The Cabinet-Maker and

Upholsterer's Guide, or Repository of Designs for every article of Household Furniture, in the newest and most approved taste, third edition, improved, 127 plates (wanted XVIII. 10

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