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Locksmith's Work. See Cabinet-Making


Maps. See Atlases. Charts

Marbles. See Sculpture




Metallurgy. See Geology

Mining and Minerals


Music and Musicians

National Debt and Public Credit
Natural History (General). See also

Voyages and Travels
Naval. See Military
Navigation. See Yachting


Ornithology, Oology

Pedigrees. See Genealogy

Peerages. See Genealogy




Picture Galle'ries. See General Index

Plans. See Atlases

Plate (Gold and Silver)

Playing Cards

Plays. See also Drama


Political Economy

Portraits. See General Index ("Portraits")

Precious Stones
Proverbs. See Folk Lore


Registers (Church and Parish), Records

Religious Ceremonies. See Theology

Rhetoric. See Logic

Riding. See Horse-racing, Horses

Romances of Chivalry

Ruins. See Archaeology

Science (General)

Scots Darien Scheme

Sculpture and Marbles

Ships and Shipping. See Yachting


Songs. See also Music and Musicians
South Sea Bubble

Sporting. Pastimes. See also under Spe-
cial Subjects

Superstitions. See Folk Lore

Tapestry. Embroidery, etc.




Tortures. See Crime and Criminals

Tracts. See General Index (" Tracts ">

Trade and Commerce

Travels. See Voyages and Travels


Upholstery. See Cabinet-Making
Usury. See Interest and Usury


Visitations (Heralds')
Voyages and Travels

Wood-Carving. See Cabinet-Making
Writing. See Penmanship


Acts of Parliament. See Statutes

Argenville (M. d*) La Theorie du Jardin-
age, 4609

13. (J.) Epitome of the Art of Hus-
bandry, 4621

Barker (T.) Country-Man's Recreation,

Bellot (Jas.) Booke of Thrifte, 2271,

Blake (S.) Compleat Gardener's Prac-
tice, 4625
Book of Fruits and Flowers, 4627
Boyceau (Jac.) Traite du Jardinage,

Casteels (P.) Flowers and Fruit, 4637
Chambers (W.) Kcw Gardens, 4524
Churton (R.) Olde Thrifte Revived,

Collection of Works on, 4888-4903
Commelinus (J.) Rariorum Plantarum

Descriptio, 4644
Cook (M.) Forest Trees, 4646
Cotton (C.) Planter's Manual, 4648
Countryman's Recreation, The, 5559
Crescentio (P.) De Agricultura, 5746

Agriculture {continued):

Crescentio (P.) Le Bon Mesnaiger, 1842
Dany (Le Frere). L'Art de Semer des

Sauuaigeaux, 4653
Declaration (A) Respecting Forests, 4655
Digby (Sir K.) Vegetation of Plants, 5750
Dubravius (J.) New Book of Hus-
bandry, 4658
Evelyn (J.) Acetaria, 765
Evelyn (J.) French Gardiner, The, 4663
Fitzherbert. Book of Husbandrie, 2110
Franeau (J.) Jardin d'Hyver, 4671
Gardener's Chronicle, The, 738
Gardiner (R.) Kitchen Gardens, 4673
Googe (Barnaby). Foure Bookes of

Husbandry, 1614
Hill (T.) Art of Gardening, 137
Husbandman's Fruitful Orchard, 4703
Lang ford (T.) Fruit Trees, 4721
Le Moyne (Jac.) La Clef des Champs,

Loris (D.) Le Thrcsor des Parterres,

Maniere (La) planter en Jardins, 4729
Markham (G.) Compleat Husbandman
—Whole Art of Husbandry, 2784-5

Agriculture {continued):

Mascal (L.) How to Plant and Grafte,

4732 , ,

Mason (Geo.) Design in Gardening,4735
Mollet (A.) Le Jardin de Plasir, 4739
Pope (A.) Plan of his Garden, 4748
Quint in ye (M. de la). The Corapleat

