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the New Place and the Birthplace Museum, and on the Re-arrangement of the Library, drawn up in pursuance of directions given by the Trustees, May 5, 1881, and now submitted to the consideration of the Executive Committee, Stratford-on-Avon, 1881, 8vo. (673) Pearson, £5 [This pamphlet is headed "Private and Confidential." Inserted is an autograph letter (marked "Private") of Halliwell's, entirely in reference to the sale of his Shakespearean collections to an American amateur.—Catalogue.]

4044 Shakespeare (W.) Malone (Edmond). An Inquiry into the

Authenticity of certain Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments, published December 24, 1795, anc' attributed to Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth and Henry, Earl of Southampton, illustrated by facsimiles of the genuine handwriting of that Nobleman and of her Majesty, a new facsimile of the handwriting of Shakespeare, never before exhibited, and other authentick documents, in a letter addressed to the Right Hon. James, Earl of Charlemont, original boards, uncut, fine paper presentation copy, with inscription in the autograph of the author, 1796, 8vo. (675)

Marsh, £\ 12s.

4045 Shakespeare's Birthplace. The Gentleman's Magazine and

Historical Chronicle, vol. xxxix., for the year m.dcc.lxix., by Sylvanus Urban, Gent., maps and plates, half bound, 1769, 8vo. (677) Pearson, £1 16s.

[Facing page 344 is an engraving, after R. Greene, by B. Cole, of the house in which Shakespeare was born. Mr. Sidney Lee (Alleged Vandalism at Stratford-on-Avon) states that the earliest known engraved view of the birthplace is dated 1788.—Catalogue.]

4046 Shakespeare (W.) Apologie de Shakespear, en Reponse a

la Critique de M. de Voltaire, Traduite de PAnglois de Madame de Montagu, first edition, a miniature portrait of Shakespeare on title, original wrapper, uncut, Londres, 1777, 8vo. (683) Pearson, £2 9s.

4047 Shakespeare (W.) Macbeth, Tragddie, remise au theatre le

premier Juin 1790, par M. Ducis, Secretaire ordinaire de Monsieur, l'un des quarante de l'Academie Francaise, uncut, Paris, 1790, 8vo. (684) Pearson, £3 10s.

4048 Shakespeare (W.) Romani (Felice). Amleto Melodramma

Tragico di Felice Romani da Rappresentarsi nell 'i R. Teatro Alia Scala il carnevale dell' anno 1823, first edition in Italian, uncut, Milano (1823), 8vo. (687)

Sotheran, £1 10s.

4049 Shakespeare (W.) Giulio Cesare Tragedia di Shakspeare

recata in Italiano da Ignazio Valetta, first edition in Italian, original wrapper, uncut, Firenze, 1829, 8vo. (688)

Sotheran, £1 19s.

4050 Shelley (Percy Bysshe). A Vindication of Natural Diet,

being one of a series of Notes to Queen Mab (a Philosophical Poem), with the half-title, sewn, in morocco slip case, London, printed for J. Callow, Crown Court, Prince's Street, So/w, by Smith &* Davy, Queen Street, Seven Dials, 1813, 8vo. (693) Atkinson, ,£83

[The main object of this pamphlet was to show that a vegetable diet was the most natural, and therefore the best for mankind. Shelley was a convert to vegetarianism, chiefly, probably, through his intimacy with the Newton family, and there is no doubt that he adhered to his principles during the rest of his stay in England, that is from 1813 to the spring of 1818. This is the only copy known to have occurred for sale in an auction room.— Catalogue.]

4051 Shakespeare (W.) Loves Labours Lost, a Wittie and

Pleasant Comedie, as acted by his Majesties Servants at the Blackfriers and the Globe, written by William Shakespeare (the second edition in quarto), title stained and has some holes in it, letterpress perfect, wanted text before D, G 4, H 1 -2 and all after 14, sold not subject to return, IV. S. for John Smethwicke, 1631, 4to. (771) Sotheran, £3 5s.

4052 Shakespeare (W.) Measure for Measure, or Beauty the Best

Advocate, as it is acted at the Theatre in Lincoln's-lnn
Fields, calf extra, g. e., the first separate edition of
"Measure for Measure," 1700, 4to. (772) Marsh, £4 18s.

4053 Shakespeare (VV.) Fairy Queen (The), an Opera, repre

sented at the Queen's Theatre by their Majesties Servants, first edition (top margins shaved), 1692, 4to. (773)

Martin, £2 2s.

[This is Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream,'* with additions, songs and dances. It is reprinted in Dr. Furness' edition of Shakespeare, vol. x., pages 340-343.— Catalogue.]

