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Biography {continued):

Mary Queen of Scots. La Vie, Les

Amours, and other Works, 3x90*93
Mary Queen of Scots. Life and Death

(lidal!), 3192
Mary Queen of Scots {Skelton), 526
Mellon (Harriet). Memoirs (Wilson),


Memoirs of the " Shakespeare's Head/*

Covent Garden, 1725
Michaelangelo, Life of (Symonds), 152
Middleton (Mrs.) Memoir (Steinman),


Milan. Vita? Vicecomitum Mediolani

(1549). 5775
Millais (Sir John). Life and Letters,

Milton (Jno.) Life of (Masson), 559
Mirror of Magistrates, 3200
Morland (Geo.) Life (Blagdon), 1230
Morland (Geo.) Life (Dawe), 4654
Munden (J. S.) Memoirs of, 393
Musicians. Biographic Universelle (Fe-
tis), 197

Mytton (John). Memoirs, by Apperley,

Napoleon I. Life (Sloanc), 1152
Napoleon I. Life (W. H. Ireland), 1987
Napoleon I. Memoirs (Las Casas), 46
Napoleon I. Napoleon in Exile

(O'Meara), 1498
Nash (Beau). Life of (Goldsmith), 2418
Nell Gwyn (Cunningham), 3074
Nepos (Corn.) Vitae, 3212
Noble British Families (Drummond),


Nollekins and his Times (Smith), 4760
Nouvelle Biographie Generale (Didot),

Orrock (James, Painter, etc.), (Webber),

Painters. Lives (Bellori), 2996
Painters. Lives (Vasari), 4518
Peters (Hugh). Life of, 5182
Philosophers. Lives of the (Diogenes La-

ertius), 1927
Pintoricchio, His Life and Work (Ricci),


Pitt (William). Life of (Stanhope), 3227
Players. Lives of the (Gait), 5339
Plutarch's Lives, 1700
Pope (Alex.) Life of (Dilworth). 1702
Popes, Lives of the (" Pilgrimage" by

Niccolsj, 3213
Popes, Lives of the (Platina), 1927
Queens of England (Strickland), 77
Queens of Scotland (Strickland), 529
Racburn (Sir H.) Memoirs (Armstrong),


Raphael, His Life and Work (Crowe and

Cavalcaselle), 4373
Rembrandt, His Life, etc. (Michel),


Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Life and Times
(Leslie), 1410

Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Life of (Phil-
lips). 5391

Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Memoirs (Arm-
strong), 2152
Romncy (Geo.) Life of (Hayley), 875
Romney (Geo.) Life of (Jno. Romney),

Roquelaure (Due del. Secret Memoirs,

Biography {continued):
Rossetti (D. G.) Art and Life (Maril-
lier), 2211

Saints, Lives of the (Baring-Gould), 244
Sappho, a Memoir (Wharton), 5491
Scott (Sir Walter). Homes and Haunts

(Napier), s6o
Scott (Sir Walter). Life, by Lockhart,


Scott (Sir Walter). Recollections, 3258
Scottish Authors. Lives (Mackenzie),

Selwyn (George). Memoirs (Jesse), 628
Sevigne (Mdme. de). Life of, 5389
Shelley (P. B.)t Records of (Trelawny),

Sheridan (R. B.), Biography of (Rae),

Siddons (Mrs.) Life (Campbell), 54°5
Siddons (Mrs.) Memoirs (Boaden), 1003
Smiles (S.) Memoir and Correspondence,

Stael (Mdme. de). Life and Times (Ste-
vens), 5407
Suffolk (Duchess of). Life of (Drue), 195
Sunderland (Countess of). Some Ac-
count (Cartwright), 5299
Tennyson (Lord). Homes and Haunts

(Napier), 560
Tennyson (Lord). Life and Works, 1156
Thackeray (William), Life of (Trollope),

