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1750 Thackeray (VV. M.) The Snob, a Literary and Scientific

Journal, not "Conducted by Members of the University," numbers iii. to vi. with title-page, dedication, preface and index, Cambridge, 1829—The Snobs Trip to Paris, or the Humours of the Long Vacation (in verse), ib., n. d.—The Fellow, No. xi., 1856—The Tripos, No. i., n. d.—Granta, a Fragment by a Freshman, edited by the Rev. J. Snodgrass, 1841 —A Few more Words to Freshmen, by the Rev. T. T., Cambridge, for the author, 1841, in 1 vol., half cloth, 8vo. (874) Hugell, £5

1751 Tudor Translations (The), edited by VV. E. Henley, complete

set to date, comprising Florio. Montaigne—Adlington.
Apuleius—Underdown. Heliodorus—Mabbe. Celestina—
North. Plutarch — Shelon. Don Quixote — Danetts.
Comines—Fenton. Bandello—Holland. Suetonius—Hoby.
Castiglione—Urquhart and Motteux. Rabelais—Berner.
Froissart—and the English Bible, vol. i.-iii., edition on
Japanese paper, 18 copies printed, of which 12 are for sale,
together 35 vol., white boards, uncut, as new, D. Nutt,

[The purchaser was entitled to the remaining volumes of the Bible as soon as published.—Ed.] 1752 Turrecremata (Johannes de). Expositio brevis et utilis super toto psalterio, lit. got}. (173 leaves), long lines, 35 to a full page, without marks, rubricated, modern russia (broken), Moguntiae impressa per Petrum Schoyffer de Gemsheym, 1474 (colophon and shields in red), folio (nt2)

'753 Tyndall (Wyllyam). A Briefe Declaration of the Sacraments, expressing the fyrst oryginall how they came up, and were institute with the true and moost syncere meaning and understanding of the same, tilcirft Ifttrr. morocco extra, g.e., Imprinted at London by Robert Stoughton, dwellyno-e within Ludgate, at the synge of the Bishoppes Miter (about

1754 Vale Press. Shakespeare (W.) Works, seen through the

press by T. S. Moore, decorated by C. Ricketts, under whose supervision the book has been printed, 39 vol., uncut, 1900-3, 8vo. (804) Hopton, £t> 5s.

[Rapidly declining in value.—Ed.]

1755 Vaughan (William). The Church Militant, original sheep

skin binding, 1640, 8vo. (883) B. F. Stevens, £2

1756 Vaughan (William). The Golden Fleece, divided into three

parts, transported from Cambrioll Colchis, out of the Southermost part of the Hand commonly called the Newfoundland, by Orpheus, junior, with the rare folding map of Newfound-Land, calf, g. e., Francis Williams, 1626, 4to. (945) B. F. Stevens, £\o 5s.

1757 Verardus (Carolus). In Laudem Senerissimi Ferdinandi

Hispaniarum Regis . . . et de insulis in Mari Indico nuper inventis, lit. rom., woodcuts (mostly coloured by XVIII. 11

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hand), modern French morocco extra, Basil, 1494, 4to. (168) Quaritch, £46

[The Columbus letter begins on dd 6.—Ed.]

1758 Vestris (Madame). Memoirs of the Life, Public and Private

Adventures of Madame Vestris, first edition (suppressed), with portrait and 5 coloured plates by Marks, half morocco, t. e. g., by Bedford, John Duncombe, n. d., 8vo. (884) B. F. Stevens, £$ 5S

1759 Vigerius (Marci). Dechachordum Christianum, woodcut title,

full-page woodcuts, with borders on a black ground, large woodcut initials, morocco extra, g. e., with arms on the sides, by Cuzin, Hieronymus Soncinus in Urbe Fani impressit, 1507, folio (1115) Lulworth, £4 4s.

1760 Virgil. Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera cum quinque cora

mentariis, expolitissimisque figuris atque imaginibus per Sebast. Brant superadditis, roman letter, surrounded by the commentary, with 217 large woodcuts, margins of a few leaves mended, old calf gilt, Argent., Joh. Grieninger, 1502, folio (1117) Shore, £5 5s.

1761 Vivaldus (J. L.) Opus Regale, editum cura Andreae de

Sonsino, gotflir letter, long lines, 2 full-page woodcuts, 2 vol. in 1, half bound, 1507, folio (1119) Lulworth, £20 10s.

1762 Wallace (Sir W.) The Life and Acts of the most famous

and valiant Champion, Sir William Wallace, Knight of Ellerslie, Maintainer of the Liberty of Scotland (in verse), blatft letter, in the original sheepskin binding, Glasgow, R. Sanders, 1685, 8vo. (889) Aston, £2 2s.

[Supposed to have been translated into Scottish metre by "Blind Harry," the Minstrel, a contemporary of King James IV.—Catalogue.]

