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Phalaris's epistles. Pray read it over, and judge for yourself I)r Swift knowing this matter, pray give my most humble service to Mr Pope, & shew him this, & the Manuscript of the I*' Book; it would rejoice my heart to hear that he was likely to take the Dr to task for meddling with subjects nature had not intended him for. Sure the Dr has forgotten that nobody else has, Mr Hoyle's fine vindication of Phalaris upon which the Dispensary has it "And to a Bentley 'tis we owe a Boyle." I am yet of my former opinion ; the Editions will flag in a little time. The general esteem every one has for the Poem will make an edition go off with my notes—But Bentley's notes if allowed to be right are enough to ruin the esteem for the Author, and I do verily believe that was, & is his design, but equally waives any other of his pretensions.

An edition from Mr Pope would be most joyfully received by the world pray desire him to look into an 8vo book which 1 shewed him, & which I think Ld Oxford has called the Life of Thos- Elwood writ by himself printed for J. Serl in Grace church street, there in Page 145 he gives some account of Milton, and Page 246 more, & relating to Milton's life and writings he says Page 154 he had always a man to read to him, which was usually the son of some gentleman of his acquaintance whom in kindness he took to improve in his learning in confirmation of this last I can give you this true accont I was very intimately acquainted when young, with one M" W: Davenant 2d son to Sir William the Poet, this gentleman was after of Magdalen hall in Oxford, & published a book printed there being a translation relating to old authors in 8vo- He was after unfortunately drowned in France as he was swimming.

This Mr Davenant told me that Mr Milton helped him in his study of the Latin & Greek authors to whom he used to go in order to his learning. That when his Father was in the Tower he was very much afsisted by Mr Milton in his gaining his liberty, & (if I am not very much mistaken) he at the same time told me his Father in return upon the Restoration was very helpful to Milton, & Milton was very acknowledging for it, & upon that score offered his afsistance in doing any thing that should be grateful to Sir William. It was a little after Milton's death he told me this. I had a mind to have seen Milton's books & Mr Davenant went with me in order to it I was then in my prenticeship, & could not go except on a holiday or Sunday, so the next Sunday we went. Mr Milton was some time before then removed from Jewin Street to Moorfields near the Artillery ground, & it being in the afternoon about sermon time, there was nobody at home, & so we returned home. I have often since when at Moorfields cast a look towards that Street, & the houses were then thought such as any substantial trader, or merchant might dwell in.

This is not what the Dr represents hiTn, "as living in a narrow dark room " or chamber, as poor friendlefs.

I believe in Tolands life of him some useful things might be found: he had 2 nephews both indifferent authors.

Phillips once wrote the English dictionary Folio & published a thick i2m°; an account of the Poets ancient, & modern, if in that, Milton should be mentioned it may be relied upon I am indeed at present (it cannot last long) not a little concerned in this Vultures falling upon a Poet that is the admiration of England, and its greatest credit abroad. I must further remark that the Dr has most meanly avoided his Criticism upon the many, and some long quotations of Mr Addisons notes—I dont find that in any of his remarks that in those places The Author could not write as printed—

The printer is not in them named a blunderer, nor any sham Editor supposed. This I mention again having since my fore mentioned hint gone through Mr. Addison's notes, and looked into the Urs- ; pray let me hear further about this matter—any matter though never so trifling about it, would be accptable & if very little in Bulk, perhaps you might get it franked.

Once more my most hearty service to Mr Pope, & hope it will not be said "Pope are you asleep"?

Yr affec,c servant

J. T.]

[january 27TH And Two Following Days, 1904.]

A Miscellaneous Collection.
(No. of Lots, 1056; amount realised, ^1,291 7s.)

2146 Ackermann (R.) The Microcosm of London, 3 vol., with

about 100 coloured plates by Pugin and Rowlandson, russia (rebacked), g. e., 1808, etc., folio (1014) Shepherd, £16

2147 Ackermann (R.) History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's,

Westminster, 2 vol., numerous coloured plates by Pugin, Mackenzie, etc., half russia, uncut, Ackermann, 1812, folio (1015) lVebb,£6

2148 Ackermann (R.) History of the Colleges of Winchester,

Eton and Westminster, etc., numerous coloured plates by
Westall, Mackenzie, Pugin, etc., russia, rebacked, m. e.,
Ackermann, 1816, folio (1016) Hornstein, £15 5s.

2149 Airy (O.) Charles II., 300 copies printed on Japanese vellum

paper, numerous illustrations, including one in colours, and duplicate set of the large plates, in portfolio, Goupil, 1901, folio (91) Goupil, £2 12s. numerous illustrations by G. Cruikshank, uniform half calf, g.t., uncut, Joseph Andrews missing, 1831-3 (273)

2150 Apperley (C. J.) The Life of a Sportsman, by Nimrod, first

edition, 36 coloured plates by H. Aiken, half calf gilt, m. e., Ackermann, 1842, 8vo. (191) Bumpus, £\y 15s.