Titian, His Life and Times (Crowe and

Cavalcaselle), 4372
Tussaud (Mdme.) Memoirs, 5419
Urbino, The Dukes of (l)enistoun), 25
Van Dyck. Pictorial Notices (Carpen-
ter), 5425
Vestris (Mdme.) Memoirs, 1758
Victoria (Queen), Life of (Holmes), 4571
Wallace (Wm.) Life and Acts, 1762
Walpole (Horace). Memoirs (Warbur-
ton), 668

Walton (Isaac). Life (Zouch), 2800
Welby (Henry), Life of (T. Hey wood),

VVoffington (Peg). Life and Adventures

(Molloy), 5377
Wolsey (Cardinal), Life of (Cavendish),


Writers to the Signet, History of, 3339
Young (C. Mayne). Memoir, 5436

Albertus Magnus de Virtutibus Her-

barum, 5712
Andrews (H.) Botanist's Repository


Bateinan (Jas.) Odontoglossum, 2383
Bateman (Jas.) Orchidaceae of Mexico,

Baxter (W.) British Pha?nogamous Bo-
tany, 438
Blackwell (Eliz.) Herbal, 4623-34
Blume (C. L.) Flora Jarvaj, 2395
Botanisches Jahresbericht (1873-1900)

Botanist, The (Maund), 4737

Buchoz (P. J.) Fleursde la Chine, 3023

Candolle (A. P. de). Icones Selectae

Plantarum, 2399
Curtis (W.) Botanical Magazine, 364.
Curtis (W.) Flora Londinensis, 23
De Wit (F.) Theatrum Florum. 4783
Edwards (S.) Botanical Register, 4661

Botany (continued):
Evelyn (J no.) Svlva. 2346
Fitzgerald (R. D.) Australian Orchids,

Flower Garden Displayed, 4669
Fuchs (L.) Commentaires, 5337
Gerardc (J .) Herball, 224
Gohori (Jac.) L'Herbe Petum, 4676
Greville (R. K.) Scottish Cryptogaraic

Flora, 852
Griffith (W.) Palms of British East

India, 2421
Grigor (Jas.) Eastern Arboretum, 3118
HerbaL A Boke of the Properties of

Herbes, 3901
Herbal, The Great, 4696
Hooker (Sir W.) Botanical Miscellany,877
Hooker (Sir W.) British Jungerman-

n'tae, 908

Hooker (Sir VV.) Exotic Flora, 2199
Hulroe (F. E.) Familiar Wild and Gar-
den Flowers, 909
Hughes (W.) The American Physitian,

Johnstone and Croall. British Seaweeds,

toumal of Botany. 6116
emaire (Ch.) Flore des Serres et des
Jardins de I'Europe, 856
Liodley (J .) Pomologia Britannica, 858
Linnaeus (C.) Species Plantanim, 1615
Ltnnean Society. Journal and Transac-
tions, 2447
Lobel (M.) Icones Stirpiurn 4529
Loddiges (C.) Botanical Cabinet, 3981
Loudon (J. C.) Arboretum, 4450
Lowe (E.) Ferns, 6100
Maund (B.) Botanic Garden, 4278
Maund (B.) The Auctanum—The Floral

Register, 4736
Miller (P.) Figures of Plants, 2357
Orchid Album, The, 958
Parkinson (J.) Paradisi in Sole, 312
Parkinson (J.) Theatrum Botanicum,

Passe (C.) Hortus Floridus, 1694
Pinaeus (A.) Historia Plantarum, 4745
Pratt (Anne). Flowering Plants, 86i
Ram (VV.) Ram's little Dodeon, 5460
Ravenscroft (E.) Pinetum Britannicum,

Sander (F.) Reichenbachia (Orchids),

Seem an (B) Voyageof the Hera!d,2476
Sibthorp (I.) Flora Graca, 3754
Sowerby (J.) English Botany—Fungi,

