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upon Peace and Warre, first edition, unbound, bottom edges uncut, 1642, 4to. (603) Satin, £5 os.

1707 Quarles (F.) Divine Poems, containing the Histories of

Jonah, of Ester and of Job, Sion's Sonets and Elegies, an Elegie on Dr. Ailmer, not formerly printed, first edition, engraved frontispiece by T. Cecill, with verses opposite, inlaid morocco, gilt edges, by De Sauty, John Marriott, 1630, 8vo. (559) Young, £\i 15s.

1708 Quintius Curtius. De Rebus Alexandri Regis Macedonum,

old morocco, sides tooled, crowned shield of arms at angles, g. e., Venet., Aldus, 1520, 8vo. (561)

Lulworth, £4 5 s.

1709 Ramblers (The) Magazine, or the Annals of Gallantry, Glee,

Pleasure and the Bon Ton, plates, vol. i. to iii., half calf gilt, 1783-85, 8vo. (565) Pickering, £4 10s.

1710 Rathbone (F.) Old Wedgwood, the Decorative or Artistic

Ceramic Work in Colour and Relief, invented and produced by Josiah Wedgwood, 67 full-page illustrations in the colour of the originals, and smaller wood-blocks, Quaritch, 1898, folio (1067) Frith, £6

1711 Richards (Nathaniel). Poems, Sacred and Satyricall, viz.,

Prayers, Paradise, the World, the Flesh, the Jesuite, the
Devill, etc., engraved portrait of the author by T. R. and
engraved title, morocco extra, g. e., by De Coverly, T.
Paine, 1641, 8vo. (570) B. F. Stevens, £6 5s.

1712 Rochester (Earl of). Familiar Letters, written by the Right

Honourable John, late Earl of Rochester, to the Honble. Henry Savile, Esq., and other Letters by Persons of Honour and Quality, with Letters written by the most ingenious Mr. Thomas Otway and Mrs. K. Phillips, 2 vol., calf, 1705, 8vo. (571) Pearson, £2 16s.

1713 Rowlandson (T.) The Dance of Life, a Poem, by the author

of "Doctor Syntax," illustrated with 26 coloured plates by Thomas Rowlandson, first edition, original boards, uncut (with label), Ackermann, 1817, 8vo. (573) Morton, £3

1714 Ruling Cases, arranged, annotated and edited by Robert

Campbell, M.A., of Lincoln's Inn, assisted by other
Members of the Bar, with American Notes by Irving
Browne and the Hon. Leonard A. Jones, complete in 26
vol., half parchment, t. e. g., 1894-97, 8vo. (574)

Harding, £10 10s.

1715 Rump Songs. Rump, or an exact collection of the choycest

Poems and Songs relating to the late times by the most eminent Wits, from anno 1639 to anno 1661, frontispiece and engraved title (dated 1661), first edition, 2 parts in 1 vol., calf, broken, 1662, 8vo. (575) Snore, £2 8s.

[Edited by Alexander Brome, who wrote several of the poe m s.—Catalogue.]

1716 Ruskin (John). The Stones of Venice, first edition, illus

trations drawn by the author, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1851-3, imperial 8vo. (609) P.. Ward, £7 5s.

1717 Sacre et Couronnement de Louis XVI. Roi de France et de

Navarre a Rheims le 11 Juin 1775, plates of costumes by
Patas, old French morocco gilt, with the arms of Louis
XVI. on the sides, g.e., 1775, 8vo. (578) Lulworth, £9 15s.

1718 Shaftesbury (Anthony, Earl of). Characteristics of Men,

Manners, Opinions, Times, portraits and vignettes, 3 vol., a most beautiful copy on Large And Thick Paper, old morocco, g. e., 1737-38, 8vo. (819) Moon, £6 10s.

1719 Shakespeare (W.) The '/ History / of / Timon of Athens /

The Man Hater / first written by Mr. Wil. Shakespear / and since altered by Mr. Tho. Shadwell /, ornament on title, Printed for T. Johnson / Bookseller at the Hague j mdecxii. J (1712), 8vo. (820) Cockerel/, £\o 10s.

[Collation; Title, verso blank; To the most illustrious Prince George, Duke of Buckingham, etc., A 2 and A 3; Prologue to Timon, A 3 (verso) and A 4; Dramatis Person;e, A 4 (verso); Timon of Athens, A 5 to G 6 (recto); Epilogue, 06 (recto and verso). This edition was printed for the use of the English Colony in Holland. See BOOK-PRICES Current, Vol. xv-ii., No. 2646.—Ed.]

1720 Shakespeare (W.) History of King Lear, Dublin, James

Hoby and John Enshaw, 1768, 8vo. (821) Cockerell, £6 10s.

1721 Shakespeare (W.) Othello, or the Moor of Venice, half calf,

1695, 410. (910) Kenneth, £4 4s.

[The previous editions are dated 1622, 1630 and 1655.— Ed.]

1722 Shakespeare (W.) Othello / the / Moor / of Venice / a /

Tragedy / by / William Shakespeare /, Dublin / printedfor
Peter Wilson in Dame-street / mdccli. /, 8vo. (822)

Cockerell, £9 15 s.

