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Errata, seventh title in facsimile, morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e., by De Coverley, S. Simmons, 1669, folio (490)

Fox, £9 17s. 6d.

637 Neale (J. P.) Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen

in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, both series, 11 vol., plates, calf gilt, gold borders on the sides, m.e., 1818-29, royal 8vo. (558) /. Bumpus, £8

638 Nichols (J.) Literary Anecdotes and Illustrations of the

Literary History of the Eighteenth Century, 17 vol., portraits, calf gilt, m.e., 1812-58, 8vo. (562) Maggs, £8 2s. 6d.

639 Notes and Queries. Vol. i., first series, to vol. ii., fourth series,

38 vol.—and Indices to the 3 first series, 1849-67, in i vol., together 39 vol., in original cloth, 1849-68, 4to. (502)

Edwards, £8

640 Notes and Queries. First and second series, complete, 24 vol.,

half calf, 1849-61 —and Indices to first and second series, in cloth, 1856-62, 4to. (503) Thorp, £2 3s.

641 Notes and Queries. First series, vol. i.-xi., the first 8 vol. in

cloth, the other 3 half calf, 1849-55—Indices to first series, fourth series (2 copies), and fifth series, 4 vol., cloth, together 13 vol., 1856-80, 4to. (504) Thorp, £7 15s.

642 Oliphant (Mrs.) The Makers of Venice, illustrations, 1887—

Liechtenstein (Princess Maria). Holland House, illustrations and 30 additional portraits inserted, 1875, 8vo. (568)

J. Bumpus, £2 6s.

643 Paris. Les Places, Portes, Fontaines, Eglises et Maisons de

Paris, 240 plates by Perelle, Mariette, etc., half calf, Paris, s. d., oblong 4to. (509) Fontaine, £8 5s.

644 Peacham (H.) Minerva Britanna, or a Garden of Heroical

Devises, furnished and adorned with Emblemes and Impresas of sundry Natures, woodcuts, portion of title, last leaf and some marginal notes in facsimile, sold not subject to return, calf extra, g. e., D. Dight (1612), 4to. (722)

Dobell, £3 7s.

645 Pickering's Aldine Poets. Chaucer, 6 vol.— Spenser, 5 vol.—

Milton, 3 vol.—Gray, 5 vol.—Burns, 2 vol.—Young, 2 vol.— Akenside, Collins, White, Shakespeare, Beddoes, together 28 vol., portraits, uniform half calf, Pickering, 1845, etc > 8vo. (580) Hornstein, £6 12s. 6d.

646 Poltock (R.) Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish

Man, 2 vol., first edition, plates, calf gilt, m.e., 1751, 8vo. (583) Sabin, £5 12s. 6d.

647 Punch, or the London Charivari, vol. i.-c, in 25 vol., illustra

tions, half morocco, m.e., 1841-91, 4to. (729) Roche, £9 5s.

648 Raleigh (Sir W.) Works, with Lives by Oldys and Birch,

8 vol., calf, arms on the sides, m.e., Oxford, 1829, 8vo. (589)

Maggs, £2 16s.

649 Ruskin (J.) Sesame and Lilies, first edition, presentation copy

to "George E. Roberts, F.R.S., with the Author's sincere regards, 1865," original cloth, g. e., 1865, 8vo. (608)

B. F. Stevens, £4 650 Scott (Sir G.) Lectures on the Rise and Development of

Mediaeval Architecture, 2 vol., illustrations, 1879, 8vo. (616)

Batsford, £2

651 Shakespeare (W.) Plays, edited by Staunton and illustrated

by Gilbert, 3 vol. enlarged into 6 by the insertion of additional illustrations, including portraits, plates, including a series after Smirke, etc., half morocco, m. e. (some covers loose), 1858-60, 8vo. (622) Dobell, £2 4s.

652 Shakespeare (W.) Works, with Biography, Knight's Pictorial

Edition, 8 vol., illustrations, original cloth, C. Knight, n. d., 8vo. (623) A. Jackson, £\ 14s.

653 Shakespeare's Library. A Collection of the Plays, Romances,

Novels, Poems and Histories employed by Shakespeare, 6 vol., uncut, 1875, 8vo. (627) Hill, £3

654 Shelley (P. B.) Original Poetry; / by / Victor and Cazire /

Call it not vain :—They do not err,
Who say, that, when the poet dies,
Mute nature mourns her worshipper.