Sowerby { J ) Exotic Botany, 4762
Sweet (R.) Geraniacew—British Flower

Gardens, 1209-10
Theophrastus. De Historia Plantarum,


Triggs(H. I.) Formal Gardens. 1211
Turner (W.) Herbal, 4089
Wallich (N.) Planta; Asiatics Rariores,

Warnet (R.) Orchidaceous Plants, 2508
Wight (R.) Indian Botany, 2511
Egan(P.) Boxiana, 3599
MUes (H. D.) Pugihstica, 1390
Carwitham (Joo.) Floor Decorations,

Cabinet-Making {continued)'.
Chippendale (T.) Cabinet MakerVDirec-
tor, 357

Hepplewhite (A.) Cabinet Maker, 1278
Jacquemart (A.l History of Furniture,

Shaw (H.) Ancient Furniture, 3411
Cards. St* Playing Cards
Carpets. See Tapestry
Catalogues. See General Index
Charts. See Atlases

Barbier(J. P.) Game of Chesse Play.1797
Biochino (G.) Game of Chesse Play, 2258
Caxton. Game and Playe of the Chesse,

Chess Player's Chronicle, 2403
Collection of Works on Chess. 4118-39

Chivalry. See Romances of Chivalry


Acquitaine. Les Annales (Bouchet), 1813
Anjou. Croniques (Bourdigne), 1815
Appian. Chronick of the Romanes

Warres, 5714
Aragon. Cronica (Marineus), 1897
Arnold's Chronicle, 1340
Baker's Chronicle, 3876
Bergomensis (J. P.) Supplementura

Chronicarum, 1541
Brittany. Les Grandes Cronicques (Bou-
chard), 1810
Carion's Cronicles, 4555
Champier (S.) Les Grans Croniques ,1829
Chronica del Rev Alonso, 2404
Chronicles and Memorials of Great Bri-
tain, 1459
Cologne Chronicle, The, 1359
Commines (Philip de). Historic 1839
Cronike va Vlaenderc, etc., 1835
England and Brittany. Les Croniques

(Bouchard), 1811
Fa-bian (R.) Chronycle, 1853
Foresti (J. P.) Supplementi Chronica-
rum, 1879
Froissart's Chronicles, 358, 1061
Gaguin (R.) Chroniques de France,i86i
Grafton (R.) Chronicle, 358
Guevara's Chronicle, 1868
Halle (Ed.) Chronicle, 4477
Heath (Jas.) Briefe Chronicle, 5678
Higden (R.) Polycronycon, 1351
Holinshed's Chronicles, 286, 358
Leland (J.) Collectanea de Rebus Bri-
tannic is, 109
Matthew of Paris. Historia Major, 1496
Monstrelet's Chronicles, 1906
Nuremberg Chronicle, The. 1836
Perez de Guzman. Chronica, 5243
Rolewinck (W.) Fasciculus Temporum,

Stowe (J.) Annales, 5254

Stowe (J.) Summarie of Englishc

Chronicles, 2671
Troy. Recueil (Caxton), 1079
Venice. Chronica Ducum Venetorum,


Wyntown (Andrew of). Originate Crony-
kil, 3340

British Classics Burlesqued (Lisle), 3601
Classical Review, The, 684
Corbett (E.) An Old Coachman's Chat-
ter, 499


Coaching: {continued) '.

Harris (S.) Works on Coaching, 499
Hissey (J. J.) Drive thro' England, 74°
Hissey (J. J.) Works on Driving, 4699-

Malet (Capt.) Annals of the Road, 1662
Reynardson (C.) Down the Road, 3699

Coinage and Currency:

Large Collection of Works on, 4827-28.
4853. 4859. 4900-1, 4939-4971

Conchology, Crustacea, Zoophytes:
Jeffreys (J. G.) British Conchology, 910
Wood (W.) Index Testaceologicus, 1216


Accomplished Ladies' Delight, 2752
Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen, A,

