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Fine Art (continued)'.

Linton (W.l Masters of Wood Engrav-
ing. 4577

Morland (Geo.) Sketches from Nature

(Viva res), 3749
Xagler (G. K.) Der Monogrammisten,


Ottley (W. V.) Early History of En-
graving, 20SI

Pins VI. Engravings illustrative of
Events in his Life, 2914

Pront (S.) Sketches in Flanders and
Germany, 2461

Redford (G.) Art Sales, 2131

Restif de la Bretonne. Suite d'Es-
tampes, 5533

Reynolds (Sir J.) Engravings from his
Works, 323-24, 3826

Senefelder (A.) Complete Course of
Lithography, 2526

Smith (J.) Catalogue Raisonne, 6069

Smith (J. C.) British Mezzotinto Por-
traits, 6068

Wedmore (F.) Masters of Etching, 4520

Whistler (J. A. M.) The Thames Series,

Whitman (A.) Masters of Mezzotint, 2069
Whitman (A.) Samuel William Rey-

nolds 5434
Wilkie (Sir D.) Etchings, 3332
Wiltshire (VV. H.) Ancient Prints, 2566

Wilson (T.) Catalogue Raisonne, 3924
(b) Painting and General.

Armstrong (Sir W.) Gainsborough and

his place in Art, 991
Art Decoratif Francais, L'Exposition,


Audsley (G. A.) Arts of Japan, 344
Hereupon (B.) Drawings of the Floren-
tine Painters, 4549
Bewick and his Pupils (Dobson), 4377
Bing (S.) Artistic Japan, 347
British Gallery of Pictures, 5512
Bryan (M.) Dictionary, 350
Burlington Fine Arts Club, 351-52, 2398
Burne-Jones (S. E.) Work of, 2168
Claude le Lorrain. Liber Veritatis, 20
Cox (David). Water Colour Painting,

Crowe and Cavalcasellc. Painting in
Italy, 259

Cruikshank and Leech, Thackeray's Es-
say on. 475

Foster (J. J .) British Miniature Painters,

Galleries, Picture. See General Index
Grands Peintres Francais et Etrangers,

Graves (A.) Works of Revnolds, 3935
Hamerton's Works. See General Index
Havard (H.) L'Art dans la Maison,

Holbein's Works. See General Index,
Holbein (H.)

Holmes (C- J ) Constable and his Influ-
ence (1902), 36

Jameson (Mrs.) Sacred and Legendary
Art. 290

Jones (O.) Grammar of Ornament, 45
Junius (Fr.) Painting of the Ancients,

Lacroix (P.J Art in the Middle Ages,

Fine Art (continued):

Lawrence (Sir Thomas), (Lord R. Gower),

Lebrun (M.) Peintres Flamands, 4023
Livre d'Or, Le, 1656
Morris (VV.) The Art of (Vallance), 4403
Miintz (E.) Histoire de 1'Art, 4500
Museum of Painting and Sculpture, 306
Muther (R.) History of Modern Paint-
ing, 957

National Gallery. The (Poyntcr), 1130
New Gallery Publications, 4502
Obiets d'Art a Malines, 1678
Palaeographia Artistica, 4503
Penley (A.) Water Colour Painting,

Picture Galleries. Sec General Index

Plimer {A. and N.) The Miniaturists

(Williamson), 3994
Pliny the Elder. History of Art, 4507
Prisse d'Avenues (E.) L'Art Egyptien,


Propert (J. L.) Miniature Art, 2732
Prout (S.) Rudiments of Landscape,

Raeburn (Sir H.), Works of (Armstrong),

Redford (G.) Art Sales, 2131
Redgrave (R. and S.) Century of Pain-
ters, 2226
Repository of Arts, The. 426
Reynolds (Sir Joshua), (Armstrong),2i52
Rupin (E.) L'(Euvre de Limoges, 714
Ruskin (Jno.) Notes on his Collection

of Turner Drawings, 2956
Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) See General