4054 Shakespeare (VV.) Venus and Adonis and The Passionate

Pilgrim, from the editions of 1599—Epigrammes, by Sir John Davies—and Certaine of Ovid's Elegies, translated by G. Marlowe, edited by C. Edmonds, LARGE Paper, morocco extra, uncut, one of three copies printed on vellum, 1870, 4to. (774) Berry, £9 5s.

4055 Shakespeare (VV.) Plays and Poems, with the purest text and

the briefest notes, edited by J. Payne Collier, large type, 8 vol., half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Privately printed for subscribers, 1878, 4to. (775) Hopkins, £11 5s.

[Only 58 copies were printed for subscribers.—Catalogue.]

4056 Shakespeare (VV.) The Margarite of America, edited by

J. O. Halliwell, morocco extra, uncut, 1850, 4to. (776)

Pearson, £&

[Halliwell printed 26 copies (only) for presents to Shakespearean students. This copy was presented by him to Payne Collier, who had inserted an autograph letter from Halliwell in reference to Greene's "Pandosto." There were also inserted five 410. pages of notes by Halliwell in reference to his various Shakespearean reprints. The text contained some notes in Payne Collier's autograph.—Catalogue.]

4057 Shakespeare (W.) Bohn (Henry G.) The Biography and

Bibliography of Shakespeare, portrait after Droeshout by H. Robinson as frontispiece, with engravings of thejanssen and Chandos portraits, and numerous plates, original cloth, uncut, Printed for the Members of the Philobiblon Society, 1863 (777) Marsh, £5 5s.

4058 Shakespeare (W.) England's Helicon, by John Bodenham,

first edition (title, next and last two leaves mended, some headlines shaved, otherwise a good copy, contained 99 leaves, Hazlitt says there should be 100, but he perhaps reckoned a blank in A 1, sold not subject to return), morocco extra, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, For fohn Flasket in Paules Church-Yard, 1600, small 410. (778)

Quaritch, £%o

4059 Shakespeare (VV.) Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies,

Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true
Originall Copies, the second impression, wanted title, with
portrait and verses, dedication To the Reader, Upon the
Effigis, the upper portion of the leaf, " The Names of the
Principal Actors," torn off, and pages 95-6 Romeo and
Juliet defective, 12H by 8% inches, old calf, sold not
subject to return, imprint at end, Printed at London by
Thomas Cotes for John Smethiuick, etc., 1632, folio (812)

Greeley, £15

4060 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, pub

lished according to the true Originall Copies, the second impression, title, verses and next 3 leaves in facsimile, several leaves mended, 2 or 3 leaves inlaid, wanted the whole of the tragedy of Cymbeline at end after page 388, I2^s by 8 inches, old calf (rebacked), in new slip half morocco case, sold not subject to return, T. Cotes for P. Allot, 1632, folio (813) Dobell, £7

4061 Shakespeare (VV.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, the

third edition, with Seven Plays, never before printed in Folio, wanted all the beginning before page 2 of The Tempest, and last leaf, 13^ by 8^ inches, modern portrait after Droeshout inserted, vellum, g. e., in half morocco slip case, sold not subject to return, Printed by Philipe Chetivynde, 1664, folio (814) Tregaskis, £g 10s.

4062 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, pub

lished according to the true Original Copies, unto which is added Seven Plays, never before printed in Folio, the fourth edition, wanted portrait, a modern impression inserted, had original verses on a slip, 14^ by 9 inches, old vellum, in half morocco slip case, sold not subject to return, Printed for H. Herringman, E. Brewster and R. Rent ley, 1685, folio (815) Dobell, £3 3s.

4063 Shakespeare (W.) Mr. William Shakespear's Comedies,

Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true
Original Copies, unto which is added Seven Plays, never
before printed in Folio, the fourth edition, portrait by
Droeshout, the verses underneath, with the exception of

one leaf being torn, 14^ by 9% inches, original calf (rebacked), with bookplate of William Dobyns, of Lincoln's Inn, at back of title, Printed for H. Herringman, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, 1685, folio (816) Maggs, £79

4064 Shakespeare's Autograph Signature. Rastall (Wm.) A

Collection in English of the Statutes now in force from Magna Charta to xxxv. Queen Elizabeth, blarfc Irttrr (wanted end after folio 551, title mounted), enclosed in a leather case with straps, T. Wright and B. Norton, 1598 (818) A. Jackson, £§0

[In the fifth leaf of the Table on the outside margin, written longitudinally, is the signature "Wm. Shakespere." This volume was bought amongst others in an auction in 1852 by the late C. W. Hird, Esq., of Portland Chambers, London, and has been submitted to various experts, and compared with the four or five hitherto known and recognised signatures of Shakespeare. While none of them give an authoritative decision, the consensus of opinion goes to show that this signature is not an Ireland forgery, but was probably written soon after the book was published. The book has on the fly-leaf two signatures of "Thomas Bragge," a well-known Stratford-on-Avon family contemporary with Shakespeare. It was left by will of the late owner to his grandson, the present possessor. A printed account of researches in connection with the signature and two letters of Pym Yeatman accompanied this lot.—Catalogue.]