1723 Shakespeare (W.) Othello the Moor of Venice, a Tragedy,

written by Shakespear, London, printed exactly agreeable to the Representation, by Halhed Garland by especial appointment, n.d., 8vo. (823) Cockerell, £b 15s.

1724 Shakespeare (W.) The Sports of the Muses, or a Minute's

Mirth for any Hour of the Day, containing a Select Collection of only the best and most approved English and Scotch Songs, Ballads and Tales, Epigrams, Riddles, Bons Mots, etc. by Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Rochester, Dryden, Pope, Swift, Congreve, etc., 2 vol., calf, M. Cooper, 1752, 8vo. (824) Cockerell, £2 5s.

1725 Shakespeare (W.) Memoirs of the Shakespeare's Head in

Covent Garden, and several Remarkable Characters, by the Ghost of Shakespeare, "I'd take the Ghost's word for a thousand pounds" (Hamlet), 2 vol., old calf, J. Noble, 1755, 8vo. (825) Birch, £1 15s.

[Garrick is satirised under the name of Buskin.—Catalogue.]

1726 Shakespeare (W.) The Jubilee in Honour of Shakespeare, a

Musical Entertainment as performed at the Theatre in
Waterford, with additions, several leaves cut into, unbound,
Waterford, Esther Crowley and Son, 1773, 8vo. (826)

Cockerell, £1 15 s. 1727 Shakespeare (W.) Hamlet Prinz von Dannemark. Eig

Traverspiel in fiinf Aufzugen nach dem Schakespear, aufgefuhrt von der unter der Direction des Herrn Andre Schopf stehenden deutschen Schauspielergesellschaft, wrappers, Augsburg, 1777, 8vo. (827)

Cockerel!, £4 10s.

1728 Shakespeare (W.) The Plays of William Shakespeare, with

corrections and illustrations of various commentators, to which are added Notes by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens, the second edition, revised and augmented, 10 vol., old calf gilt extra, 1778, 8vo. (829) Cockerel!, £9

[Samuel Ireland's copy, having his crest in gold on sides, and eight of the ten volumes carry his armorial bookplate. —Catalogue.]

1729 Shakespeare (W.) Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies,

Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true Originall Copies, the second impression, with the exceedingly rare Richard Hawkins' title-page, containing the portrait by Droeshout, mended, several leaves stained, a few wormholes mended in plain margins of two of the preliminaries, old rough calf (measuring I2^< by 81+ inches), Printed by Thomas Cotes for Richard Hawkins, and are to be sold at his shop in Chancery Lane necre Sergeant's Inne, 1632, folio (1086) I.eighton, £215

[See Hook-Prices Current, Vol. xvii., No. 4168.—Ed.]

1730 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, being

a reproduction in facsimile of the First Folio Edition, 1623, from the Chatsworth copy, in the possession of the Duke of Devonshire, with Introduction and Census of Copies by Sidney Lee, rough calf, uncut, limited issue, numbered and signed, Oxford, 1902, folio (817) Hopton, £8 2s. 6d.

1731 Shakespeare (W.) The Four Choruses in the Tragedy of

Julius Ciesar, written by his Grace, John Sheffield, Duke of Buckinghamshire, set to music by J. F. Galliard, the original MS. of the music and words with long autograph note on the fly-leaf by Katherine, Duchess of Buckinghamshire, relative to the work, signed "K. B.," 1723, old calf, 410.(911) Cockerel I, £10

1732 Shakespeareana. Fortune's Tennis Ball, 1859 (foundation

story of the "Winter's Tale"), Conceits, Clinches, FMashes and Whimzies, i860— and the Story of King Dargus, i860, reprints of the originals, 26 copies of each taken, 3 vol., half morocco, T. Richards, 1859-60, 4to. (912) Cockerel!, £3

1733 Shakespeareana. Cibber (Colley). Ximena, or The Heroick

Daughter, first edition, frontispiece, 1719, 8vo. (834)

Cockerel!, £2 5s.

1734 Shelley (Percy B.) Adonais, an Elegy on the Death of John

Keats, author of Endymion, Hyperion, etc., first edition, boards (not original), a few copies printed, Pisa, with the types of Didot, 1821, 8vo. (835) Osier, £34

1735 Shelley (Percy B.) Elegy on the Death of Percy Bysshe

Shelley, by Arthur Brooke, dedicated to Leigh Hunt, original blue wrapper, C. &* J. Oilier, Vcre St., 1822, 8vo. (836) Hornstein, £\ 10s.

1736 Shephard (Thomas, Pastor of the Church at Cambridge, N.E.)

The Church Membership of Children and their right to Baptisme, first edition, morocco, Cambridge (N.E.), printed by Sam. Green, 1663, 4to. (917) Shore, £\o 5s.

1737 Sherburne (Sir Edward). Salmacis—Lyrian and Sylvia—

Forsaken Lydia—The Rape of Helen, a comment thereon, with several other Poems and Translations, engraved frontispiece in four compartments, a few leaves shaved, old mottled calf, g. e., 1651, 8vo. (837) Maggs, £3 3s.