Strong (S. A.) The Devonshire Pictures
—Drawings at Chatsworth, etc., 0230-

Symonds (J. A.), Works by. See General

Turner (J. M. W.) See General Index
Turner (J. M. W.), The Work of (Wed-
more), 4429
Van Dyck. Pictorial Notices (Carpen-
ter), 5425
Waagen (Dr.) Treasure of Arts, 893
Walpole(H.) Anecdotes of Painting, 749
Waring (J. B.) Masterpieces of Indus-
trial Art, 2250
Williamson (G. C.) Portrait Miniatures,

Wood (J.) Original Drawings, 342
Fisheries. See Angeling
Fishing;. See Angling

jEsop's Fables. See General Index
Bewick (T.) Fables and Select Fables,


Cabinet des Fees, 3029
Clarke (J no.) Poroemiolog ia Anglo-

Latina, 1565

Dorat (C. J.) Fables Nouvellcs, 1849

Folk Lore Society. Publications, 100

Gay (Jno.) Fables, 273

Henderson (A.) Scottish Proverbs, 3126

Jacobs (J.) English and Indian Fairy
Tales, 2438-40

Jacobs (J.) More English Celtic-Fairy
Tales, 1128-29

Jameson (Mrs.) Legends of the Ma-
donna, etc, 290

Folk-Lore {continued'):

Kidgell (J.) Original Fables, 4713
La Fontaine (J. de). Fables, 6270
Le Grand D'Aussy. Fabliaux, 3162
Northcote's Fables, 5691

Furniture. Set Cabinet-Making

Gardening1. Set Agriculture

Gazetteers. Set Geography

Gems. See Precious Stones

Genealogy. See also Heraldry

America. Lists of Persons of Quality,

Anderson (J no.) Memoirs of the House

of Hamilton, 2982
Anselmc (P.) La Maison Royale de

France, 6134
Battle Abbey Roll, The, 4641
Berkeleys, The, 5563
Berry (W.) Pedigrees, 5584-6, 6136-41
Bouchet (jean). Genealogies des Roys

de France, 1814
Brenan (G.) House of Percy, 2160
Burke (J. U.) Extinct Baronetcies, 1422
Burke (J. B.) Extinct Peerages, 1421
Burke (J. B.) General Armory, 1420
Campbell* of Melfort, The, 5515
Cockavn (G. E.) Peerage of England,


Courtenay Family. Genealogical His-
tory (Cleveland), 1841

Craik (G. L.) Romance of the Peerage,

Drummond (\V.) Genealogy of Drum-

mond, 3089
Dugdale (W.) Baronage of England,


Foster (J.) Pedigrees of Lancashire,

Foster (J.) Pedigrees of Yorkshire, 371
Fraser (W.J Various Works, 373,945-47
Frasers of Philorth, The (Fraser), 29
Genealogical Collections (Howard), 5596
Gordon Family, The, 3115-16
Gordon (Sir K.) Earldom of Sutherland,

Gournav, House of (Gumcy), 4693
Hume (D.) House of Douglas and

Angus, 3141
Lodge (E.) Peerage, 297
Mackay, House of (R. Mackay), 3177
Mackenzie. Genealogy, 3180
Mault- of Kelly (Sir H.) Registrum de

Panmure, 3194-95
Maxwell (Sir H.) House of Douglas,


NichoK (J. B.) Collectanea Topograph-

ica et Genealogica, 58
Ormerod (G.) Parentalia. 1439
Peerage Cases. Various, 6177
Phillipps, Family of (Middle Hill Press),


Reynolds (Jno.) Scripture Genealogy,

Robertson (Geo.) Ayrshire Families,

Seton (Geo.) Family of Seton, 3272
Siena. Le Arme della Famiglie Nobili

di Siena, 1945
Somerville*, Memorie of the, 32S4
Sutherland, Earldom of (Gordon), 3114
Woods (Sir Albert). His Collection of
Genealogical Works, 6134-6192
Africa. Geographical History (Leo), 2719

Geography (continued):

Amazon Country and River (Pagan),

Amazons, The (Acufla), 3818
Berlinghieri (F.) Geographia, 1799
British Isles (L'Abbe Expilly), 3099
Congo. Report of the Kingdom (Piga-

fetta), 5244
Drayton (M.) Polyolbion (1613-22),


Eden (R.) Thyngs gathered out of Mun-

ster's Cosmography. 3891
Holyday (B.) Survey of the World,


Indies, East. Description (Marco Polo),

Munster (S.) Cosmographia, 2453
Ortelius (Abr.) Theatrum Orbis Terra-
rum, 5794
Pomponius Mela. De Situ Orbis, 1389
Ptolemy (CI.) Geographia, 148
Royal Geographical Society, 2615-16
Stafforde (R.) Geographical Descrip-
tion, 5096
Theatre of the Earth, 5812
Thevet (Andre). Cosmographie, 1954