Gard'ner, 322
Reid {Jno.) The Scots Gard'ner, 3243
Repton (H.) Landscape Gardening,

2734-35. 5696
Rose (Jno.) English Vineyard, 4753
Scott (R.) Pertite platforme of a Hoppe

Garden, 4756-7
Taverner (Jno.) Experiments concern-
ing Fish and Fruit, 4768
Vallet (P.) Le Jardin de Henri IV.,

Various Works, 4614

Walpole (H.) Essay on Gardening, 663

Wit (F. de). Theatrum Florum, 4783

Almanacks. See General Index


Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers, 2730
Whymper <E.) Scrambles among the
Alps, 1213

America. See General Index, "America,
Works relating to," also under the names
of the Authors

Amours, etc:

Ananga-Ranga (1885), 988
Baudius (Dom.) Amores, 2990
Boccacrfj (G.) Amours de Fflamette,

Boccaccio (G.) I.abrintod* Amore, 1807
Bran tome (P.) Dames Galantes, 5470
Chappuis (G.) Avantures "de Luzman,

Ferrand (J as.) Erotomania, 5874
Moore (A.) Annals of Gallantry, 2729
Olivicro (A. F.) La Alamanna, 1913
Rambler's Magazine, The, 1709
Theagene et Chlariclee, 3125

Aldam (W. H.) Treatise on "Fleas,"

Bowlkcr (R.) Art of Angling, 4629
Chatto (W. A.) Angler's Souvenir, 1009
Fisheries, Works on, 5222-27
Marston (Edward). Works on Angling,

Phillips (H.) Enjoyment of Angling,

Proud (W. A.) Collection of Books on
Aneling (in Alphabetical Order), 2752-

Pulman (G. P. R.) Book of the Axe,

S. (J.) True Art of Angling, 3816
Scrope (W.) Salmon Fishing, 776
Secretes of Angling (in Verse), 2271
Venables (Col.) Experienced Angler,

Walton (Isaac). See General Index

Anthropological Institute. Journal, 2571
Catlin (G.) North American Indians,

Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting, 2068
Earle (A.) New /ealanders, 3952
Ethnological Society. Journal, 2571
Schoolcraft (H. K } Indian Tribes, 5483
Watson and Kaye. People of India,

r (General):
Adam (R.) Diocletian's Palace at Spa-

latro, 2978
Antiquarian Itinerary, The, 2827
Archreologia Americana, 2630
Archaeologia Cambrensis, 2631
Archseologia Cantiana, 2519
Archa?ological Association (Journal), 4
Athens, Antiquities of (Stuart and

Rcvett), 1467
Billings (P. W.) Baronial and Ecclesi-
astical Antiquities, 0
Birmingham and Midland Institute, 5590
Brayley (E. W ) Westminster Abbey,

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeologi-
cal Society, 5592
British A re ha&o logical Association, 679
Britton (Jno.) Cathedral Antiquities,

Browne (Sir Thos.) Unie Burial], 4633
Bruce (J. C.) The Roman Wall, 16
Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, 3758
Byrne and Hearne. Antiquities of Great

Britain. 5228
Camden Society. Publications, 185
Canina (I..) Roma Antica, 355
Dalvell (J. G.) Scottish Antiquities,


David (F. A.) Antiquities D'Hercula-
num. 735

Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting. 2068
Drummond (J as.) Scottish Market

Crosses, 3088
Dugdale (\V.) Monasticon, 99
Essex Archaeological Society. 6160
Grose (F.) Antiquities of England

Wales and Scotland, 32
Grose (F.) Antiquities of Ireland, 32
Hall (F.) Explication of the Diall in

the King's Gardens, 3122
Horsley (Jno.) Britannia Romana, 105
Kilkenny Archaeological Society, 4^714
Kingsborough (Lord). Antiquities of

Mexico, 6273
Laing (H.) Scottish Seals. 3156
Lara bard c (W.) Archaionomia, 2650
Lubbock (Sir J.) Pre-historic Times,