—" Lay of the Last Minstrel." original half russia, fine copy, Worthing /, printed by C. and W. Phillips I for the Authors; / and sold by J. J. Stockdale, 41, Pall-Mall I and all other Booksellers /, i8ro, 8vo. (628)

T. J. Wise, £600

[The only copy that has ever occurred for public sale, and only three others are known. (See the Athenaum, December 12th, 1903, page 797.—Ed.) It is a presentation copy from the printer, with the following autograph inscription on the fly-leaf: "To Mr. Perry. This Poem is given with respectful compliments of Chas. Phillips." Collation: Title, one leaf; contents, one leaf; text pages, 5-64 (or B-I 2 in fours; size of this copy, g% by 5^.—Catalogue. This copy had been in the library of Mr. Nichols for many years, and is said to have been acquired by him for a few pence. "Victor" and "Cazire" stand respectively for Percy Bysshe Shelley and Elizabeth Shelley. The existence of this book was unsuspected till 1859, when Dr. Garnett came across a passage in Stockdale's Budget, 1826-27, which he followed up, and amplified in an article which appeared in Macmillan's Magazine for June, i860, under the title of "Shelley in Pall Mall." It seems that in September, 1810, Stockdale received 1,480 copies of the "Original Poetry" from the printers at Worthing whom he had presumably paid off, Shelley being unable to settle their account. These he retailed at 3s. 6d., advertising the work in "nearly all the London papers of the day." The correspondence between Shelley and Stockdale appears in the issue of Macmillan's Magazine referred to and in some recent editions of Shelley's letters. As [,480 copies were received by Stockdale, and some at least must have been sold, it is highly probable that considerably more than four copies are in existence somewhere. The first was discovered in 1898 by Mr. V. E. G. Hussey, grandson of the Rev. Charles Grove, brother of Shelley's Harriet Grove. It is noticed in Literature, October 22nd, 1898, page 362.—Ed.] 655 Shelley (P. B.) Laon and Cythna, or The Revolution of the Golden City, a Vision of the Nineteenth Century in the Stanza of Spenser, with the rare leaf containing the Greek Ode from Pindar (no half-title), half calf gilt, g. t., other Wotton, Hooker, Herbert and Sanderson, 2 vol., Major's edition, portraits and plates, calf gilt and half calf, m.e., Major, 1825-35, 8vo. (695) Howell, £1 6s.

[Presentation copy "From the Author" in the autograph of Shelley, to Thomas Hookham. This work was afterwards published also in 1818, as "The Revolt of Islam," with many pages cancelled and reprinted. There are a few MS. corrections in the text.— Catalogue^ 656 Symonds (J. A.) Sketches in Italy and Greece, 1874—Studies of the Greek Poets, both series, 2 vol., 1873-6, first editions— Miscellanies, with Memoir by his Son, 1871, 4 vol., 8vo.

657 Symonds (J. A.) Renaissance in Italy—The Age of the

Despots, 1875—The Fine Arts, 1877—The Revival of Learning, 1877—The Catholic Reaction, part i., 1886, 4 vol., original cloth, 1875-86, 8vo. (657) Edwards, £2 4s.

658 Syntax (Dr.) In Paris, or a Tour in Search of the Grotesque,

numerous coloured plates by Williams, half calf gilt, W. Wright, 1820, 8vo. (658) Mendoza, £3 8s.

659 Texier and Pullan. Byzantine Architecture, illustrated by

Examples of Edifices erected in the East, coloured and other plates, Day and Son, 1864, folio (804) Hill, £3 12s.

660 Thomas. Un an a Rome et dans ses Environs. Recueil de

Dessins Lithographies, 72 coloured plates, half morocco, fart's, Didot, 1823, folio (805) Laurie, £3 12s.

661 V'etusta Monumenta. Qua; ad Rerum Hritannicarum

Memoriam Conservandam Societas Antiquariorum Londini, 6 vol., with more than 300 plates, some in colours, half morocco, g. t., 1747-1870, folio (809) E. G. Allen, £6

662 Voragine (J. de). Legenda Aurea, or the Golden Legend,

tlarfc Ifttrr, commences with the table, and at folio 375, sold not subject to return, woodcuts, sound copy, Wynkyn de

663 Walpole (Horace). Essay on Modern Gardening, text in

English and French, first edition, vignette view of Strawberry Hill, russia gilt, m. e., Strawberry Hill, T. Kirgate, 1785, 4to. (764) Howell, £2 10s.

664 Walpole (Horace). Memoirs of the Reign of George III.,

edited by Le Marchant, 4 vol., calf gilt, m.e., 1845, 8vo. (691 "i Rimell, £\ 10s.

665 Walpole (Horace). Memoirs of the Reign of George II.,

edited with notes by Lord Holland, 3 vol., portraits, calf gilt, m.e., 1847, 8vo. (692) Quaritch, £\ 10s.

666 Walpole (Horace). Memoirs of the Reign of George II., with

notes by Lord Holland, 3 vol., second edition revised, portraits, 1847, 8vo. (693) Edwards, £\ 4s.

667 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler—Lives of Donne,

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668 Warburton (E.) Memoirs of Horace VValpole and his Con

temporaries, 2 vol., portraits, 1851, 8vo. (696) Afaggs, £1 12s.