Geology and Metallurgy:
Geologist, The, 3347
PaUeontographicalSoc. Publications, ri8
PaUeoutological Soc. Publications, 1465
Sowerby (J.) British Mineralogy, 4761

Grammars. See Lexicons

Grazing. See Agriculture

Hawking. See Falconry

Ashmole (E.) Order of the Garter, 2985
Bossewell (J.) Workes of Armorie, 4724
Burke (J. B.) Visitation of Seats and
Arms, 18

Edmondson (Jos.) Body of Heraldry,

Fairbairn (J.} Book of Crests, 4565
Favine (A.) Theater of Honour and

Knighthood, 6236
Feme (J.) Blazon of Gentrie, 4664-5
Fox-Davies (A. C.) Armorial Families,


Guillim (Jno.) Display, 177
Gyron le Courtoys. Armes des Cheva-
liers de la Table Ronde, 2540
Heylyn (P.) Historic of St. George,5233
Holmes (R.) Academv of Armory, 6234
Hope (W. H. S.) Stall Plates of the

Knights of the Garter, 4482
Leigh (G.) Accedens of Armory, 140
Milles (T.) Catalogue of Honour, 229
Morgan (S.) Sphere of Gentry, 4741
Nicolas (N. H.) Orders of Knighthood.

Nisbet (A.) System of Heraldry, 3215

Papworth and Morant. Ordinary of Ar-
morials, 1440

Philpot (Jno.) The Cities Advocate in
the Case of Honour and Armes, 5164

Segar (W.) Honour, Military and Civill,

Stodart (R. R.) Scottish Arms, 3263
Vincent (A.) Discoverie of Errours in

Brooke's Catalogue of Nobility, 2563
Woodward (J.) Treatise, 1453

Hieroglyphics. See Egyptology


Alexander the Great (Quintus Curtius),

History {continued):

Amboyna. Proceedings against the Eng-
lish, 5019

America. American Commonwealth

(Bryce), 539
America. American War (Stedman),


America. Boston, Historv of (Drake),

America. Brief relation of the State of

N. England (Mather). 3859
America. British Empire (Oldmixon),


America. British Plantations (Keith),

America. Campaigns in N. America

(Knox), 2656
America. Carolina (Wilson), 5539
America. Description de la Louisiana

(Hennepin), 2427
America. Description of New England

(Smith), 232S
America. Georgia, Works on, 5080-81
America. Histoiy (Herrera), 1376
America. History of New England

(Neale), 206
America. History of the War (Sted-
man), 3289
America. History of the War (Tarleton),

America. History of Virginia (Bever-
ley). 5077

America. History of Virginia (Smith),

America. History of Virginia (Stith),

America. Indian Nations of Canada,

America. Joyfull Ncwes out of the New-
found Wortde (Monardus), 5100

America. Missouri River (Coues), 4649

America. Present State of H.M. Terri-
tories (Blome), 2239

America. Present State of N. England
(Hubbard), 3348

America. State of Virginia (Jefferson),

Assyrian Monarchy (Justinus), 2353
Australia. Transactions at Port Jack-
son and Norfolk Island (Hunter),3866
Barbadocs History of (Ligon), 3168
Bavle (P.) Dictionnaire Historique, 246
Befgi. The. De Leone Belgico (Ait-

singer), 1784
Bretaigne, Histoire de, 1788
Britain, History of (Milton), 3986
Byzantine History. Scriptores (Nie*

buhr), 213
California, History of (Venegas), 123
Cambria, History of (Lloyd), 2309
Cambridge University (Ackermann), 425
Canada. Histoire de la NouveLle France

(Charlevoix), 92
Carolina, Description of (Coxe), 2265
Cataline's Conspiracy, History of (Sal-
lust), 2366
Charles I. De Rebus Caroli (Wishart),