Mactaggart (Jno.) Scottish Gallovidian

Encyclopaedia, 3075
Maver Catalogue of Antiquities, The, 254
Middle ton (J. H.) Remains of Ancient

Rome, 4498
Miscellaneous Antiquities (Strawberry

Hill Press), 2060
Montfaucon (B. del. L'Antiquite' Ex-

pliquee, 1:99
Montfaucon (B. de). Monuraens de la

Monarchie Francoise, 1199
Northcote (J. S.) Roma Sotteranea,


Palestine Exploration Fund, 61, 311
Pitt-Rivers (Lt -Col.) Excavations in

Cranborne Chase, 1131
Richardson (C. J.) Old English Man-
sions, 5534
Roberts (P.) Cambrian Popular Anti-
quities, 3700
Rossini (L.) L'Antichita Romanc. 3799
Scott (Sir W.) Border Antiquities, 69
Scottish Society of Antiquaries. Pro-
ceedings, 3257
Surrey Archaeological Collections, 6185

Archaeology {continued) '.

Surtees Society. Publications, 412

Sussex Archaeological Collections, 78

Titer (A. W.) History of the Horn
Book, 2248

Turner (J. M. W.) Antiquarian and Pic-
turesque Tour (S. Coast of England),8x

Verstegan (R.) Restitution of Decayed
Intelligence, 2335

Vetusta Monumenta, 661

Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine, 156

Yorkshire Archaeological Association
(Record Series), 6192

Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, 6191 Architecture:

Adam (R. and J.) Works in Architecture, 2679

Androuet du Cerceau. Bastimens de

France, 6007
Belcher (J.) Architecture in England,


Boys (T. S.) Architecture in Paris, 5656 Bri'tton (J no.) Architectural Works, 5659-60

Chambers (W.) Buildings at Kew, 4524 Fergusson (J.) History of Architecture, 492

Fontana (C.) Templum Vaticauuin,


Gotch (J. A.) Architecture of the Re-
naissance, 2650
Morris (W.) Gothic Architecture, 10S1
Parker (J. H.) Cathedrals of England,

Parker (J. H.) Glossary, 4330
Pennethorn (Jno.) Geometry, etc. of

Ancient Architecture, 2606
Ruskin (J.) Architecture of Venice, 2669
Kuskin (J.) Lectures on Architecture

and Painting, 5931
Ruskin (J.) Nature of Gothic, 1078
Ruskin (J.) Seven Lamps, 889
Ruskin (J.) Stones of Venice, 67
Scott (Sir G.) Mediaeval Architecture,


Street (G. E.) Gothic Architecture—
Brick and Marble iu the Middle Ages,

Tcxier and Pullan. Byzantine Archi-
tecture, 659
Turner (T. H.) Domestic Architecture,


Vitruvius De Architectura, 2379 Armorials. See Genealogy Arms and Armour:

Meyrick (Sir S. R.) Critical Inquiry and Engraved Illustrations, 50 Astronomy:

Alchabitius. Introductio, 239
Astronomical Society, Memoirs, 2573
Astronomische Nachirichten, 2574
Brahe (Tycho). Learned Ticho Brahe,

Liechtenberger (J.) De Conjunctione

Saturai ac Jovis, 1887
Manilius (M.) Astronomicon, 1896
New Starr of the North, 5231

Armstrong (M. J.) A Scotch Atlas, 4521
Blaeu (J.) Atlas Geographia, 89
Mercator (G.) Maps of Ireland, 4534
New York, Map of (Stevens), 333
Paris, Recueil des Plans, etc. (Marot),

Atlases {continued):

Santarem (Vicomte de). Atlas, 5956

Saxton's Maps, 4539

Scale (B.) An Hibernian Atlas, 4521

Smith (J.) Map of Virginia, 5828 Autography. See Penmanship Ballads. See Music and Musicians Banks and Banking:

Collection of Works on, 4981-4996

Aimack (E.) Bibliography of the Eikon
Basilike, 2518

Anderson (C.) Annals of the Bible, 867

Beloe (W.) Anecdotes of Literature,584

Bibltographica. 4459

Bibliographical Society. Publications,

Bibliotheca Americana, 5088
Bibliotheca Regia (Charles I.), 2262
Book-Prices Current (Slater), 1005
Brunet(J.C) Manuel du Libraire, 183
Brydges (Sir E.) Censura Litcraria, 592
Bury (Richard de). Philobiblon, 4151
Copmger (W. A.) Incunabula Biblica

(1892), 4250
Dibdin (T. F.) See General Index
Edwards (E.) Memoirs of Libraries, 196
Fortescue (G. K.) Subject Index, 271
Garnctt (R.) Three Hundred Notable

Books 4386
Gay (J.) Bibliographic des Ouvrages

relatifs a 1'Amour, 4568
Grosart (Dr.) Occasional Issues, 555
Guigard (J.) Armorial du Bibliophile,


Hain (L.) Repertorium Bibliographi

cum, 1371 Haii Kalfa. Lexicon Bibliographicum,


Henry Bradshaw Society, 104
History of the Art of Printing (Edin-
burgh, 1713'. 5237
Humphreys (H. N.) Art of Printing,

Humphreys (H. N.J Illustrated Books,

Libri (G.) Monuments Inedits, 3167
Peignot (G.) Various Works. 401
Philobiblon Society. Publications, 207
Rosart (J. F.) Epreuve des Caractexes,

Shakespeare (W.) Bibliography of

(Bohn), 4057
Slater (J. H.) Book-Prices Current,


Thomas (I.) Printing in America, 2673 Typographical Antiquities, Collection of, 416

Utterson (E. V.) Reprints of Scarce
Books, 747

Watson (Jas.) Art of Printing, 3329

Westwood (T.) Chronicle of the " Coinpleat Angler," 2813 Bindings:

Bookbindings Old and New [Matthews), 5292

Fletcher (W. Y.) English Bookbindings, 2414

Fletcher (W. Y.) Foreign Bookbindings, 2415

Holmes (R. R.) Bookbindings at Windsor, 3387 Biography: Ailesbury, Earl of, Memoirs, 4002

Biography {continued):
Alexander the Great (Cjuintus Curtius),

Angelo (H.) Reminiscences, 1415
Archbishops. Lives of the (Hook), 501
Argenson (Marquis d'). See D'Argenson
Avery (Capt. J.) Life and Adventures,

Bewick and his Pupils (Dobson), 4377
Beranger (P. J. de). Memoirs, 5289
Biographical Dictionary (Ibn Khallikan),

Biographic Universclle, 3006
Blake (W.), Life of (Gilchrist). 2394
Blessington (Countess of) Literary Life,

Blessington (Ladv), Life of (Molloy).5378
Book of Sibvls (Miss Thackerav). 54U
Bruce (Robert), Life of (Barbour), 1535*
Brummell (Beau), Life of (Jesse), 382
Bunie-Jones. A Record and Review

(Belli. 4363
Bums (Robert). Life and Genius (Hen-
lev), 3469
Bvron (Lord). Life of (Noel), 5383
Byron (Lord). Memoirs (Clinton), 5296
Byron (Lord). Records of (Trelawny),

Carlyle (Thos.) Life of (Froude), 550
Casanova (Jacques). Memoirs, 4297
Catherine II. of Russia. Memoirs, 5300
Caxton. Life (Blades), 1353
Cellini (Benvenuto). Life, by J. A.

