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3791 Drayton (M.) Poly-Olbion, a Chorographicall Description

of all the Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, etc. of Great Britain, digested into a Poem, 2 vol. in 1, frontispiece, cut into and pierced, and title to part ii. reprinted, maps, printed title to part i. and leaf in verse facing frontispiece, russia extra, g. e., 1622, folio (64) Quaritch, £7 17s. 6d.

3792 Florence Gallery. Tableaux, Statues, Bas-Reliefs et Camees

de la Galerie de Florence et du Palais Pitti, 4 vol., plates, half russia, joints cracked, Paris, 1789-92, folio (66)

Maggs, £1 12s.

3793 Foster (J. J.) British Miniature Painters and their Works,

LARGE PAPER, 125 copies printed, 59 plates, uncut, 1898, folio (67) E. Parsons, £5 3s.

3794 Froissart. Le premier (le second, le tiers et le quart) Volume,

Des Chroniques de France, dangleterre, descoce, despaine, de Bretaigne, de Gascongne, de Flandres, etc., 4 vol. in 3, gotl)ir Irttrr. printed in double columns, printer's device on titles, etc., calf, the sides of vol. i.-ii. tooled all over to a Grolier design, the other vol. in old calf, g. e., all the vol. rebacked, uniform, Paris, A. Verard et G. Eustace (1506-14), folio (68) Leighton, £\i,

3795 Gardiner (W. N.) The Months, a series of 12 engravings

after Hamilton, open-letter impressions, half morocco, g.e., original set, T. Macklin, 1788-93, folio (69) Sabin, £21 10s.

3796 Lavater (J. C.) Essays on Physiognomy, translated by Dr.

Hunter, 5 vol., portraits, etc., russia, panelled sides, joints, g.e. (some joints cracked), 1789-98, folio (74) Roche, £\ 3s.

3797 Musee Franqais, Recueil Complet des Tableaux, Statues et

Bas-Reliefs, avec l'explication des Sujets par S. C. CrozeMagnan, publie par Robillard-Peronville et Laurent, 4 vol., plates, russia, gilt borders on the sides, g. e. (covers of vol. i. loose), Paris, 1803-9, folio (77) Roche, £2 6s.

3798 Purchas (S.) His Pilgrimes, contayning a History of the

World in Sea Voyages and Land Travels by Englishmen and others, 5 vol., original engraved frontispiece, cut round and mounted, last leaf of text vol. iv. mounted, title to vol. v. soiled and mounted, as is also the last leaf, the shortest vol. (iv.) measures 12% by 8>s, maps, etc., calf (3 vol. rebacked), r. e., 1625-6, folio (81) Sotheran, £1$

3799 Rossini (L.) Antichita di Roma, 1 vol. in 3, plates of ruins

and buildings in Rome, half russia, m.e., Roma, 1825, atlas folio (83) Winter, £2 2s.

3800 Shakespeare Gallery, by Boydell, 2 vol. in 1, 100 plates after

Smirke, West, Fuseli, Ramberg, Sir J. Reynolds, etc., russia extra, g. e., 1803, atlas folio (86) Quaritch, £17 5s.

Another Property.

3801 Aiken (H.) The Analysis of the Hunting Field, forming a

Souvenir of the Season 1845-6, first edition, illustrations, coloured and plain, by Henry Aiken, signature of J. R. Fielding on coloured title, half calf gilt, g.e., R. Ackermann, 1846, imperial 8vo. (93) Shepherd, £3 8s.

3802 Barham (Rev. R. H.) Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and

Marvels, first edition, illustrations by Leech and Cruikshank, 3 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, R. Bentley, 1840-42-47, 8vo. (95) Hopkins, £10 15s.

3803 Carey (David). Life in Paris, the Rambles, Sprees and

Amours of Dick Wildfire in the French Metropolis, original edition, 21 coloured plates and 22 woodcuts, by George Cruikshank, tree-calf extra, g.e., J. Fairburn, 1822, 8vo. (97)

Sot her an, £7

3804 Cock-fighting. Cocking and its Votaries, by S. A. T., illus

trated with portraits, coloured and plain plates, old advertisements, cockpits, etc., new calf, uncut, t. e. g., Privately printed, n. d., 8vo. (98) Sotheran, £3 ,os

3805 Cruikshank (George). Fairy Library. Puss in Hoots—Hop

o' My Thumb—Jack and the Beanstalk—and Cinderella, original issues, 28 etchings, original wrappers, in cloth portfolio, together 4 vol., Routledge and Bogue, n.d., 8vo. (99) Hornstein, £7 15s.

3806 De Quincey (Thomas). Confessions of an English Opium

Eater, first edition (name of Edw. Leese on title), morocco extra, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, Taylor and Hessey, 1822, 8vo. (101) S. C. Brown, £6

3807 Egan (Pierce). The Life of an Actor, dedicated to Edmund

Kean, original edition, 27 coloured plates by Theodore Lane and original designs on wood by Thompson, calf gilt, C. S. Arnold, 1825, imperial 8vo. (104)

Sotheran, £1 15s.