Charles I. The Royall Martvr (W. H.
B-), 2254

Charles 1L, Preservation of (Dalrymple),

China. Mernoires concernant les Chinois,

History {continued):

Colleges of Winchester, Eton, &c. (Acker-
mann), 1

Commonwealth. Various Works. 5188-

Congo, Kingdom of (Pigafetta), 5244
Consulate and the Empire (Thiers), 3417
Cromwelliana, 2024
Dictionnaire Historique (Bavle), 581
Dutch Republic, Rise of the (Motley),

Elizabeth, Queen. Annales (Darcie),

England. Annales (Camden), 3879
England. Annales (Stow), 3254
England. Chronicles of. See General

Index (Froissart, Holinshed)
England. Comic History (A'Beckett),


England. Constitutional History. 3384
England, Court of. Memoirs (Jesse), 41
England, History of (Froude), 549
England, Historv of (Gardiner), 200
England, History of (Goldsmith), 4689
England, History of (Hume), 5682
England, Historv of (Lingard), 699
England, History of (Mahon), 3393
England, History of (Massey), 49
England, History of (Von Ranke\ 4415
England. Social England (Traill), So
England and Scotland. History of the

Wars (Ayscu), 3867
English People (Green), 495
English Revolutions. See Rebellion
Essex (Earl of). Treasons (Bacon), 157S
Europe. Historical Geography (Free-
man), 548
Europe, History of (Alison), 433
Europe, State of (Hallam), 3384
Eusebius Cesariensis. Historia, 1831
Florence, History of (Machiavelli), 2354
Foreste, The, or Collection of Histories-

(Fortescue), 3934
France. Annales Historiques (Renau-

dot), 2983
France. Consulate and the Empire,

(Thiers), 3417
France. De Origine Frauconim (Gaguin),

France, History of (Crowe), 4370
F'rench Revolution, History of the

(Thiers), 3418
Gallic War (Caesar), 1821
George II. and III., Memoirs of the

Reigns of (Walpole), 664-6
George II., Memoirs of the Reign of

(Hervey), 948
Goths, History of the (Olaus Magnus),

Gowrie. The Earl of Gowrie's Con-
spiracy, 3899
Great Britain. Annales (Camden), 3879
Great Britain. Historia? Bn tannics De-

feusio, 3245
Great Britain. History (Major), 3183
Great Britain, History of (A. Wilson),

Greece, Description of (Pausanias), 2082,

Greece, History of (Curtius), 133
Greece, History of (Grote), 202
Henry II., Reign of (May), 5791
Henry IV. Lite and Reign (Sir John
Hayward), 1623

History {continued):

Henry VIII., History of the Reign of

(Brewer), 348
Henry VIII. (Pollard). 710
Herod tan us. Historise sui Temporis,


Herodotus. Rawlinson's History, 235
Historical Memoirs (Wraxall), 3338
Historical Register, The, 5261
Hungary, Troubles of (Fumte), 1859
Hungary, War of (May), 3197
India, Forty-one Years in (Lord Ro-
berts), 349:
Indian War. Brief History (Increase

Mather), 3858
Indies, East, Account of (Fryer), 5023
Indies, East, Account of (Hamilton),5024
Indies, East. History and Conquest

(Castaneda), 5016
Indies, East and West. Histoire Philo-

sophique et Politique (Raynal). 3239
Indies, East and West. History (Acosta),

Indies, West. Exact Description (1655),

Indies, West. Historia General (Her-
rera), 203

Indies, West. Historic (Hakluyt), 1521
Indies, West. 'Historie of the Conquest

(Cortes), 5099
Ireland, Annals of (0*Donovan), 1454
Ireland. Various Works (1619-93), 5192