Symonds, 414
Cellini (Benvenuto). Life (Plon), 4592
Chancellors, Lives of the (Campbell),


Charles Edward, Prince (Lang), 2207
Charles 1. (Skelton), 4599
Charles II. (Airy), 2149
Charles V. Cloister Life (Stirling-Max-
well), 409

Cherbury (Lord Herbert). Autobio-
graphy, 2530

Chnst. In Christi Vitam Epigrammaton
LibeLlus, 1804

Christ. Life of (Branteghem). 1S18

ChrHt. Life of (Ludolphus de Saxonia),

Christ. Life of (lissot). 2749
Cibber (Colley) Apology for his Life,

Clerk (Sir John). Memoirs, 4007
Coleridge (S. T.) Life of (Campbell),

Constable (Jno.) Memoirs (Leslie), 5667
Cosway (Richard, R.A } Memoir (Wil-
liamson), 1012
Cromwell (Oliver). Life (Gardiner), 494
Cruikshank (George). Life of (Jerrold).

Cnnkshank (George). Memoirs (Ste-
phens), 5312
Cuthbert (Saint), (Rainc), 2945
Damien (Father), (Stevenson), 4081
D'Argenson (Le Marquis). Memoires,

De Medicis (Catherine). Life of (Bou-

chot), 4550
LVlan y (M rs.) Autobiography (Lady

Llaiiover), 366
Devonshire. Worthies of Devon

(Prince), 320
Dictionary of National Biography, 193

Biography {continued):

Dodd (Dr.) The Story of (Fitzgerald),

DuVer* (Albrecht). Life and Work

(Thaiising), 3416
Durcr (Albrecht). Life of (Heaton),


Edward V. Life and Death (Sir T. More),

Elizabeth (Princess). History of (Cam-
den), 354
Elizabeth (Queen) (Creighton). 361
England. Divi Britannici (Churchill),

Engleheart (George, the Miniaturist).

Life and Works, 3931
FalstaS (Sir John). Life of (Urough),

456, 1035
Fathers, Lives of the (Butler), 3523
Fathers. Vita? Patrum (1490). 154
Fortunatus, History of, 5673
Four Frenchwomen (Dobson), 5325
Fox (Sir S.) Memoirs, 3106
Francis n( Ass is i. La Vie, 1856
Frederick the Great. Hysteria (Bur-

chardus), 1349
Fuller (Thos.) Worthies of England, 199
Garrick (David*. Memoirs (Davies),

1040, 5318
George III. Memoirs (Jesse), 628
George III. and IV. Memoirs (Huish),


Gozzi (Count). Memoirs, 3453-4
Grammont (Count). Memoirs, by

Hamilton, 375
Granger (J.) Biographical History, 617
Gresap (Capt.) Life of (Jacob), 1513
Greville Memoirs, 277
Grimaldi (Joseph). Memoirs (Dickens),


Gwyn (Nell). Storv of (Cunningham),

Henry VIII. (Pollard), 1132
Hunt (Leigh). Autobiography. 627
Hutchinson (J.) Memoirs. 1490
Huxlev (Professor). Memoirs (Foster),

Iconographie (Van Dyck), 3420
Inchbald (Mrs.) Memoirs, 5354
Jackson (J. W.) Life of, 3834
Jerome (St.) Vita, 1871
Joanme D'Arc Historia (Hordal), 3144
Johnson (Dr.) Life of (Boswell), 44
Johnson (Dr.) Life of (Grant), 5343
Johnsoniana, 3391

Josephine, Imperatrice (Masson), 4578
Lamb (Charles). Life and Works (Aio-
ger), 1117

Leech (Jno.) Biographical Sketch (Kit-
ton), 5365

Leighton (Sir Frederick). Illustrated

Chronicle (Rhys), 2227
Lennox (Lord). My Recollections, 5367
Locker-Lampson (F.) My Confidences,


Louis XIV. Life and Times (James), 40

Louis XV. (Nolhac), 4588-90

H (Miss Fanny). Memoirs (Cle-

land), 2021
Macready (VV. C.) Reminiscences, 5372
Maris Virginis Vita (1587 ?), 5427
Marie Antoinette, La Vie de (Nolhac),


Marie Louise, Imp6ratrice (Masson), 4380

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