1738 Sheridan (R. B.) The Rivals, a Comedy, as it is acted at the

Theatre Royal in Covent Garden, first edition, with the half-title and Epilogue leaf, morocco extra, g. e., by Riviere, Printed for John IVilkie, 1775, 8vo. (840) Pickering, £3

1739 Sheridan (R. B.) The School for Scandal, a Comedy, as it is

performed at the Theatre-Royal in Crowe Street, engraved frontispiece inserted, morocco, inside borders, g. e., Dublin, printed in the year 1781, 8vo. (841) Cockerel!, £ 15

[Most probably the genuine first edition of this Comedy. It is a matter of record that a MS. copy of the play was sent over to Mr. Thomas Ryder, of the Dublin Theatre, and as he, himself, assumed the character of Sir Peter, the presumption is strong that his publication of the play preceded the usually accepted first edition published by Mr. Ewling, which bears no date.—Catalogue.]

1740 Sidney (Sir Philip). The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia,

written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight, now since the first edition augmented and ended, woodcut title, old calf, r. e., corner of Ai and two or three letters missing, W. Ponsonbie, 1 593, folio (1087) Birch, £14

[Second, but first complete, impression of the "Arcadia," so far as it was ever completed, the 4to. of 1590 being "imperfectly printed."—Ed.]

1741 Swetnam the Woman-hater, arraigned by Women. A New

Comedie, acted at the Red Bull, by the late Queene's
Servants, first edition, curious woodcut on title representing
Swetnam being tried by a Court of Ladies, mottled calf,
g. e., bv Riviere, For Richard Meighen, 1620, 4to. (925)

Sabin, £%

[Written in reply to a pamphlet against the female sex written and published by J. Swetnam in 1617.—Ed.]

1742 Swift (Jonathan). A Town Eclogue, or a Poetical Contest

betw-een Toby (Swift) and a Minor Poet. A New Extempore Prayer fitted for the use of all Conventicles where Rebellion has its rise and Loyalty its downfall, frontispiece, 1710—Charnock's Remains, or Sacheverell his Coronation, a Satyr, and 7 other pieces, in 1 vol., original sheep (broken), 1710-14, 8vo. (848) Dobell, £1 is.

1743 Sylvester (Joshua). Lachrimae Lachrimarum, on the Distil

lation of Teares shede for the untymely death of the incomparable Prince Panaretus, first edition, calf extra, 1612, 4to. (926) Sabin, £6 15s.

[Original edition, not to be confounded with the comparatively common reprint of 1613, when it was accompanied by other productions. The only other copy of the present editio pnnceps which has occurred during the last forty years is that in the Huth library.— Catalogue.]

1744 Tasso (Torquato). La Gerusalemme Liberata, portraits,

plates and vignettes by Gravelot, coloured by hand, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Derome, Parigi, 1771, 4to. (927)

A/latine, jQs9

1745 Taylor (John, the Water-Poet). Sir Gregory Nonsense his

Newes from no Place, written on Purpose, with much Study to no end, Plentifully Stored with want of Wit, etc., first edition, Printed by N. O., 1622, 8vo. (851)

Pearson, £10 15s.

1746 [Taylor (John) the Water-Poet.] Grand Plutoes Remon

strance, or The Devil Horn-Mad at Roundheads and Brownists. Wherein his Hellish Maiestie ... is pleased to declare how far he differs from Round-head, Rattlehead or Prick-eare, etc., first edition, curious cut of the Devil Horn Mad on title-page, old morocco, Printed for the Catticuchlania, 1648(929) Sabin, £10 15 s.

1747 Tennyson (Alfred Lord) and Sir Arthur Sullivan. The Original

Autograph Score of the Music to Tennyson's "The Foresters, Robin Hood and Maid Marian," as produced at Daly's Theatre, signed by the Composer, Sir Arthur Sullivan, on first page, half morocco, Augustin Daly's copy, with lettered label on side and bookplate, n. d., oblong 4to. (1101) Shore, £\o 10s.

1748 Tennyson (Alfred Lord). Holograph Manuscript, signed in

full, a portion of his "Princess," consisting of eight lines :—
"Fair daughter when we sent the Prince your way
We knew not your ungracious laws, which learnt,
We, conscious of what temper you are built,
Came all in haste to hinder wrong, but fell," etc.
8vo. (857) . . . Maggs, £14.

[A piece of the original manuscript of "The Princess" given by Tennyson to Mrs. Hrookfield.—Catalogue.]

1749 Thackeray (W. M.) History of Pendennis, 2 vol., first edition,

with illustrations on steel and wood by the author, inscription on half-title, "From the Author to the Doctor, January 1, 1851," an amusing autograph letter of Thackeray inserted, commencing, "Charles Collins and his pretty wife, John Leech and his ditto ditto, have promised to dine here on Sunday . . . Won't you come and meet them . . . P.S. Just as you went away the other day, I thought of a merry jape, which I would have played on you, but you were gone:—

Q. Why is John Elliotson, M.D. (Camb.) like a whalebone rod, with a lump of lead at each end?

A. Because he is a Life Preserver." half morocco, m.e., 1849, 8vo. (641) Sabin, £26

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