1763 Webbe (Edw.) The Rare and most Wonderfull Things

which Edw. Webbe an Englishman borne, hath seene and passed in his troublesome travailes, in the Cities of Jerusalem, Damasko, Bethlehem and Galely and in the landes of Javrie, Egypt, Grecia, Russia and Prester John, black letter, with the rare woodcut frontispiece and the text illustrated with wood engravings (including a portrait of the author), morocco extra, g. e., Printed for William Wright, 1500, 4to. (948) £13 15s.

[Of this singular volume, with its interesting and peculiar woodcuts, there were as many as three editions, of which this is in all probability the first. They are equally rare, existing in all but unique copies.—Catalogue^

1764 [Wesley (Samuel).] Maggots, or Poems on Several Subjects

never before handled, by a Schollar, with the rare portrait of the author (inlaid), hole in last leaf mended, few headlines just shaved, morocco, g.e., John Dunton, 1682, 8vo. (893) Shore, £1 15s.

1765 White (Gilbert). Natural History and Antiquities of Sel

borne, in the County of Southampton, first edition, engravings, including the large one of "North-East View of Selborne," original boards, 1789, 4to. (951) Marshall, £31

1766 Whittier (John Greenleaf). At Sundown, the rare privately printed edition, at the Riverside Press, presentation copy, with the author's signature, original cloth, t. e. g.,

1767 Wilde (Oscar). The Sphinx, first edition, with illustrations

by Charles Ricketts, one of 200 copies, vellum gilt, uncut, 1894, 4to. (952) Edwards, £2 16s.

1768 Winchester (Marquess of). The Lord Marques Idleness,

conteining manifold matters of acceptable devise, as sage sentences, prudent precepts, morall examples, sweet similitudes, proper comparisons and other remembrances of speciall choice, no lesse pleasant to peruse, than profitable to practise, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., Imprinted at London by Arnold Hatfield, 1586, 4to. (953) Sabin, £6 10s.

1769 Wither (George). The Psalmes of David, translated into

Lyric Verse, according to the scope of the Original, Imprinted in the Neatherlands by Cornells Gerrits van Breughel, 1632—The Hymnes and Songs of the Church, divided into two parts, translated and composed by G. W., London, printedfor G. IV., 1632, the two volumes bound in one, old panelled calf, both first editions, 1623-1632, 8vo. (895) B. F. Stevens, £iS

[These copies were formerly in the Hibliotheca Anglo Poetica Collection, and the fly-leaves were annotated by Thomas Park. No other edition of the Psalms is known, and of this first edition, printed in the Netherlands, but three or four copies have occurred for sale.—Catalogue.]

1770 Yarrell (William). History of British Birds, 4 vol., fourth

edition, revised and enlarged by Alfred Newton, illustrated by 564 woodcuts, the original wrappers bound up at end of each volume, tree-calf gilt, t.e.g., Van Voorst, 1871-74, 8vo.

[december I6th And Three Following Days, 1903.]


The Library Of The Late Rev. Walter Sneyd, Of Keelk Hall, Staffordshire.

(No. of Lots, 866; amount realised for the whole collection, -£'3,553 >3S.)

Note.—The large amount realised for this collection was derived to a very great extent from the sale of a number of valuable illuminated manuscripts, several being of quite exceptional interest. It is not the practice to report the sale of MSS. in Book-prices Current unless they rank as literary relics in the strict appli

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cation of that term. It has always been the custom to notice these in such a way that they can be identified hereafter, a few words being all that is generally necessary to that end. In the case of illuminated manuscripts of mediaeval times, the circumstances are, however, wholly different. If these are to be recognised on any future occasion they must be accurately described, and this is not possible without a minute analysis and the expenditure of a large amount of space. Some of the MSS. sold on the present occasion must, however, be referred to, shortly, as a species of index to the catalogue in case it should be necessary at any time to consult it. These are as follows :—

1771 Apocalypsis S. Joannis, etc., Saec. xiv., 69 leaves on vellum,

16 inches by 12 inches, Apocalypse 121 designs in colours with legends, the Ars Moriendi 26 designs, and the remainder of the MS. 145 designs Quaritch, £950

[Lot 35. Contemporary Holland binding in oaken boards, doeskin, with stamped ornaments, the centre panels with the word "Maria" stamped 22 times.]

1772 Cantica Canticorum Salomonis, Sa?c. xv., Italian MS., partly

on vellum, 70 leaves, inches by 8 inches, double

columns, 33 and 39 lines, the text in red, 45 miniatures painted in various colours and heightened with gold, the majority measuring 2% inches by 2^ inches (largest design, 6 inches by 2}l inches) C. F. Murray, £yx>

[Lot 150. Old vellum.]