3808 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Good Natur'd Man, a Comedy, as

performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden, by Mr. Goldsmith, first edition (with half-title), morocco extra, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, W. Griffin, 1768, 8vo. (105)

Maggs, £7 7s. 6d.

3809 Hawker (Lieut.-Col. P.) Instructions to Young Sportsmen

in all that relates to Guns and Shooting, third edition, considerably enlarged and improved, with 10 explanatory plates, LARGE PAPER, extra illustrated with 50 plates, chiefly of game birds, coloured, morocco super extra, t.e.g., by Tout, Longman, 1824, imperial 8vo. (106) Maggs, £10

3810 Keats (John). Endymion, a Poetic Romance, first edition,

calf gilt, r. e., Taylor and Hessey, 1818, 8vo. (108)

Hornstein, £% 7s. 6d.

3811 Keats (John). Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of St. Agnes and

other Poems, first edition, morocco extra, g.e., by R. de Coverley, Taylor and Hessey, 1820, 8vo. (109)

Shepherd, £9 5s.

3812 Lamb (Charles). Blank Verse, by Charles Lloyd and Charles

Lamb, first edition, morocco plain, uncut, t.e.g., by Zaehnsdorf, J. and A. Arch, 1798, 8vo. (110) Maggs, £\o 10s.

3813 Lamb (Charles). Elia, Essays which have appeared under

that Signature in the London Magazine—and The Last

Essays of Elia, first editions, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by
Riviere, morocco cases, Taylor and Hessey, 1823 — E.
Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (111) Shepherd, £11 10s.

3814 Marguerite de Yalois, Heine de Navarre. Heptameron

Francois. Les Nouvelles, first edition, with the fine plates after Freudenberg, vignettes and culs-de-lampe by Duncker, thick paper, 3 vol., morocco extra, double, tooled in leafy and line scrolls with crowned M. and fleurs-de-lis (in Clovis Eve's style), joints, g. on m.e., by Hardy, Berne, chez la Nouvelle Soc. Typogr., 1780-1, 8vo. (112) Rolandi, £10

3815 [Prevost (Abbe).] Suite des Memoires et Avantures d'un

Homme de Qualite qui s'est retire' du Monde [contenant la premiere edition de 1'Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut], morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Ants/, aux depcns de la Compagnie, 1733, 8vo. (113)

Sot her an, £1 16s.

3816 S. (J.) The True Art of Angling, or the Best and Speediest

Way of taking all sorts of Fresh-Water Fish, with the Worm, Fly, Paste and other Baits in their proper Seasons, etc., first edition, woodcut frontispiece and engravings of fish, calf extra, y. e., Printed for G. Conyers and John Spring in Little Britain, 1696, 8vo. (114) Sothcran, £1 2s.

3817 Swift (Dean). Travels into several remote Nations of the

World, in Four Parts, by Lemuel Gulliver, first edition (third issue), continuous pagination, portrait and maps, 2 vol., calf, Benj. Motte, 1726, 8vo. (115) Dobell, £\ us.

3818 Acuna (Chr. de). Nuevo Descubrimiento del Gran Rio de

las Amazonas, primera edicion, original limp vellum, Madrid, impr. del Keyno, 1641, small 4to. (116)

Aparicio, £\ 6s.

3819 Feltham (Owen). Resolves, a Double Century, fifth edition,

with large Alphabetical Table, engraved title, original limp vellum, H. Seile, 1634, small 4to. (119) Dobell, £1 2s.

[An interesting copy to Bacon-Shakespearians, with scribblings and signatures by a certain John Morley, whohad also written the cryptic word "Inhonorificabilitudinitatibus."—Catalogue.]

3820 Practica Lanfranci. Aurea et excellens Judicibus, Advocatis

notariis practicisq. Omnibus, etc., lit. gotf).. title in red and black within woodcut border, original calf binding, stamped with the arms of King Henry VIII. and Catherine of Aragon, supported by angels on upper cover, the under cover having the royal English arms alone, with greyhound and griffin as supporters, angels above, Tudor rose and portcullis, sides well preserved, but back damaged, Lngd. inced.Jo. David {impensis Jac. Giunta), with device, 1531, small 4to. (124) Maggs, £20 10s.

3821 Scott (Sir Walter). Auld Robin Gray, a Ballad,' by the Right

Hon. Lady Anne Barnard, born Lady Anne Lindsay of
Balcarras [edited by Sir Walter Scott], frontispiece by C. K.
Sharpe, presentation copy from Sir Walter, with inscription
on fly-leaf, "To Mrs. Graham, from her most respectful &

affectionate friend Walter Scott," morocco super extra, g. e., by Chatelin, Edinburgh, Ballantyne, 1825, 4to. (127)

Quaritch, £ 11

3822 White (Rev. Gilbert). Natural History and Antiquities of

Selborne, co. Southampton, first edition, 9 views and other illustrations, half calf, m.e., B. White, 1789, 4to. (130)

Shepherd, £% 10s.