Ladies' Cabinet Opened, 4717
Mav (T.) The Accomplished Cook, 5446-

Murrell (Jno.) New Booke of Cookene,

Pastissier Francois (Le), 3968
Queen's Closet Opened, 5445

Coronation Literature. See Pageants

Costumes. See General Index (Costumes)

Crests. See Heraldry

Crime and Criminals. See also Trials
C. (T.) History of Irish Highwaymen,

etc., 3026
Clavell (J.) Recantation, 601
Dumas (A.) Celebrated Crimes, 4559,
Esquemeling (J.) Bucaniers of America,

Fielding (H.) Increase of Robbers, 4666
Johnson (Capt. C.) Highwaymen, 3670,

Pelham (C.) Chronicles of Crime, 860
Crosses (Monumental). See Monu-
Cruising:. See Yachting:
Customs. See Folk Lore, Manners
Customs (Revenue) and Subsidies:
Works relating to, A Collection of, 5047-


Carosa da Sermoneta (F.) Nobilita di

Dame, 1825
Tomlinson (K.) Works on Dancing,
_ 3304-5

Decorative Art. See Architecture,

Fine Art
Deer-Stalking, etc.:

Collyns (C. P.) Chase of the Wild Red

Deer, 604
Scrope (W.) Deer-Stalking, 776
Designs. See also Cabinet-Making,
Fine Art

Jones (Owen). Grammar of Ornament,


Distiller of London, The, 2268
Evonymus, Treasure of, 5437
Jerome of Brunswick. Art of Distilla-
tion, 1880, 2691
Drama, The. See also Plays
Baker (H. B.) The London Stage, 5288
Bell's British Theatre, 245
Biography of the British Stage, 5414
Bullen (A. H.) Old English Plays, 126
Collier (J. P.) English Dramatic Poetry,

Critical Examination of the Perform-
ances of Kean and Macready, 2038

Drama, The (continued):
Dodslev <R.) Old English Plays, 98
Doran (Dr.) Their Majesties' Servants,

Dramatic Characters of the English and

French Stages, 762
Dramatists of the Restoration, 368
Drury Lane Theatrical Gazette, 4445
Dryden (Jno.) Of Dramatick Poesie,


Geneste (J.) The English Stage, 1184
Inchbald's British Theatre, 2877
Kenrick (T.) The British Stage, 2038
Lennox (Lord). Plays, Players and

Playhouses, 5368
Martinet (T.) theatre Francais, 3189
Molloy (J. F.) The Irish Stage. 5379
Motley (Jn° ) List of Dramatic Authors,


Prvnne (W.) Histrio-Mastix, 173
Robson (W.) The Old Play-Goer, 5392
Rover (A.) Histoire de I'Opera, 5396
Rylev (S. W.) The Itinerant, 4419
Sterlme (Earl of). Monarchicke Trage-
dies, 3291
Thespian Dictionary, The, 5415

Drink and Drinking:

Works on, 5172-74. 5440-4*. 5439. 5444.
5455. 5401, 5465

Driving. Sec Coaching

Duelling. See Fencing

Ecclesiastical History. See Theology

Educational See Lexicons


Budge (E. W.) Book of the Dead, 17
Egypt Exploration Fund, 943
Petrie (Flinders) A Season in Egypt,
&c. 147

Petrie (Flinders). Hawara, Arsinoe, etc.

