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coloured copy, half morocco, g. e., Printed by William Blake, 1793, folio (514) Quaritch, £y)

3758 Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, or Venerable Remains of

above Four Hundred Castles, Monasteries, Palaces, etc. in England and Wales, Saver's issue (the second), mezzotint portraits of S. and N. Buck, frontispiece, Index, map and 511 plates (including 83 double plates), 3 vol., old russia gilt, a fine copy, 1774, royal folio and atlas 4to. (516)

Bain, ,£44

3759 Curtes (Martin). The Art of Navigation, conteynyng a com

pendious description of the Sphere, with the making of certayne Instruments and Rules for Navigations, and exemplifyed by many Demonstrations, written by Martin Curtes, Spaniarde, Englished out of the Spanishe by Richarde Eden, and now newly corrected and amended in divers places, title within border, woodcut initials, with the original moveable diagrams, blark Ifttrr. old limp vellum, Imprinted at London by Richarde Jugge, 1576, small 410. (492) Quaritch, £i\ 5s.

[The original edition was printed by R. Jugge in 1561, 4to.—Ed.]

3760 Dickens (C.) Works, edition de luxe, portrait and numerous

illustrations by George Cruikshank, "Phiz" and others, on India paper, 30 vol., half morocco gilt, m.e., 1881-2, 8vo. (158) . £\b 10s.

3761 Dugdale (Sir W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, second

edition, by William Thomas, portrait, engravings and maps by Hollar, Beighton, etc., 2 vol., old panel calf, 1730, folio (5'7) . . £13 10s.

3762 Egan (Pierce). Life in London, or the Day and Night Scenes

of Jerry Hawthorne, Esq. and his friend Corinthian Tom, first edition, 36 coloured plates designed and etched by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, with the music to the songs, original picture boards, edges entirely uncut, 1823, 8vo. (154) . Hornstein, £13 5s.

3763 Folk-Lore Society. Publications, a complete set, including

Callaway's Religious System of the Amazulu, Aino FolkTales, Handbook of Folk-lore, and International FolkLore Congress Transactions, 1891, in 50 vol., cloth (1 vol. sewed, and 5 vol. in numbers with cloth cases), 1878-1002, 8vo. (132) Sotheran, £22

3764 Keats (J.) Poetical Works and other Writings, edited with

notes and appendices by Buxton Forman, with the Supplementary Volume, Poetry and Prose, portraits, 5 vol., buckram gilt, uncut, 1883-90, 8vo. (145) £y 5s.

3765 Nash (T.) Collections for the History of Worcestershire,

mezzotint and other portraits, plates, maps and pedigrees, with a transcript of the Domesday Book and Supplement, 2 vol., old mottled calf (4 margins of Index repaired), lj>ndon, J. Nichols, 1799-1782, folio (518) £<)

3766 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William Shakespeare's Come

dies, Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true Original Copies, unto which is added Seven Plays never before printed in folio, the fourth edition, portrait by Martin Droeshout, old calf (binding loose), London, printed for H. Herringman, E. Breiuster and R. Bentley, at the Anchor in the New Exchange, the Crane in St. PauPs Church-Yard, and in Russell Street, Covent-Garden, 1685, folio (515) _ £so

[The above, a genuine old copy, measuring 14% inches by 9y& inches, had been collated, and was found to want one leaf—pages 107 and 108, sheet i. As a few leaves were also loose and defective, it was sold not subject to return. Two pages, viz., 122 and 131, signatures M M, in "King Henry VI.," were blank.—Catalogue.^ 3767 [Surtees (R. S.)] Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities, first edition with the coloured plates by Henry Aiken, original cloth gilt, g. e., the 15 plates in the finest condition, with the tissue papers between each, Rudolph Ackermann, 1843, 8vo. (155) Hornstcin, £2% 5s.

[april I8th And Five Following Days, 1904.]


The Collection Of The Late Mr. W. G. Thorpe, Of The Middle Temple, Barrister-at-law; A Selection From The Library Of The Late Mr. C. L. Higgins, Of Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire; And Other Properties.

(No. of Lots, 1188 ; amount realised, .£11,433 '4s-)

[note.—A large number of different properties were included in this sale, and for purposes of identification the order of the catalogue has been followed in the ensuing report. The sale was apportioned as follows :—April 18th (Lots 1-212), April 19th (Lots 213-430), April 20th (Lots 431-635), April 21st (Lots 636-830), April 22nd (Lots 831-1048), and April 23rd (Lots 1049-1188).—Ed.]

3768 Book of Common Prayer, with Psalms of David, ruled

throughout, portraits and plates, "Bret Harte his Book August 1898" on fly-leaf, old morocco, g. e., with ex-libris, Oxford, J. Baskett, 1727 (1) West, £1 2s.

3769 Dibdin (Rev. T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and

Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, 3 vol., illustrations on India paper, including the series of plates by Lewis, calf extra, m.e., 1821, 8vo. (3) Sotheran, £5 5s.