Italian War. De Bello Italico (Aretinus),

Italy, Historie of (Thomas), 172

Italy. History of the Renaissance (Sy-

monds), 79
Italy. Italy and her Invaders (Hodg-

km), 2071
Japan, History of (Kaempfer), 108
Jews. History of the (Graetz), 276
J ustinus. The Histories of Tragus Pora-

peius, 5777
Last Decade of a Glorious Reign (Freer),


London under Charles II. (Molloy), 5380
London under the Georges (Molloy), 5376
Louisiana. Memories Historiques (Du-

mont), 4660
Madagascar, Discovery of (Boothby),


Mahommedan Dynasties(Ibn Khaldoun),

Mer des Hystoires, La, 1902

Mexico. Historia de la Conquista (De

Solis), 3283
Modem History (Salmon), 5046
Nanceidos. Opus de Bello Nauceiano

(Blarrorivo), 1805
Netherlands, History of the (Motley),


New South Wales Colony (Wallis), 748
New York. History of (W. Smith), 1522
Norman Conquest (Freeman), 547
Normandy, .History of (Palgrave), 4407
Northern Nations. Historia (Olaus Mag-
nus), 5568
Oriental Monarchies (Rawlinson), 517
Our Own Times (McCarthy), 2213
Papacy, History of the (Creighton), 362
Paston Letters, The, 62
Pentland Rising, The (Stevenson), 4076
Persia, Account of (Fryer), 5023

History (continued):
Persia and the Persian Question (Cur-
zon), 134

Persian Monarchy, The (Herbert), 4697
Peru and Mexico (Prescott), 3232
Phillipines. Historia del Santo Rosario

(Advarte), 179
Philosophy, History of (Formey), 4678
Phceuicia, History of (Rawlinson), 517
Poland. De Rebus Gestis Polonorura

(Cromerus), 5306
Poland. Troubles of (Fowler). 1855
Polyhistoria Solini Enarrationes, 3870
Portugal and Castile, Uniting of (Cones-

tagio), 6241
Pretenders, Memoirs of the (Jesse), 42
Rebellion and Civil Wars, History of the

(Clarendon), 3525
Rebellion. The Fall and Evil Successe

of Rebellion (Holme), 5159
Rebellion, The Grand (Ward), 3328
Reliquary, The, 4416
Roman Empire. Decline and Fall

(Gibbon), 3378
Rome, Comic History of (a Beckett),


Rome. End of Nero and Beginning of

Galba (Tacitus), 4084
Rome. Historia (Orosiusl, 1915
Rome. History (Flavius), 1546
Rome. History (Goldsmith), 4688
Rome. History (Livy), 296
Rome. History (Mommsen), 4401
Rome. History of (Duruy), 4379
Rome. The Twelve Cesars (Suetonius),


Rome. War with Jugurtha (Sallust),

Rozier Historia] de France, Le, 1941
Rufus, William, Reign of (Freeman), 1461
Rush worth (J no.) Historical Collec-
tions, 4754
St. Paul's Church, The Burning of (PU-

kington), 2913
Scotland. Historical Collections (Wat-
son), 5209
Scotland, Historie of (Holiushed), 5197
Scotland, History of (1732}, 3116
Scotland, History of (Burton), 3026
Scotland, History of, under Montrose

(Wishart), 5207
Scotland. Inscriptions Histories (Jon-

ston), 3145
Scotland. Kerum Scoticarum Historia

(Buchanan), 5196
Scotland. Treatises in Folio (Sibbald),

Spain. Memoires de la Cour d'Espagne

(De Villars), 2607
Spanish Literature (Ticknor), 3419
Stuarts, The (Foster), 101
Surinam. Revolted Negroes (Stedraan),


Swedish Intelligencer, The, 5255
Thames, History of the (Boydell), 2689
Turkey Company, The. Historical View,

Turks, History of the (Cocck), 3789
Urbino, The Dukes of (Dennistoun), 25
Venetian Republic. History (Hazlitt),

Venice, Commonwealth of (Contareno),

Verona. De Originc (Sarayna), 2470

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Horse-Racing:, Horses:

Art of Riding (1584). 2289
Baret (M.) An Hipponomie, 2287
Blundeville (T.) Fower chiefest Offices,

Bunbury (H.) Academy—Annals of

Horsemanship, 1107
Chifney (S.) Genius Genuine, 3056
Clifford (Chr.) Schoole of Horseman-
ship, 2298

Gambado (G.) Academy — Annals of

Horsemanship, 1007
Horsemanship in England. 3977
Markham (G.) Cavalarice, 2311
Newcastle (Duke of). System of Horse-
manship, 2360
Pluvinel (A. de). LTnstruction du Roy,
45 ^6