4065 Shakespeare (VV.) Essayes written in French by Michael

Lord of Montaigne, Knight of the Order of St. Michael,
Gentleman of the French King's Chamber, done into
English, according to the last French edition, by John
Florio, Reader of the Italian tongue unto the Soveraigne
Majestie of Anna, Queene of England, Scotland, France
and Ireland, etc., and one of the Gentlemen of hir Royall
Privie Chamber, portrait of Florio, by Hole, original calf
binding, Bradwood, 1613, folio (819) 5. C. Brown, £9

[The second edition in English. The verses ascribed to
Shakespeare at folio A 4 (" Concerning the Honour of
Bookes ") are here printed for the first time.—Catalogue.]

4066 Smith (Albert). Adventures of Mr. Ledbury and his friend

Jack Johnson, first edition, 3 vol., original brown cloth, uncut, illustrations by John Leech, 1844, 8vo. (700)

Rawson, £\o

[Presentation copy, with inscription on title, "M. Baugniet with kindest regards from his friend Albert Smith, 1844."— Catalogue.]

4067 Smollett (T.) Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom, first

edition, 2 vol., uncut copy, morocco super extra, inside dentelles, t.e.g., by Riviere, 1753, 8vo. (186) Sabin, £16 5s. [Sold on April 13th.—Ed.]

4068 Smollett (T.) Adventures of Roderick Random, 2 vol., first

edition, original calf (damaged), 1748, 8vo. (701)

Maggs, £3 7s. 4069 Smollett (T.) Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, in which are

included Memoirs of a Lady of Quality, 4 vol., first edition, original calf (title of vol. iv. torn), 1751, 8vo. (702)

Maggs, £3 12s.

4070 Southwell (Rob., S.J.) St. Peter's Complaint and Saint Mary

Magdalen's Funerall Teares, with sundry other selected and devout poems, original limp vellum, Permissu superiorum, 1616, 8vo. (703) B. F. Stevens, £9

[Probably secretly printed at Doway. This edition contained eight poems not contained in the editions printed in England.— Catalogue.]

4071 Spenser (Edmund). Amoretti and Epithalamion, written not

long since by Edmunde Spenser, original edition, woodcut ornaments in top and lower margins (title repaired, next 3 leaves and last leaf in facsimile, some headlines shaved), half bound, Printed for William Ponsonby, 1575 [at end, P. S.for William Ponsonby], 8vo. (704) Quaritch, £\o

4072 Stage Playes. Bedford (Arthur). The Evil and Danger of

Stage-Plays, shewing their Natural Tendency to Destroy Religion, and introduce a General Corruption of Manners, in almost Two Thousand Instances, taken from the Plays of the two last years, against all the Methods lately used for their Reformation, original sheep, [Bristol] 1706, 8vo. (706) Pout, £1 12s.

4073 Stage Plays. Downes (John). Roscius Anglicanus, or an

Historical Review of the Stage . . ., the Names of the principal Actors and Actresses, who perform'd in the Chiefest Plays in each House, with the names of the most taking Plays, and Modern Poets, etc., old calf (date cut off), Printed and sold by H. Play ford, at his house in Arundel Street, near the Water-side, 1708, 8vo. (707) Marsh, £11 7s.

4074 Stage Plays. Theatrum Redivivum, or the Theatre Vindi

cated, in answer to Mr. Pryn's "Histrio-Mastix," wherein his groundless Assertions against Stage-Plays are discovered, etc., first edition, morocco extra, Printed by T. R. for Francis Eglesfield at the Marigold in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1662, 8vo. (708) Pearson, £•)

4075 Statham (Nich.) Le Grande Abridgment de le Ley, first

edition, printed in a peculiar script character in NormanFrench, commencing (without title) with the table on reverse of the first leaf, contained 2 leaves for the Table, and 188 leaves, long lines, with signatures, old calf, plain margin of the first leaf of the Table cut off [Rouen, Guillaume le Talleurpour R. Pynson, circa 1490], folio (825)

Quaritch, £i,o

4076 Stevenson (R. L.) The Pentland Rising, a Page of History,

in the original light-green wrapper, Edinburgh, 1866, 8vo. (709) B. F. Stevens, £5 10s.

4077 Stevenson (R. L.) An Inland Voyage, first edition, original

cloth, 1878, 8vo. (710) West, £7 10s.

4078 Stevenson (R. L.) Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes,

first edition, frontispiece, original cloth, 1879, 8vo. (711)

Shepherd, £1 7s. 6d.

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