3770 Dickens (C.) Oliver Twist, 3 vol., first edition, plates by G. Cruikshank, including the plate of Rose Maylie and Oliver, calf extra, g. t., uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 1838, 8vo. (4)

Hopkins, £3 19s.

3771 Dickens (C.) Nicholas Nickleby, 1 vol. in 2, first edition,

with the advertisements and wrappers bound up, illustrations by " Phiz." morocco extra, g. t., uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, with ex-libris, "To Bret Harte from Minnie Jackson, St. Valentine's Day, 1896," 1839, 8vo. (5) Dobell, £3 17s. 6d.

3772 Dickens (C.) Little Dorrit, 1 vol. in 2, first edition, with the

advertisements and wrappers bound up, illustrations by "Phiz," calf gilt, g. t., uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 1857, 8vo. (7)

Watkins, £\ 3s.

3773 Meredith (G.) Emilia in England, 3 vol., 1864—Rhoda

Fleming, 3 vol., 1865—Vittoria, 3 vol., 1867—Adventures of Harry Richmond, 3 vol., 1871—The Egoist, 3 vol., 1879 — Diana of the Crossways, 3 vol., 1885, all first editions, in the original cloth, together 18 vol., 8vo. (13)

Shepherd, £5 10s.

3774 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley, or 'Tis Sixty Years Since, 3 vol.,

first edition, with half titles, half calf, m. e., Edinburgh, 1814, 8vo. (16) Scott, £14

3775 Scott (Sir W.) Guy Mannering, or The Astrologer, 3 vol.,

first edition, with half titles, half calf, Edinburgh, 1815, 8vo. (17) Scott, £2 1 os.

3776 A Collection of Books by and concerning Jean Paul Marat

(1743-1793). The Chains of Slavery, etc., by Jean Paul Marat (T. Becket objecting to his name being printed on this work, Marat had other names put in its place, so that this edition is unique), morocco, Printed by T. Becket, 1774, 4to.—The Chains of Slavery, etc., by Jean Paul Marat (another edition, with the names of J. Almon, etc.), with very large margins, 4to.—An Essay on the Human Soul (first book written in English by J. P. Marat), Printed for T. Becket and Co., etc., 1772, 8vo.—Marat, Index par F. Chevremont, only two copies printed on papier de Chine (No. 1), morocco, Paris, 1876, 8vo.—A Philosophical Essay on Man, etc., by J. P. Marat (corrections in Marat's handwriting), 2 vol. in 1, morocco, g. e., by Broca, 1773 — Another edition (also with corrections by Marat), 2 vol. in 1, morocco, g. e., by liroca—Another edition (second), with a fault on the title (Soul on the Body), 2 vol. in i, morocco, g. e., by Broca—Jean Paul Marat. Esprit Politique, par F. Chevremont, 2 vol., portrait, Paris, 1880, 8vo.— De la Presbytere Occidental, par J. P. Marat, Docteur en medicine (1776), traduit pour la premiere fois de l'Anglais d'apres le seul exemplaire connu, appartenant a la bibliotheque de la Societe royale de Medecine et de Chirurgie de Londres, par Georges Pilotelle, Paris, Champion, 1891 (Plaquette introuvable in 4to., tire' a cent exemplaires [No. 24])—OfTrande a la patrie, ou Discours au tiers etat de France, au temple de la liberte, 1789, par Jean Paul Marat, 8vo.—Discours de Marat, etc. sur la defense tie Louis XVI., morocco, by Broca, 8vo.—Offrande à la patrie, par J. P. Marat, second edition, morocco, by Broca, 8vo.— La Constitution, etc. par l'auteur de l'Offrande à la patrie (J. P. Marat), portrait of Marat, Paris, 1789, 8vo.—John Moore, a Journal during a residence in France, 1792— Notes sur Marat, 2 vol.—J. P. Marat. Mémoire sur l'électricité Médicale, morocco, by Broca, Paris, 1784—Notes sur Marat, pages 66-70, 1794—Medical Commentaries— Annonce de Essay on Man, par Marat, 1774—Calendrier pour l'année 1783, 3 vol., 121110.—De la place du fluide électrique, etc. par M. Marat, docteur en médecine et médecin des gardes du corps de Monseigneur le Comte d'Artois—Études Scientifiques, par F. V. Raspail, 1864, 8vo.—Etudes impartiale sur J. P. Marat le savant, etc., I vol.— Marat. Index par F. Chevremont, 1 vol., Paris, 1876, 8vo.—Jean Paul Marat. Esprit politique, with a portrait of Marat, 2 vol., ib., 1880, 8vo.—Marat l'Ami du Peuple aux Braves Parisiens, 26 Août, 1792, huitième placard reédité par Georges Pilotelle, Londres et Paris, 1892, 8vo.—De l'homme, etc. par J. P. Marat, Dr. en médecine, 3 vol. in 1, binding of the period, 1775—Notes sur la Révolution française par Eugène Vermersch, nombreuses citations sur Jean Paul Marat, bound in I vol., very curious manuscript—Faux écrits attribues à Marat, Vie privée et ministérielle de Necker, 1 vol., Geneve, 1790— Topsy Turvy, Notes absurdes sur J. P. Marat, 1793, piece cut into, curious woodcuts, calf, blind tooled, with crest on the side, g. e., 1687, 4to. (39) Maggs, £2 5s.