1773 Horae Heatre Maria; Virginis, Saec. xv., 154 leaves on vellum,

£>yi inches by 4^ inches, 14 lines to the full page, 57 pages with decorated margins, 89 pages with three-quarter margins, 18 illuminated miniatures, a fine MS. of AngloFrench origin, slightly damaged Thomas, £310 [Lot 381. Modern red velvet, the original sides of brown morocco inlaid inside the cover, g. e., gold clasp.]

1774 Latino-Flemish Manuscript with English influence, Saec.

xiii.-xiv., 190 leaves on vellum, 4^ inches by 3 inches, illustrated with 267 miniatures (some full page) chiefly painted and illuminated, nearly every other page decorated with grotesque animals, birds, freaks, monstrosities, games and sports, etc., as described very fully in two closely printed pages of the catalogue Quari/c/i, ,£2,500

[Lot 5! 3. Modern brown morocco; some margins cut into.]

1775 Missae Canon, etc., Sasc. ix.-x., 10 leaves on vellum, 9% inches

by 7 inches, folio 26 occupied by an illuminated miniature of the Crucifixion in the form of an initial T with the letters E I G IT V R, 3 large spiral initials and a large initial H on the recto of leaf 9 Cecil, ,£430

[Lot 516. Modern red velvet]

1776 Officium Beate Marie Virginis, Saec. xv., 276 leaves on

vellum, 5X inches by 3^ inches, 12 lines to a full page, by an Italian scribe, 5 full-page miniatures within borders, painted and illuminated, 5 opposite borders, large initial miniature and 14 other initials Archer, ,£310

[Lot 555. Modern brown velvet.]

1777 Officium Beatie Maria; Virginis, written by Antonio Sinibaldi

for Agostino Biliotti in 1485, 248 leaves on vellum, 6 inches by 4 inches, first page illuminated, 8 small miniatures, 6 initial miniatures and 16 large ornamental initials

Cocker el I, £610 [Lot 556. Modern blue velvet, gauffred edges.]

1778 Officium Beata; Maria; Virginis, Spec, xv., 208 leaves on

vellum, 4# inches by 3 inches, 14 lines to a full page, nearly every page decorated, the first with a miniature of the Annunciation in two compartments, with a landscape border, 18 full-length figures of Saints Ellis, ,£510

[Lot 557. Modern Italian red morocco gilt.]

1779 Psalterium Davidis, Siec. x.-xi., g% by (3% inches, containing

8 leaves of text and 14 ancient paintings, on 7 leaves, of English or perhaps Irish origin Cecil, £510

[Lot 659. Modern green velvet.]

1780 Psalterium Davidis, Saec. xiii., 172 leaves, 6}4 inches by 4^

inches, 21 lines to a full page, the Calendar on 12 pages, 11 full-page oval miniatures, painted on gold grounds, of English origin Archer, £t>\5

[Lot 661. Blue velvet.]

Printed Rooks.

1781 /Eschylus. Tragcedia; vii. Graece, cum Scholiis P. Victorii

cura et diligentia, LARGE Paper, old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), (Lut. Par.) ex officina H. Stephani, 1557, 4to. (4) Thomas, £2 8s.

1782 /Esopus. Facecie Morales Lauretii Vallesis, alias Esopus

Grecus P dnrh Lauretiu translatus Incipiut feliciter, lit. gotfi. (6 leaves, long lines, signature S3), rubricated, woodcut on title containing circular emblems of the four Evangelists and l.H.S. in ribbon letters (Nielli style), morocco extra, Absque ulla nota, small 4to. (6) Ellis, £3 18s.

1783 /Esopus. FabuKx, lit. rom., long lines, 28 to a full page,

signatures a-c4 in 8's, begins directly on aj recto, with the lines, "Ut Juvet et Profit conatur Pagina Presens Dulcius arrident Seria," etc., and ends on recto of c 4 with the line, "Explicit liber esopi. Deo Gratias. Amen," ornamental woodcut initials, several of the pages have contemporary designs for the fables in the margins, drawn in ink and colours, modern calf antique, apparently Hain's, 288, Absque ulla nota, small 4to. (8) Ellis, £17 5s.

1784 Aitsingerus (Mich.) De Leone Belgico eiusque Topographica

atque historica descriptione, engraved title, portrait of the author, views of cities, plans, etc. by F. Hogenbery, calf, g. e., s. 1., 1588, small folio (11) Rolandi, £3 15s.

1785 Alexander Magnus. "Incipit liber Alexandri Magni regis

Macedonia; de Preliis," lit. gotfi. (72 leaves), long lines, 27 to a full page, without marks of any kind, capitals painted in red [Hain, 778], half vellum, Absque ulla nota [Colon., Arn. Therhoenen ?], small 4to. (21) Thomas, £4

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