2151 Arabian Nights' Entertainments, translated with Notes by

Lane, 3 vol., illustrations, calf, m. e., 1839-41, 8vo. (645)

Webb &• Son, £1 18s.

2152 Armstrong (Sir VV.) Sir Joshua Reynolds, photogravures and

other illustrations and duplicate set of plates on India paper, no copies printed, buckram, g.t., and portfolio of plates, 1900, folio (92) Forrester, £5

2153 Armstrong (Sir VV.) Sir Henry Raeburn, with Introduction

by R. A. M. Stevenson, and Descriptive Catalogue by J. L. Caw, 80 copies printed, with duplicate set of the 69 photogravures on India paper, buckram, g. t., uncut, and portfolio, 1901, folio (93) Edwards, £b 2s. 6d.

2154 Armstrong (Sir VV.) Sir Henry Raeburn, another copy, of

which 30 were printed, with the duplicate plates on India paper and on Japanese vellum, in 2 portfolios, 1901 (94) £6

2155 Armstrong (Sir W.) Turner, 2 vol., 350 copies printed on

Japanese vellum paper, photogravures and a duplicate set of the plates on India paper, buckram, uncut, and portfolio of plates, Agnew, 1902, folio (95) Forrester, £4 12s.

2156 Bartolozzi (F.) A Series of about 58 Fancy and Classical

Subjects, in brown and black, engraved by Bartolozzi,
West, Baldry, Sharpe, etc., old calf gilt, in 1 vol., 8vo. (443)

Dobell, £20

2157 Beaumont and Fletcher. Works, with notes by Weber, 14

vol., portrait, calf, m.e., Edinburgh, 1812, 8vo. (401)

Charington, £3 6s.

2158 Bloch (M. E.) Ichthyologie, ou Histoire Naturelle generale

et particuliere des Poissons, 6 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, m.e., Berlin, 1795-7, folio (504) Wesley, £13 10s.

2159 Boswell (J.) Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, 2 vol., first edition,

portrait after Reynolds, calf, 1791, 4to. (602)

Maurice, £1 14s.

2160 Brenan (G.) A History of the House of Percy, edited by

W. A. Lindsay, 2 vol., 150 copies printed, pedigrees, portraits and illustrations, vellum, g. t., uncut, 1902, 4to. (68)

Edwards, £1 4s.

2161 Bridges (R.) The Feast of Bacchus, first edition, 105 copies

printed, half vellum, uncut, Oxford, privately printed by H. Daniel, 1889, 4to. (69) Shepherd, £1 4s.

2162 British Gallery of Contemporary Portraits of Eminent

Persons now living or lately deceased in Great Britain and Ireland, 2 vol., Large Paper, open-letter proof impressions, morocco, gilt sides, g. e., Cadell, 1822, folio (1021) Edwards, £4 18s.

2163 British Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper. Works, with Prefaces

by Dr. Johnson, additional Lives by Chalmers, 21 vol., scored russia, m. e., 1810, 8vo. (669) Webb, £2 12s.

2164 Broinowski (G. J.) The Birds of Australia, 6 vol., 300 coloured plates, original cloth, uncut, n. d. and 1891, 410.

2165 Brown (Thomas). Works in Prose and Verse, Serious, Moral

and Comical, 4 vol., 3 frontispieces, morocco extra, g. t., 1708-9, 8vo. (670) Webb, £3 3s.

2166 Bryce (J.) The American Commonwealth, 3 vol., 1888, 8vo.

(672) Quaritch, £3 6s.

2167 Bullen (A. H.) Musa Proterva, Love Poems of the Restora

tion, first edition, Privately printed, roxburghe, 1889— Meredith (G.) Jump to Glory Jane, edited and arranged by H. Quilter, 44 illustrations by Housman, vellum gilt, uncut, 1892, together 2 vol., 8vo. (673) Spencer, £1 6s.

2168 Burne-Jones (E.) Works, directly reproduced from the

original Paintings, 91 photogravures on India paper, mcrocco, g. t., uncut, Berlin Photographic Company, n. d., atlas folio (97) Rawlins, £25

2169 Burton (R. F.) The Book of the Thousand Nights and a

Night, and Supplemental Nights, with Notes by R. F. Burton, 16 vol., original cloth, Kamashastra Society, 1885-8, 8vo. (156) Hornstein, £2% 10s.

2170 Carroll (L.) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 42 illustra

tions by Tenniel, original cloth, g. e., 1866, 8vo. (297)

[The original or "Hospital Edition" appeared in 1865. See Book-prices Current, vol. xvii., No. 3216.—Ed.]

2171 Century Dictionary (The). An Encyclopaedic Lexicon of

the English Language, 8 vol., illustrations, half morocco, m. e., The Times, n. d., 4to. (930) Thorp, £4 6s.