Rosellini (I.) Monument! dell* Egitto,

Devises et Emblemes d'Amour, 3096
Emblemes de 1'Amour Diven, 265
Farley (R.) I.vchnocausia, 3100
Flaruen (A.) Emblesmes Moralisez, 269
Peacham (H.) Minerva Britannia, 644
Ripa (Ca?sar). Iconologia, or Moral Em-
blems, 2949
Sambucus (Jo.) Emblemata, 6065
Whitney (G.) Choice of Emblems, 155
Wither (Geo.) Collection of Emblemes,

Wither (Geo.) The Soules Solace, 4917

Barrett. Lepidoptera, 6089
Charpentier (T. de). Libellulina—Or-

thoptera. 732
Cramer (P.) Papillons Exotiques, 90a
Curtis (J.) British Entomology, 848
De Gcer (C.) Mcmoires, 1170
Donovan (E.) British Insects, 849
Donovan (E.) Insects of China—New

Holland, 938-39
Drury (D.) Exotic Entomology, 941
Entomological Society, 2410
Fowler (Canon). Coleoptera. 6092
Hewitson (W. C.) Exotic Butterflies,


Lacordaire (T.) Coleopteres, 2443
Lang (H. C.) Butterflies, 6098
La Porte. Coleoptcres. 2444
Mason Collection, The, 6089-6133

Entomology (continued')'.

Moore 'F.l Lepidoptera of Cevlon, 2452
Morris (F. 0.) British Moths. 305
Schoenberb (C. J.) Synonymia Insec-

tonim, 2471
Silberman (G-> Revue Entomologique,

Societ* Entomologique de France. An-
nates. 2380
Stainton (H. T.> The Tineina. 121
Stephen* (J. K.) British Entomology,

Stoll {C.) Punasies et Cigales. 916
Westwood (J. O.) Arcana Entomolo-
gica. 977

Westwood (J. O.) Oriental Entomo-
logy, 2509
Wollaston (T. V.) Insecta Maderensis,

Ethnology. Sec Anthropology

A Collection of Works. 5056-69, 5466
Fables. Set Folk Lore

Arcussia <C.) La Fauconnerie. 4608
Bemers (Juliana). Booke of Haukyng,

Hunting, etc., 2?*7-8
Campbell (Jas.) Modem Faulconry, 3034
Harmout (P.) Miroir de Fauconnerie,


Latham (S.) FauIcon's Lure and Cure,

Sebright (J. S.) Observations on Hawk-
ing. 3715
Turbervile (Geo.) Falconry, 1450

. Sohreibcr (Lady). Fans and Fan Leaves,

Fanning-. See Agriculture

Angelo (H.) Treatise on Fencing, 675
Castillo (Diego del'. Tractatus, 1826
Hope (Sir W. ) Works on Fencing, 3136-

Huugarian and Highland Broadsword,


Publication of H. Majesty's Edict against

Duelling (1613), 4215
Saviolo (V.) His Practice, 5806

Adventures of a Post Captain, 3568
Adventures of Johnny Newcomc (Mit-

ford), 4329
Adventures of Mr. Ledbury (Albert

Smith), 1309
Adventures of Telemachus (Fenelon),


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Car-
roll), 1178

Amelia (Fielding), 267

Arabian Nights. See General Index

Arthur O'Learv (Lever), 1120

Ask Mamina (Surtees). 2492

Avantures d'un Homme de Quality, 3815

Book of Wisdom and Lies (Wardrop),

Bracebridge Hall (Washington Irving),

Camilla (Buniey), 448

Cecilia (Burney), 251

Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles, 3047-8

Christmas Books (Dickens), 486

Christopher Tadpole (A. Smith), 527

Chrysal (Johnson), 291

Fiction {continued):

Clement Lorimer (A. B. Reach), 1034
Comical History of the Sun and Moon

(Bergerac), 585
Comic Tales and Sketches (Thackeray),


Commonplace Stories (C. Rossetti), 1502
Conies, Les (Perrault), 3223
Contes Moraux (Marraontel), 3185
Cooke's Select Novels, 605
Count Fathom (Smollett), 4067
Crichton (Ainsworth), 3176
Dame Perkins and her Grey Mare, 3680
David Copperfield (Dickens), 1047
Dav's Journal of a Sponge (Pasquin),