3823 Gainsborough (Thomas). Engravings from his Works, by J.

Scctt, G. H. Every, G. Sanders and other eminent Engravers, 125 portraits, Larcje Paper, India proofs, half morocco gilt, g.e., H. Graves and Co., n.d., imperial folio (132) Sothertm, £25 10s.

3824 Hoare (Sir R. C.) Ancient and Modern History of Wilt

shire, with Benson and Hatchers Salisbury, numerous illustrations, complete set, in 9 vol. (Hundred of South Damerham inlaid), half morocco gilt, t. e. g., cloth joints, 1812-22-52, imperial folio (134) Sotheran, £),z

3825 Lawrence (Sir Thomas). Engravings from his choicest

Works, early issue, 50 engravings, by Lucas, Cousins and others, with a portrait of the Prince Regent, LARGE PAPER proofs (some foxed), half morocco extra, g.e., Hodgson and Graves [1836, etc.], imperial folio (135) E. Parsons, £\o\

3826 Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Engravings from his Works, by

S. W. Reynolds and other eminent Engravers, 570 portraits and other subjects, with printed titles and lists of plates, 53 extra plates inserted (mounted), 6 vol., half morocco extra, g.e., Graves and Co., n.d., imperial folio (136)

Sotheran, £*>%

3827 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies,

published according to the True Originall Copies, the second impression, title containing portrait and verses, '* Upon the Effigies," and last leaf in facsimile, plain corners and margins of some leaves at beginning and end repaired (12^ by 9,% inches), morocco plain, gilt edges, by W. Pratt, sold not subject to return, 7". Cotes for R. Allot, 1632, folio (137) Dobell, £22

3828 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies,

published according to the True Original Copies, the third impression, facsimiles of the verses, Chetwynde, 1663, title with portrait, and first leaf of dedication [A copy of the Third Folio Edition issued without the Spurious Plays], text and other preliminaries good and sound, but a plain corner or two mended, measures I2>£ by %% inches, morocco plain, g. e., by W. Pratt, sold not subject to return, Printed for Philip Chet-aiindc, 1663, folio (138) James, £50

3829 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies,

published according to the true Original Copies, unto which is added Seven Plays never before printed in folio, the fourth edition, Droeshout portrait opposite title with verses beneath, genuine, but plain inner margin and corner mended, measures 14 by 9 inches, morocco, with antique gilt tooled ornaments, g. e., by W. Pratt, Printed for H. HerringmoH, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, 1685, folio (139)' James, £79

3830 Stafford Gallery. Engravings of the Marquis of Stafford's

Collection of Pictures in London, arranged according to Schools and in Chronological Order, with Remarks by Ottley and Tomkins, Large Papkr, India proof plates, 4 vol. in 1, russia extra, y.e. (cracked), 1818, atlas folio (140) Tregaskis, £2 10s.

Other Properties.

3831 Aiken (H.) Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton,

Esq., of Halston, Shropshire, by Nimrod (C. J. Apperley), first edition, 12 coloured plates by Henry Aiken, original cloth, Ackermann, 1835, 8vo. (141) Robson, £14 15s.

3832 America. Canada. Reglement de la Confrerie de l'adoration

perpetuelle du S. Sacrament, et de la Bonne Mort, eYigee clans l'Eglise Paroissale de Ville-Marie en l'lsle de Montreal en Canada, nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee et augmented, original boards, in morocco case, the first book printed at Montreal with a date and place of printing, A Montreal, chec F. Merplet et Berger, 1776, i2mo. (143)

B. F. Stevens, £3 3s.

3833 American Common Prayer. The Hook of Common Prayer,

etc. as revised and proposed to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, original edition (the only edition containing a Special Service for the Fourth of July), with the Psalms in Metre, signature of Samuel Johnston on last leaf, American calf, Philadelphia, Hall and Sellers, 1786, 8vo. (144) Ellis, £6

3834 America. Jackson (J. VV.) Life of, the Alexandria Hero,

the Slayer of Ellsworth, the First Martyr in the Cause of Southern Independence, original boards, Richmond ( Va.), West and Johnston, 1862, 8vo. (146) B. F. Stevens, £\ 4s.

3835 America. Maximiliani Transylvani De Maluccis Insulis

itemq. aliis pluribus mirandis, quae novissima Castellanorum Navigatio Sereniss. Imp. Caroli V. auspicio suscepta nuper invenit, ad Card. Saltzburgensem epistola lectu perquam jucunda, title within Holbein border in compartments, new boards, Colonice in ted. Eucharii Cervicornii, 1523, 8vo. (147) Qi/aritch, £28

[The first edition of the first account of the first circumnavigation of the world, and the first book on the Philippine Islands.—Catalogue.]

3836 America. Pagan (Blaize Francis de). An Historical and

Geographical Description of the Great Country and River of the Amazones in America, being that place which Sr. Walter Rawleigh intended to Conquer and Plant when he madv. his Voyage to Guiana, translated from the French by Wm. Hamilton, with the rare folding map, original calf, J. Starkey, 1661, 8vo. (148) Edwards, £2 2s.

3837 America. The Crisis, Nos. 1-6 (perhaps all published by

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