Thetford (L.) The Perfect Horseman,

Hunting-. Set al*> Deer-Stalking-

Berkford (P.) Thoughts on Hunting,

Cockaine (Sir T.) Short Treatise, 4012
Cook (Colonel). Fox-hunting, 4266
FouiUoux (J. du). La Venerie, 4670
Gaston de Foix. Livre de la Cbasse,

Gmau (L.J La Chasse des Loups, 4692
Run with the Staghounds, A, 4283
Surtees (R. S.) Analysis of the Hunting

Field, 784
Trip to Melton Mowbray, 5537
Twici (W.) Art of Hunting, 1469
Warwickshire Hunt, The, 5603

Hymns. Set Music and Musicians


Bloch (M. E.) Ichthyologie, 2158
Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands,

Goode (G. B.) Game Fishes, 2707
Jardine (Sir W.) British Salmonidae,

Insurance (Fire and Life):

Works on, 5179-81
Interest and Usury:

Collection of Works on, 4972-80
Intrigues See Amours

Beroalde de Vcrville. Tableau des riches

Inventions, 2008
Worcester (Marquis of). Century of
Inventions, 5820
Iron Work:

Tijou (J no.) Booke of Drawings, 4769

Palliser (Mrs.) History of Lace, 4282

Ascham (R.) Scholemaster, 5158
Baret (Jo.) An Alvearie, 5826
Barrere (A.) Dictionary of Slang, 3428
Bibliotheca Hispanica, 316
Blount (T.) Law Dictionary, 3941
Brinsley (Jo.) Ludus Literarius, 3734
Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques,

Butler (C.) Rhetorica, 3853

Lexicons {continued)'.

Century Dictionary, The, 130

Cocker (E.) Decimal Arithmetic, 5558

Cooper (T.) Thesaurus Linguae Ro-

Iii.n; c. 4647

Cotgrave (R.) Dictionarie (French-
English), 258

Culman (L.) Sentcntia? Anglo-Latina?,

Davies(C) Busby s Introduction to the

Latin Tongue, 5317
Du Cange (Dom.) Glossarium, 1427
Education. Of Education, 6208
English Dialect (Wright). 1429
English-Latin (Way), 1451
Florio (J.) Worlde of Words, 1270-71
Gaelic Dictionary (Highland Society),


Hart (Jno.) An Orthographic 5882
Hollyband (C.) Italian Schoolemaister,

5768 ,
Jamieson (Dr. John). Etymological

Dictionary. 556
Janua Linguarum, 2655
Johnson (S.) Dictionary, 43
Journal of Hellenic Studies, 294
Kempe (W.) Education of Children,


Lentulo (S.) Italian Grammar, 5778
Lascario (C.) Erotomata Grace, 1885
Livingstone (David). Language of the

Bechuanas, 1492
Minsheu (J no.) Spanish and English

Dictionarie, 230
Napier (J.) Works on Logarithms, etc.,


Phillips (E.) New World of English

Words, 2362
Schmidt (A.) Shakespeare-Lex icon, 3493
Spanish-English (Percivale), 4030
Stephanus (R.) Thesaurus Lingua? La-

tina?, 5822
Tonstall (C.) De Arte Supputandi,


Urstitius (C.) Elements of Arithme-

ticke, 4914
Way (A.) Promptorum Parvuloruin,


Whittinton (R.), Various Works by,

Locksmith'sWork. See Cabinet Making:

Fraunce (A.) 'Dae Lawiers Logike, 4162
Lever (R.) Arte of Reason, 1653
Wilson (T.) Rule of Reason, 4116
Manners and Customs:
Adams (Davenport). The White King,

Catlin (Geo.) North American Indians,

Hazlitt (W. C.) Customs of Manors-
Tenures, 1189
Lacroix (P.) Moeurs et Usages, 3208
Leberghi (P.) Manners, etc. of Italy,

Picart (B.) Ceremonies, Mceurs et Cou-
tumes, 2223

Angling Books. MS. Calatogue (West-
wood), 2763

Ashburnham MSS., Catalogue of the,

Astlc (T.) Origin of Writing, 2521
Ballantyne (Jno.) MS. Diary, 5980

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