[This collection was sold for the amount stated at a miscellaneous sale held by Messrs. Sotheby on April 16th, 1904.—Ed.]

3777 Commines (P.) Cronique et Hystoire faicte et composées

par feu Messire Philippe de Commines contenant ses choses advenues durant le règne du roy Loys unziesme, gotfitt Irttrr, woodcut border to title, calf gilt, with arms on the sides, g. e., by C. Lewis, s. /. le septiesme jour du mays de Nm>. 1525, 4to. (32) Leigkton, £2 2s.

3778 Daniel (S.) The Whole Workes of (Civil Warrs, a Letter

from Octavia, a Panegyrike Congratulatorie, Complaint of Rosamond, Delia, etc.), old calf, one joint cracked, engraved

3779 Esquemeling (J.) Bucaniers of America, or A True Account

of the most remarkable Assaults committed on the Coast of the West Indies, 3 parts, portraits and plates, half morocco, large copy, 1684, 410. (35) S. C. Brown, £2

3780 Fraser (W.) Memorials of the Montgomeries, Earls of

Eglinton, 2 vol., portraits and illustrations, half morocco, g.t., uncut, Edinburgh, 1859, 4to. (38) Forrester, £% 2S. 6d.

3781 Hawkwood (John). The Honour of the Taylors, or The

Famous and Renowned History of John Hawkwood Knight, his rare and singular Adventures relating to Love and Arms, in blark and roman letter, headline on frontis

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3782 Henry VIII. A Necessary Doctrine and Erudition for any

Christian Man, fclarfc letter, woodcut title slightly repaired, large coat-of-arms of Henry VIII., with legend, a few MS. notes, calf gilt, with arms on the sides, g.e., by C. Lewis, T. Berthelet xxix. May, 1543, 4to. (40) Young, £2 10s.

3783 Le Maire (Jean). Les Illustrations de Gaule, et Singularitez

de Troy . . . avec les deux epistres de Lament vert, 3 vol., Paris, A. Girault, 1528—Traite de la difference des Scismes et des Concilles, etc., id., 1529—Epitre a Hector, et autres Poesies, id., 1529, in 1 vol., gotflie letter, printers' devices on titles, etc., and several full-page woodcuts, old French morocco, g.e., Paris, A. Girault, 1528-9, 4to. (41)

Dobell, £2 2s.

3784 Shakespeare (W.) Works, edited by E. Staunton, 15 vol.,

edition de luxe, portrait and illustrations on India paper, by Sir J. Gilbert, R.A., as published, 1881, imperial 8vo. (46)

Roche, £2 19s.

3785 Troy. The Destruction of Troy in three Books, with many

Acts of Chivalry and Martial Prowess, 3 vol. in 1, Mark Icttrr. T. Warton's copy, with his autograph on title, calf extra, emblematic tooled sides, with arms in centre, g.e., by C. Lewis, T. Passenger at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, 1670, 4to. (47) Leigh/on, £2 6s.

3786 Arnold (Richard). Chronicle. In this booke is conteyned

the name of ye baylifs custos, maiers and sherefs of the Cite of Londo from the tyme of king richard the furst, and also thartycles of the chartur and libarties of the same Cyte, black letter. 118 leaves stained and four leaves cut in the top line and last leaf defective, old calf, rebacked {Antwerp, John Doesbrowe, 1502), folio (52) Quarilch, £1} [First edition. Contains the celebrated ballad of "The Nut Brown Maid." Collation: Eleven preliminary leaves and folio i.-exviii. (wanted lxii.-lviii., lxxi.-lxxiv.) Sold not subject to return.—Catalogue.]

3787 Ayton (R.) A Voyage round Great Britain, 2 vol., coloured

plates by Daniel, half calf, 1814, folio (53)

E. Parsons, £2 19s.

3788 Celsus de Medicina, first edition, large copy, a few MS.

notes, first and last three leaves stained and a few wormholes, russia (one cover loose), y. e., F/orenlice, a Nicolao impressus, 1478, folio (58) Osier, £9

3789 Coeck (P.) The Turks in 1533, with Introduction by Sir

W. S. Maxwell, illustrations, Privately printed, 1873, oblong folio (59) Forrester, £2

3790 Dennistoun (J.) Illustrations for the Memoirs of the Duke of

Urbino, plates on India paper, Privately printed, (851, 4to. —Macreth (R.) The Beauties of Tinsdale, plates on India paper, presentation copy to the Marchioness of Londonderry, morocco, g. e., n. d., together 2 vol., folio (62)

Leighton, £1 4s.

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