Decameron (Bocraccio), 755
Devereux (Lytton), 1494
Diana of the Crossways (Meredith), 3479
Don Quixote (Cervantes), 870
Eccentric Tales (Kosewitz), 469
Edmund Oliver (Lloyd), 1195
Emma (Austen), 3840
English Spy, The (Westrnacott), 1998
Evelina (Bumev), 3604
Fanny (Halteck), 283
Felissa, or the Adventures of a Kitten,

Fortunate Mistress, The (De Foe). 2644
Fortune des Rougon, La (Zola), 1328
German Popular Stories (Grimm), 468
Great Expectations (Dickens), 1584
Gulliver Revived, 3209
Gulliver's Travels (Swift), 1315
Guy Mannrring (Scott), 774
Handley Cross (Surtees), 719
Harrington and Orrnond (Edgeworth),

Hawbuck Grange (Surtees), 779
Henry Esmond (Thackeray), 4604
Heptameron, The (Marguerite de Na-
varre), H25
Inundation, The (Mrs. Gore), 467
Irish Sketch Book (Thackeray), 1157
Jack Sheppard (Ainsworth), 427
Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities (Surtees),

Kidnapped (Stevenson), 3501
King and Queen of Hearts, The (Lamb),

Launcelot Greaves (Smollett), 967
Legende des Siecles, La (Hugo), 1282
Lessons of Thrift, 1013
Lewis Arundel (Smedley), 862
Life in London (Egan), 465
Life in Paris (Carey), 457
Little Dorrit (Dickens), 1049
Little Goody Two-Shoes (Goldsmith

Lorna Doone (Blackmore), 3845
Lost Son. The (Mrs. Gore), 467
Lucian Greville (Pettigrew), 3691
Maids Tragedie, The (Beaumont and

Fletcher), 2288
Manon Lcscaut (Prevost), 3233-4
Mansfield Park (Austen), 2253
Marble Faun, The (Hawthorne), 280
Martin Chuzzlewit (Dickens), 3345
Master Humphrey's Clock (Dickens),


Mcrvyn Clitheroe (Ainsworth), 3577
Miser's Daughter, The (Ainsworth), 432
Moll Flanders (De Foe), 2026
Mon Oncle Barbassou (Uchard), 3308

Fiction {continued):

More English-Celtic Fairy Tales (Jacobs),

Mrs. Leicester's School (Lamb), 1288
Munchausen. Adventures, 3685
Musique du Diable, La, 3210
Mysteries of Paris (Sue), 2238
Ncuva'ne de Cythere, La (Marmontel),

New Year's Day (Mrs. Gore), 467
Newcomes, The (Thackeray), 4603
Northanger Abbey (Austen), 3519
Novelist's Library, The (Roscoe), 1023
Old Christmas (Washington Irving),