2172 Cervantes. A series of 24 Coloured Plates to illustrate Don

Quixote, printed on 4to. paper, in portfolio, McLean, 1819, 4to. (209) Dobell, £1 19s.

2173 Combe (W.) The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax, 3 vol., 80

coloured plates by Rowlandson, original cloth, Nattali, n.d., 8vo. (161) 4.. Jackson, £1 10s.

2174 Copper Plate Magazine, or Monthly Treasure, for the

Admirers of the Imitative Arts, 5 vol. in 1, 126 plates, morocco, g. e., 1778, 4to. (932) Webb, £2 5s.

2175 Couch (J.) History of the Fishes of the British Islands,

4 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, emblematic tooling, g. e., 1877-78, 8vo. (695) Webb, £2 8s.

2176 Cox (J. C.) Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire, 4 vol.,

numerous illustrations, Chesterfield, 1875-9, 8vo. (505)

Thorp, £1 15s.

2177 Craik (G. L.) The Romance of the Peerage, or Curiosities of

Family History, 4 vol., first edition, portraits, original cloth, 1848-50, 8vo. (168) Maurice, £ 1 8s.

•2178 Cruikshank (G.) Omnibus, edited by Blanchard, plates and illustrations by G. Cruikshank, 9 wrappers and advertisements bound at the end, calf extra, g. t., uncut, by Riviere, 1842, 8vo. (267) Edwards, £4 2s. 6d.

2179 Cruikshank (G.) Roscoe's Novelist's Library, 18 vol.,


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A. Jackson, £& 5s.

2180 Daniel (Kev. W. B.) Rural Sports, with Supplement, 4 vol.,

plates by Scott, Landseer, etc., half calf gilt, y. e., 1807-13, 4to. (934) Walters, £$

2181 Dickens (C.) The Personal Adventures of David Copperfield,

first edition, illustrations by "Phiz," the pictorial wrappers bound at the end, half morocco, g.t., uncut, 1850, 8vo. (234)

Spencer, £1 lis.

2182 Dickens (C.) A Tale of Two Cities, first edition, illustrations

by "Phiz," the pictorial wrappers bound at the end, half morocco, g.t., uncut, 1859, 8vo. (242) Spencer, £2 3s.

2183 Dryden (J.) Works, with- Notes and Life by Sir W. Scott,

18 vol., portrait, sprinkled calf, rebacked, Edinburgh, 1821, 8vo. (716) Walters, £3 12s.

2184 Carey (D.) Life in Paris, 19 (only) coloured plates by G.

Cruikshank, wanted title, sold not subject to return, half calf, 1821, 8vo. (196) Spencer, £2, 12s.

2185 Evelyn (J.) Diary and Correspondence, edited by W. Bray,

with Life by Wheatley, 4 vol., portraits and plates, half morocco, g. t., uncut, 1879, 8vo. (724) Webb, £4

2186 Fitzgerald (Ed.) Letters and Literary Remains, 7 vol.,

portraits and plates, uncut, 1902-3, 8vo. (17) Reeves, £2

2187 Foster and Lankester (Professors). The Scientific Memoirs

of Thomas H. Huxley, 4 vol., numerous plates, uncut, 1899-1902, royal 8vo. (731) Hill, £3 lis.

2188 Gay (John). Fables, with a Life of the Author, 2 vol., 70

plates by W. Blake, Skelton, etc., original boards, uncut, Stpckdale, 1793, 8vo. (270) Dobell, £1 12s.

[Royal 8vo. There are two issues, the first having the "s " printed in the old style; in the second it is modernised. This seems to have been a copy of the second issue.—Ed. J

2189 Greville Memoirs. Journal of the Reigns of George IV. and

William IV., edited by H. Keene, 3 vol., original cloth, 1875, 8vo. (171) A.Jackson, £\ 6s.

2190 Grote (G.) History of Greece, 12 vol., portrait and plans,

1884, etc., 8vo. (745) Walters, £\ 5s.

2191 Haddon Hall Library. A Series of Books on Country Life,

edited by the Marquis of Granby and G. A. B. Dewar, 8 vol., Large PAPER, 150 copies printed, proof plates, the frontispiece in two states, vellum gilt, uncut, 1899-1902, 8vo. (20) Hitchman, £6 5s.

2192 Hafiz (Shemseddin Mohammed). Poems, now first done into

English Verse from the Persian, with biographical and critical Introduction by J. Payne, 3 vol., uncut, Villon Society, 1901, 4to. (77) Reeves, £2 2s.

2193 Hall (S. C.) Selected Pictures from the Galleries and

Private Collections of Great Britain, 4 vol., plates, half morocco, g. e., Sotheran, n. d., atlas folio (1033)

Webb, £2 12s.

2194 Hall (S. C.) The Book of Gems, 3 vol., some leaves spotted,

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