669 White (Rev. G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne,

illustrated with about 230 additional plates (some in colours) and extended to 3 vol., half russia, g. t., uncut, 1813, 410. (766) Ashby, £10

670 White (Rev. J. Blanco). Variedades, 6 Mensagero de Londres

Periodico Trimestre, 2 vol., coloured plates of costumes, views, etc. (a few leaves stained), sheepskin, Londres, Ackermann, 1824-5, 8vo. (703) Rimell, £1 13s.

671 Wither (G.) A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Modeme,

4 parts, each with separate title, frontispiece, and leaf facing cut round and mounted, 4 leaves at end repaired, portrait and numerous plates in the text, sold not subject to return, morocco extra, Harleian tooled sides, g. e., 1635, 0

Dobell, £<, 2s. 6d.

672 Woodward (15. B.) History of Hampshire, or County of

Southampton, including the Isle of Wight, 3 vol., plates, calf gilt, g. e., Virtue, n. d., 4to. (774) Edwards, £2 10s.

673 Wordsworth (W.) Lyrical Ballads, with a few other Poems

(including S. T. Coleridge's Ancyent Marinere), first edition, calf, gold borders on the sides, m.e., 1798, 8vo. (713)

Ellis, £3 18s.

[november 4TH, 5TH And 6th, 1903.]

A Miscellaneous Collection.
(No. of Lots, 921 ; amount realised, about .£700.)

674 Alberti Magni Summa, secunda pars, gotfiir Icttrr. rubricated

capitals, with a fine specimen of a 16th century bookplate (coloured), old stamped pigskin, Basil, 1 507, folio (633)

Afaggs, £2 9s.

675 Angelo (D.) Treatise on Fencing, with a Dissertation on the

Use of the Broad Sword, Memoirs of Angelo and Biographical Sketch of Chevalier St. George, mezzo-portrait of M. de St. George by W. Ward and 53 plates (some margins damp-stained), half calf, g. e., 1817, folio (284)

Roche, £2 12s.

676 Audsley and Bowes. Keramic Art of Japan, numerous coloured

plates, complete in 7 parts, wrappers, 1875, folio (312)

Edwards, £1 8s. 677 Baes (J.) Tours et Tourelles Historiques de la Belgique, 50

coloured views, in portfolio, Bruxelles, n. d., royal folio (318)

Thorp, £2

678 Boswell. Life of Samuel Johnson, including a Journal of his

Tours 10 the Hebrides and to Wales, Correspondence with Mrs. Thrale, Johnsoniana, etc., with Notes by J. Wilson Croker, revised by John Wright, plates and facsimiles, extra illustrated by the insertion of upwards of 150 portraits and views, 10 vol., half morocco, cloth sides, t. e. g., 1859, 8vo. (78) Edwards, £5

679 British Archaiological Association. Journal, numerous illus

trations, vol. ii. to lviii. (No. 36 for 1853, and vol. xxxiv., 1878 missing), with Transactions at Winchester, 1845, 56 vol. cloth and 3 numbers sewed, 1846-1902, 8vo. (184)

Ftatsford, £5 10s.

680 Browning (R.) Paracelsus, first edition (name on title and

half-title), drab boards, uncut, London, E. Wilson, 1835, 8vo. (200) Spencer, £2 14s.

681 Carleton (W.) Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry,

illustrations by Harvey, "Phiz," Franklin, etc. (some stained), 2 vol., in the 25 numbers with the wrappers, Dublin, 1843-4, 8vo. (76) Spencer, £1 16s.

682 Chaucer. The Workes of our Ancient and Learned English

Poet, Geffrey Chaucer, edited by Thomas Speght, Mark letter, title within woodcut border (margin defective) and full-length portrait, London, Adam Islip, 1598, folio (629)

Tregaskis, £3

683 Chertsey (Andrew). The Crafte to lyve well and to dye well,

numerous woodcuts, Mark letter, double columns, Wynkyn de Worde, 1505, 4to. (614) Quaritch, .£35

[This was a fragment consisting of 98 folios. It had a portion of the old leather stamped binding attached. The title-page of this scarce work discloses a horse, trapped, drawing a cart; on the reverse the same cut with 24 lines of verse, commencing—

O mortall man, lyfte up thyn eye And put all vanytes out of thy mynde. A portrait of the author faces. He is represented sitting before an elevated desk, his books surrounding him. About 150 small cuts, in a very rude style, some of them introduced from a popular edition of the " Life of Christ." The work is said to have been translated by Andrew Chertsey.— Ed.]

684 Classical Review, The, vol. i. to xv., in 9 vol., cloth, D. Nutt,

1887-1901, 8vo. (183) Harrassowitz, £2 5s.

685 Clementis Papae V. Constitutiones, golftir letter, headings of

the chapters printed in red, original binding, Venet., J. de Colonia, 1479, royal folio (642) Leighton, £5

686 [Cockayn (G. E.)] Complete Peerage of England, Scotland,

Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant,
Extinct or Dormant, edited by Cockayn, first 5 vol.
(A to M), boards, 1887-93, 8vo. (129) Harding, £\o

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