Old St. Paul's (Ainsworth), 431

Oliver Twist (Dickens), 483

Our Mess (Lever), 857

Our Village (Mitford), 3545

Palace of Pleasure (Painter), 1693

Paris Sketch Book (Thackeray), 976

Patronage (Edgeworth), 2269

Paul Clifford (Lytton), 1290

Pendcnnis (Thackeray), 1749

Pentarnerone, The (Basile), 1033

Peregrine Pickle (Smollett), 4069

Peter Wilkms (Paltock). 646

Petit Jehan de Saintre (St. Just). 1903

Philip of Lutetia (Chamerovzow), 458

Pickwick Papers (Dickens), 1044

Pic Nic Papers, 485

Pierre et Jean (Maupassant), 3985

Plain or Kinglets (Surtees), 782

Prince Dorus (Lamb), 1289

Puck on Pegasus (Pennell), 4315

Punch and Judv (Collier), 1019

Queen of the Fishes (Rust), 417

Real Life in Ireland, 3696

Real Life in Loudon (Egan), 1054

Redgauntlet (Scott), 1993

Richard Feverel (Meredith), 955

Richard Savage (Whitehead), 4354

Robinson Crusoe (Defoe), 873

Roderick Random (Smollett), 3V.7

Romford*s Hounds (Surtees), 783

Romola (Eliot), 611

Rookwood (Ainsworth), 3569

Rose and the Ring (Thackeray), 1320

Saint James's (Ainsworth), 3573

Satan in Search of a Wife, 2717

Scarlet Letter, The (Hawthorne), 281

Sentimental Journey, A (Sterne), 777

Serjeant Bell and his Raree Show

(Dickens), 1256
Shaving of Shagpat (Meredith), 5636
Shirlev (C. Bronte), 123*
Sketches by "Box" (Dickens), 482
Snow Storm, The (Mrs. Gore), 467
Sponge's Sporting Tour (Surtees;, 781
Sporting Anecdotes (Egan), 466
St. Rouan's Well (Scott), 1993
Tale of a Tub (Swift), 1314
Tale of Two Cities (Dickens), 1259
Tales from Shakespeare (Lamb), 4719
Tales of a Grandfather (Scott), 3259
Tales of Irish Life, 476
Tales of My Landlord (Scott), 327
Tales of the Fairies, 3299
Tenant of Wildfell Hall (Anne Bronte),


Three Courses and a Dessert, 1021
Tom Brown's School Days, 271a
Tom Jones (Fielding), 1056
Tower of London (Ainsworth), 983

Fiction (continued):
Tragic Comedians (Meredith), 4582
Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry

(Carleton), 597
Treasure Island (Stevenson), 3501
Tristram Shandy (Sterne), 1311
Twice Told Tales (Hawthorne), 279
Uncommercial Traveller, The (Dickens),

Underwoods (Stevenson), 3501
Valentine Vox (Cockton), 845
Vanity Fair (Thackeray), 336
Vathek (Beckford), 2005
Vicar of Wakefield (Goldsmith), 693
Villette (C. Bronte), 1234
Wanderer, The (Burney), 1555
Wandering Jew, The (Sue), 3297
Waverley (Scott), 328
Windsor Castle (Ainsworth), 430
Yellow Plush Correspondence, 4086
Zapolya (Coleridge), 1481
Fine Art. Sec also Views:

(a) Engraving.

Art, L' (Journal), 139

Bartolozzi and his Works (Tuer), 723

Bartolozzi (F.), Prints engraved by

(Fagan), 345
Bartsch (A.) Le Peintre Graveur, 3357
Basan (Fr.) Cabinet Choiseul—Cabinet

Poullain, 868
Basan (F.) Dictionnaire des Graveurs,


British Gallery of Engravings (Forster),

Burgkmair (H.) Triomphe de l'Em-

pereur Maximilian, 2065
Callot (Jacques). Books illustrated bv,


Caricatures (Gillray), 692
Chalcographical Society. Publications,

Cipriani (G. B.) Collection of Prints, 93
Constable (John). Subjects of Land-
scape, 359
Cosway's Engraved Works, Catalogue of

(Daniell), 1452
Cruikshank (Geo.) Descriptive Cata-
logue (Reid), 474
Diirer (A.) Life of the Virgin, 3744
Durer Society, Reproductions of the,

Evelyn (Jno.) Sculptura, 1852
Foster (Birkct). Gems of Art, 3746
Frankau (Julia). Colour Prints, 5522
Frankau (Julia). Worksof J. R. Smith,

Gainsborough (T.) Prints after, 3823
Gribelin (S.) New Book of Ornaments,

Haden (Seymour). Etudes a l'Eau

Forte, 6034
Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers,

Hamerton (P. G.) The Portfolio, 563
Hogarth's Works. See General Index
Holbein (H.) Dance of Death, 285
Hollar (W.) Engravings by, 377
Lawrence (Sir T.) Engravings from his

Works, 1988, 3825
Liber Studiorum. Facsimiles (Autotype),


Liber Studiorum (Rawlinsons Cata-
logue), 2050

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